by Boots Hart, CAP

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pluto Goes Direct September 14 (4:35 GMT)

  Pluto's orbital path is described here by the outer ring

Pluto goes direct on September 14 at 4:35 UT. That this is happening directly after Mercury has gone direct probably accounts for the fascinating yet annoying fact that the copy originally entered in the blog column got truncated on its way to being automatically posted.

Says a lot for astrologers who stay up until just after midnight too so they can rescue blog posts, too - but that's a whole other thing.

With regards to Pluto going direct, the closest aspect described by Pluto going direct at 2 Capricorn is its sextile to Venus at 2 Scorpio. This suggests that there's a little bit of good...and probably more than a tiny bit of obsession going around.

Being that this station is so all about Pluto's moment in the Sun (so to speak), let's start there - with the 2 Capricorn side. The lore on 2 Capricorn concerns attempts to combine what you want/need to do personally (or at least what you think of as 'need') with what is/will be acceptable and structurally sound in a societal/social sense.

So having Pluto (emotional transformations) take a turn under such conditions could very well signal something positive. But it does rather depend on where you're coming from. That's what the Pluto keywords 'create, deny, destroy' are really about - they ask us where 'we're coming from. And how realistic or sensible or selfish or instinctive but not workable such ideas are.

So...are you in a 'have nothing, need to make something happen!' position? If so, a change of circumstance (the Pluto transformational energetic) would seem entirely fitting. And probably welcome.

Then there are those of us dealing with situations which we just wish would "go away." Considering how Pluto is a pretty good timer of perseverance winning out, you too may find that your personal wish gets served up on the silver platter now too.

This brings up a premier Pluto concept: the fact that with Pluto, the question is knowing the fact, not just what you want to be right. Pluto also tends to indicate negative results where what you're aiming to do is simply win - and get someone to admit they're wrong. In being 'emotionally transformative energies,' Pluto is so all about our relationship to Self and our insecurities - the more insecure you are, the more problematic Pluto transits usually are as your life (and your chart) are all about the process of improving and perfecting you as a human being.

And no, that isn't just about getting your way! Nice thought, but apparently that's not how this solar system works.

Considering this, it's not illogical that Pluto works best when we know the truth, admit the truth, rely on the truth and don't get all caddy-wonker emotional. Pluto gets something of a bum rap in being associated with manipulation but yes, there is some natural attempt to try to control, manipulate or otherwise twist circumstances within the Plutonic realm. But that isn't positive. Why? Because to try and twist the truth to your own purposes is all about your inability to deal with with some truth...and that's about you.

And for those who do indulge themselves in this bad behavior? Well, there is that old saying...'karma's a bitch'? And that bitchy karma? That's Pluto. So manipulate, coerce, cheat or control at your own risk. And don't blame others when Pluto comes along, delivering the karmic comeuppance.

Hubble's photograph of Pluto and its moons, Charon, 
Hydra and Nix - source: NASA

Not to put too fine a point on this, but a Pluto station would be a classic time for such karma - positive or negative - to begin working its inexorable process.

And for a clue (if just a clue!) on how this is going to work, get out your chart and ask yourself if you have any planet, node or axis in your natal chart positioned...

...between 27 Sagittarius and 7 Capricorn? You are in line to experience big changes which amount to an evolution of what you have right now. Those on the Sagittarius side of the line do best to "keep doing" (whatever that means in your world. Those on the Capricorn side are being asked to move forward and make structural changes.

...between 27 Gemini and 7 Cancer? You will also experience changes, but they involve giving up something. Those with positions on the Gemini side of the zodiacal line here will find some idea, position or attitude changes or evolves - those on the Cancer side will find themselves altering plans.

...between 27 Pisces and 7 Aries? Change is on the menus and it's a challenging change which requires owning up to how you allow your feelings to operate (on the Pisces side) or who you are and what you are capable of (on the Aries side).

...between 27 Virgo and 7 Libra? Challenges are likely to come from external sources. You can come out smelling like the proverbial rose provided you deal with how you go about what you are doing (on the Virgo side) or who you present yourself as/how you act towards others (on the Libra side. Any symbol in your personal chart aspected here asks that you carefully consider who you are dealing/keeping company with.

...between 0 and 4 Gemini or 0 and 4 Leo: you can make changes and stay involved and evolve or you can resist change and in time be forced to cede involvement or control - your pick!

Those with positions between 27 Aries and 7 Taurus or 27 Leo and 7 Virgo are in for a change in whatever area of life is symbolized in your chart. Being that these are trine positions to Pluto's station, it's simply in the works and you have little to do or say about it. 

However... those with anything in the Virgo arena here should take note - Mercury is on station to go direct tomorrow and it's at 5 Virgo. So if you have any natal symbol in the 0-to-5 Virgo slot, your world is in flux. No, you can't control it. All you can do is deal from fact and practicalities. Things will level out in a week to ten days - which is not to say things will be all sunny and rosy, but the influx of new information should slow down, allowing you to sort things out and really begin dealing profitably with what the situation really is.

All this leaves us with those with natal planets, nodes or axis points between 29 Aquarius and 5 Pisces and/or 29 Libra and 5 Scorpio...which we've left until last because it brings us to the discussion of Venus, which is currently at 2 Scorpio.

But first, a word to those with natal positions in early Pisces. Considering Mercury is on station in opposition at 5 Virgo, the 'health' of a situation, choice, attitude or relationship is likely to be at some sort of 'critical mass' right now. And yes, there may be some emphasis on the word 'critical,' which is truly annoying, yes.

Apart from that, both these groups are in sextile to the Pluto station which in a general sense is an opportunity to make changes. You won't be compelled to, but some sort of option is there for the choosing to do something with. Or not!

So saying, we turn to the Venus part of today's program.

The connection between the Capricorn Pluto and Venus Scorpio is a sextile which offers an opportunity to change. Change what? Probably how you deal with your own sense of values.

Not that it's going to come easy! Nothing with Venus in Scorpio seems easy; Venus in Scorpio is a giant hallmark of 'reluctance,' however that may manifest in your life. It might be hesitation. Or nostalgia. Then there's the ever popular digging in and snarling 'NEVER!'. Or the control freak it HAS to be MY way! thing.

But that's the thing about cosmic process - life is bigger than we are and the universe is far, far more interestingly creative than we are. So if confronted we can either heave the big sigh and get with the program...or we can hold on, hold out and...and....and...and....

...And eventually probably find ourselves holding onto  nothing. Or at least nothing good.

 Hubble's photograph of Venus, showing it's swirling
clouds of poisonous sulfuric acid (source: NASA)


Given that Venus is currently occupying a degree which is all about being able to rise above our own less gracious nature, this whole moment may herald breakthroughs and changes of emotional season. Maybe we're owning up to our own foibles. Maybe we're getting more honest about our world.

And for those who have no natal positions in aspect to this station? Don't think it won't affect you. Every point in the zodiac is part of every chart. So though you may not experience pronounced effects (which isn't all bad either!) you may be involved in, or at least be seeing a lot of effort going into meshing personal/social needs and desires.

With Mercury having just gone direct, expect these days to be intense and perhaps...well...sticky. And because Pluto has been and will continue to move through early Capricorn for some time yet, this station and its 'change of basic structural' dynamic is easy to say 'so what?' to.

But to those who pay attention and see things 'taking a turn,' you're getting a little clue which can put you well ahead of the game. As with all stations, that we thought immobile now moves. Recognizing how the world evolves helps us grow and change with it, maximizing our potentials.

Pluto will go retrograde again early next April (2011). From now until then, world and worldly forces will be in active mode. For those who hoping or working for change, things now become dynamic - and the stakes get higher. For those who loathe change, things will be irritating, discouraging and feel futile.

Just remember - whatever the experience, the experience is yours. It's less about the world and more about your world and what you are supposed to learn and become in life, not about that life itself.

And recognizing that? Well, that...for most of us...may be the most important turning point of all.

So saying...I am about to re-publish this post. Let's hope the cosmic Mercury/Pluto machinery is now aligned in my (and our) favor!


  1. I accept a big change wahhh!!!! Pluto has turned me inside out with a 29 degree leo and cap rising at 4 degree my astro has had it's own version of a midlife crisis. Review reviwe release..yes indeed! Thanks!

  2. With 4 Capricorn rising you are indeed going through a lengthy period of transformation (Pluto conjuncting your Ascendant).

    But it's also worth remembering that this is merely the beginning to Pluto's transit of your 1st house, which amounts to a very long period of learning more about who you are and what you are capable of. The real argument is exactly that: whether you are willing to own - not just use - your power.

    As much as most of us claim we want to be powerful, we shirk from actually doing anything powerful which isn't about servicing some immediate personal desire. While there will be that ability too, the 'extremes' of Pluto-type behaviors (total control/total abdication of control) are probably best avoided.

    Remember...Pluto is all about the emotional experience of consequences which result from personal choice. Also - Pluto tends to result less positively when we're just 'all about us.' Put it together and the famous 'moderation in all things' seems rather apt as a general rule under such a transit. Pay attention to your Mars transits too!

  3. My sun/mercury/north node is at 2 degrees cap with a 26 Sag moon. - This is all about me!

  4. Considering your Moon, Harriette, you have been going through some core transformations now for years! Pluto reached 26 Sagittarius back in 2006, and you would have 'felt' something shifting in your life even before that.

    Pluto first hit 2 Capricorn in January/February 2009 (this time around the zodiac, of course!) since then...? Yes! I would expect your world has been under huge pressure and experiencing great change. That the station is now AT 2 Capricorn represents a turning point. In what? Sun-Mercury-North Node as a combination suggests not just what you do in life, but how you regard your life and maybe all of life as well. Add to that Pluto as a signal of emotional experience and it's a recipe either for a need or the inspiration to change!