by Boots Hart, CAP

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September's Dateblog

 September - from Les Tres Riches Heures de duc de Barry

Considering that the Sun changes signs around the 20th of every month, that means that it's just finishing moving through the first ten degrees (the 1st decan) of whatever sign and is moving into the 2nd ten degrees (the emotional 2nd decan) around the first of every month.

So as September begins, it's not any surprise to find the  Sun at 9 Virgo, making the 1st a day of practical considerations, decisions and efforts. Yet with Mercury (ruler of Virgo) in retrograde, most of us are in a rather  'internal' mode. That may be 'internal' as in home versus work...or it might be really-o, truly-o internal, like thinking things over or mulling on some decision. 

So the month begins. We're sorting through things...or sorting things out.

September 1-September 3: With Mercury retrograding back through emotional degrees, the image is 'taking an emotional step back.' This may afford you greater perspective. Then again, it may be out of necessity. 

With the Sun moving into Virgo's emotional degrees on September 2nd, there's a whole aura of supportiveness-versus-critique in the air. Always a Virgo biggie, this may be you deciding how to act, or being concerned with how others will respond to something you've said or done.

Given Saturn and Jupiter sitting in 1st decan degrees of opposing signs, there are also Big Picture/Large Scale issues on the table. And whether or not you want to deal with them, they do need dealing with. Remember, Mercury's retrograde. So move cautiously. Find out all you can before you make serious decisions. It's not just the 'what' which counts here, but the 'how to.' 

With Mars and Venus ever-so-slowly beginning to part from a conjunction they've been running in since early August, a new sense of perspective is dawning. For some, this will manifest as 'reluctantly moving on.' For others, it will be emerging from some self-focused dream. Neither good nor bad, this is merely a signal that things are - and will be changing.

Uranus and Neptune semi-sextile at high numbers in respective signs also tells us how the world is in a tizzy but not very distinct about definite solutions. The resulting fog bank is likely to prompt most folks to throw up their hands in a 'who can deal with that?' gesture.

Of course there will be a few crafty types who use this mood for flying under the radar. And that just may least for a little while.

September 3-September 9: As Mercury retrogrades  back into Virgo's 1st decanate degrees, the thoughts cool, ideas relax...we all become more pragmatic as we consider what to do and how to get it done. And that's a change indeed, seeing as there's been something of an emotional swirl in the air since oh...around August 5th. Setting things up in the right order (prioritization) makes it not just possible but practical to take new steps forward as Saturn exits a retrograde shadow begun last January (2010).

But as we take that step forward, wanting to push past our own sticking point, Venus crossing into the shadow of it's upcoming retrograde makes us consider exactly what our aims are. What we're hoping to achieve. And since this shadow entrance occurs in late Libra? That says there is the 'us' and the 'them.' Or an action and reaction. Or something you're hoping to get from matters at hand as opposed to what the matter is in and of itself. Recognizing that there are two parts of the situation and that both things have merit is important. And it may be very important to keep things separate in your heart or mind in order to get where you ultimately want or need to go. 

Building, rebuilding and refining support/support systems is also in the mix here. As are questions about arranging (negotiating) your way to some end, some starting point, or into position to effect a vital change.

One other note here: the lunar nodes. As they move from 2nd into 1st decanate of Capricorn and Cancer, the general fervency we've all been living with settles out, leaving everyone considering more practical, basic, even vital matters.

September 9-September 11: Much is in the works and feels at stake as Venus moves into Scorpio; its less about relating and more about abilities, values and what any given person or entity is bringing to the table. 

Since Uranus retrogrades back into 29 Pisces (hitting the position of fixed star Scheat) just as Venus makes its transition, instability and dissatisfaction are likely to be heard far and wide. Is it deserved? Maybe. Then again, this is one of those moments when you could present someone with their heart's desire and they well might say to you 'is that all you have for me?' 

All seems somewhat bewildering and burdensome as  Mercury slows to go station/direct (on the 12th, meaning station effects stretch from the 10th to the 14th) dealing with commitments and paying attention to execution are important. Listen for clues, news and information which fills in your missing pieces.

September 12-September 13: As Mars finishes transiting Libra and the Sun moves Virgo's most worldly degrees, decisions, statements and efforts get 'put out there.' In return, responses begin to generate.

Mars in Libra not exactly being Mars in full-blown moxy splendor means we shouldn't be surprised indecision or insecurity surfaces. It's a time of 'letting go' of control and for realizing through our own lacks how real someone's plight can really be. Oversights or neglect on the part of those who could do better but who haven't lived up to their word or reputation feel particularly distasteful now, though they may be pretty much nothing new. The issue isn't them; what we put up with and don't bother to confront is what's really leaving the  bad taste in our mouth - courtesy of Pluto being currently on station.

Tension and resistance now either yields to honesty or misuse of power begins to implode on itself. Everyone gets to make their own call; it's a karmic, potent moment.

September 14-September 20: Moving from weak (Libra) positioning to a position of not just strength but possible aggression, Mars shifting into Scorpio either brings liberating determination or prompts simple testiness (frustration, arrogant dismission ), depending on whether you have a decently productive outlet for your assertive energies.

With Pluto going direct on the 14th, it's a classic 'turn of the table' moment: those who have held their tongue, speak. Those who have tried to wait things out wait no more and those who have put up with bad situations up and leave. This doesn't necessarily indicate nastiness by any means, but we should all count on opinions getting voiced!
Yet as in all things Scorpionic, it's the calm and factual approach which tends to win. State your case, then be quiet and wait. Once the dust settles, you'll see the truth of things. More importantly, so will everybody else!

September 20-September 22: Mercury moving into Virgo's evocative degrees raises the specter of critique and need for care. Dealing with problems constructively with an eye to making things work is important, but be careful: with Pluto still on station, violations of rules and standards (or cutting corners) makes you your own worst enemy!

September 23-September 24: The Sun's shift into Libra marks a change of seasons. Known as an 'equinox,' we are asked to bring all things - including ourselves - into balance, recognizing what we are capable of doing for ourselves as well as for or to others.

September 25-September 27: As Venus slides into Scorpio's 2nd and highly intense decanate (degrees 10 - 19) desire, determination, panic, yearning, greed, desperation, craving, adoration, obsession, passion, control, loathing...all the fat juicy extremes of feeling get put on display. 

This is the other side of Scorpio's ultimate lesson to us about the value of calm: 'loss of control' is really about our needing to be honest...most of all with ourselves about the risks and responsibilities even a simple life normally entails. It's a moment for recognizing limits moral, maybe philosophical...but for all their less defined nature maybe even more important than more obvious physical or financial risks.

What we do right now takes time to pay off. What we do wrong now we repent at leisure.

And what about not doing anything? That may be right. Then again, that may be wrong. Neither action nor inaction are pre-defined defense here, only dealing with the moment counts.

All this is made a bit more of a quandary now too, what with Mars and Venus getting back together for a little push-pull fest which will continue well into October. Venus being closer to the Sun, it's by far the faster moving planet. So you would think that once their tandem run through Libra - that August heightening of relationship dynamics we all experienced - you'd think once Venus got ahead of Mars in Libra (breaking free of the 5 degree conjunction orb) we'd have seen the last of these two in cahoots for a while.

But nooooo! Venus is slowing down to take a turn into retrograde next month. And that's allowed Mars to catch up with it - with both now in Scorpio. Given that Mars is choosy and assertive in Scorpio (read: wanting its own way) and Venus is reticent and often touchy or self-protective in Scorpio (read: testy - often magnificently so!) ...this can make for hot romance, collusion and manipulation, out and out conflict or just a lot of (excuse the expression) emotional constipation.

And let's not forget - it can be all things in a single life: one person may exhibit one trend and one a total other. Or you may feel yourself flip from one mode into the next. The alleged 'solution' here is to stop and think about how everybody getting a bit of what they want is really going to endear them all to you. But will we get that far? That would seem to be the question.

September 28-September 30: With Mercury entering Virgo's worldly zone, actions are undertaken and results roll in. These days are in a strange way sort of like getting a report card covering these past few months. The good news is that if things aren't up to snuff yet, this is also a time to regroup and reinvest yourself in developing your ultimate goal. 

Tempers may flare right at the the end of the month, but Mars fires can generally be subdued with honest, responsible humility. So when in doubt, own those  errors! Like it or not, they're just as important as your  your successes. Either you're learning from them or others are learning that you're human and not so thick headed or egotistical that you're totally obnoxious.

Yes, it's annoying - even painful. But by feeling your humanity and owning up to it, you motivate love, support and respect which makes all the hurt go away!

  The Forget-me-not, a traditional flower of September...perhaps
because much of the month has Sun in Virgo, the sign
of responsibilities to others ruled by Mercury, symbol of all things thoughtful?



  1. What a useful post! I plan on keeping this one close-to-hand for reference throughout the month! Thanks!

  2. And not to worry...if you lose your copy, there will always be one pinned here on the blog bulletin board for you!

    You be welcome, Peggy - my pleasure!