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Friday, May 3, 2013

Mercury-Mars: A Little Vim in that Vigor?

A postcard of a 1906 Cornell University cheerleader

This is just one of my pom-pom posts. You know, one of those posts where I get out there on the cosmic runway and start signaling while trying not to look too much like a mad cheerleader long past teen prime.

In this case, one of my pom-poms is a stand-in for Mercury and the other is standing in for Mars - and I’m doing a fancy-dancy dance move, crossing said pom-poms back and forth with much rustling and raz-ma-taz hoping you’ll catch on that at least as seen from the perspective of Earth, Mars and Mercury are going into conjunction.

(Yes, we’d better hope it’s just from the Earthly perspective, otherwise that would be a lot of planetary rubble to clean up.)

And yes, there is heliocentric astrology. But I’ll guess that roughly 95% of all astrology is geocentric, which is to say Earth (“geo”) centered (“centric”).

But back to the subject. Both Mercury and Mars are in Taurus, a fixed sign all about all things tangible and that which tangibly effects our life. And yes, our feelings of security in this life, this world and in our physical bodies and being-ness.

If Mercury and Mars were meeting up in an airy, theoretical, wordy sign (say, Gemini), we might say this would be a time when discussions would be intense, things would truly require some thinking through (sort in that ‘or else’ mental mode) and that nobody should be shocked if arguments break out like some ill-mannered rash.

If Mercury and Mars were meeting up in a watery, emotional sign (say, Cancer) we might think this was the moment of buying a new home. Or a marker for (ugh!) moving day(s). Or even a road trip with the family, complete with spilled drinks in the car, losing our way because who could be bothered to read a map (or turn in the GPS) and when one too many editions of ‘are we there yet?’ are heard from the back seat. (Or even the front seat.)

 I'm thinking that back when this photo was taken things were easier...there
were no back seat drivers because there were no back seats!

What I’m getting at is that there’s a definite plus and minus side to Mercury/Mars conjunctions. And how it’s easy to think that we’ll meet up with a little of the good and a little of the bad between May 3rd – when this duo comes into zodiacal orb of each other – and May 11th, when they disconnect from each other after having “perfected” the conjunction on May 6-7, depending on what time zone you’re in at the moment (west of Greenwich means ‘on the early side’ here and east of Greenwich means ‘on the late side’ of this date span).

Security, finances, feeling comfortable with ourselves – all that is in the hopper. And those most dedicated to the idea of ignoring even a thought of a twinge of a spec of need with regards to same...? Those are the folks most likely to attract situations which will do the poking of your vulnerabilities for you!

(Ain’t life grand?)

Let us also remember that this very time period (May 6-11) very effectively embraces the last couple of days leading into and through the Taurus Solar Eclipse. So while you may think you’re feeling uber-noble to be bearing up under ultra-pressure (and maybe you are indeed being that noble) this is just the sort of astrological indicator to suggest that the itch we can’t stop to scratch (read: the thing we feel least equipped to do anything about at the moment) is exactly where life is going to add a dash of hot sauce.

And then, yes, life will rub it in.

Mercury-Mars is a very ‘in your face’ sort of combination, even when it’s covert – which I know sounds oxymoronic, but it’s true. That problem you can’t do anything about is the one which is most likely to be bugging you. And that thing you want to do? For some're not quite there yet.

But the air is full of energy. Your mind is filled with what you want to be true for you (and yours) in your world.

To some extent, it's all part of the Taurus Solar Eclipse process. (You know...that Taurus Solar Eclipse which is going to happen on May 10th?) By getting us to think what is important to us and what isn’t (and possibly why each is or isn’t important) part of this time we’re flowing through is about learning not to sweat the small stuff. Or maybe in your life it’s about calling it quits with regards to the thing which you just know doesn’t work for you so that you can really dedicate your time and effort to something which feeds your inner soul and grows the real you.

So this is a very "there" sort of time. For you it may be intense. Or maybe simply full of things which need doing. The need to do somehow equates to feeling tired and nobody can sleep quite fast enough...or thoroughly enough to get fully refreshed. Life's sticky wickets are stickier than they seem to have any right to be and other people (“life” in the general sense) just don’t feel as comfy as you know they are...but yet don't feel like.

All that is Solar Eclipse stuff. Mercury and Mars stirring up the Taurus vibe is sort of like a twirl and a dance before the star of the show walks out on stage. It’s all part of a vital reflection on sense-of-self process which we haven’t had a refresher course on for almost twenty years now.

Mercury and Mars catching up with each other? That happens now and again - it isn't any giant event, but it does serve to 'raise issues' - sort of like a mosquito bite will raise an itchy bump which you then want to scratch the dickens out of because it's irritating you. The Mars/Mercury idea is the 'interrupting' of the 'ongoing flow' so that we will 'start' (Mars) to think (Mercury) about things in terms of greater influences of the moment (i.e., the eclipse). This is sort of like life prodding us to catch up with ours selves. Our real Self – the one who gets distracted by the chatter and the patter and the show-and-tell of things social, societal and environmental…but which in the end is the one who lives on a mortal clock.

And with a human hand on our mortal tiller.

If this next week or so is turbulent, stay calm. A steady hand will do you better than jumping overboard. Some goals will be parting ways now – that’s natural at this kind of eclipse juncture.

And that’s another part of this Mars-Mercury thing: the realizing that what was, isn’t any more – and that while I go put my flags away, you may find you really do need to chart your personal course.

Which may…or may not be the one you came into this time following.

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