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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Venus in Gemini

Greek Woman at the Bath
by Joseph-Marie Vien

For weeks now we’ve been trying to ‘swallow’ and ‘assimilate’ things. That’s another part of Taurus. Astrologically, physical assimilation is associated with the Moon (as a symbol of body process) and thus the plus and minus of being nourished…in the physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual sense.

Venus is going to leave Taurus enter Gemini on May 9th at 3:04 in the afternoon, UT/+0 time, with the Moon having moved into Taurus at 10:10 in the morning on the previous day (again, UT/+0 time) in preparation to the ‘setting off’ of the Taurus Solar Eclipse at thirty minutes after midnight on May 10th.

That’s a lot of times and dates, I know. But astrology is all about ‘the moment.’ Astrology is the ‘diagnostics’ of the energy manifested by the wheels of existence endlessly turning and shifting life’s dynamics, all of which we ‘measure’ (which you may call interpret or delineate or diagnose) based on when those influences reach us here on Earth.

And that happens at a particular point in time – hence the dates and time notations.

What this means in a more general sense is that as Venus is just ending its transit of Taurus, reaching that ‘critical’ point where the Taurus pushes us to determined whether we can process something and if not, why not.

Because Taurus is about security and all that which makes us feel secure (or at least that which we want to feel makes us feel secure), when there’s a problem we tend to project on someone or something else. The hard part is understanding that we have any part in the problem.

I’ve been thinking about this because of the number of people who have been saying to me that they’ve been having digestion problems at the same time as they’re having problems with their relationships. Or what they’re doing with their life (their “relationship” with the life they’re living). We get told this or that food is “bad” for us. We know that the relationship is creating a lot of stress in our life.

And what do we do? We ask someone to fix us. We look at the person we’re in relationship with and say ‘if they would only…’ instead of yes, maybe really hearing their position…but beyond that, understanding that we picked them. Consciously or unconsciously, we attract people and link up with people who either emulate our strengths and weaknesses or who will own the very thing we can’t deal with.

That’s life asking us to figure out what’s wrong. Not with them, but with our ability to tolerate something.
This is the not-so-secret secret behind why, in a room of 99 great people and one turkey, those with a problem with turkeys inevitably pick the turkey person.

This is why those who grew up abuse will find abusers – and vice versa. We cannot teach that we do not know, we will not be attracted to that which doesn’t ‘fit’ our emotional template.

Working through these questions and owning the results, no matter how unpleasant they are, is our road to making the choice which will unlock a better future.

LH-95 stellar nursery in the Large Magellanic Cloud
(photo credit: Hubble, NASA, ESA, Hubble Heritage Team, December 2006)

Choices are the prime providence of Gemini. Famous in pop astrology for being ‘multiples’ and ‘a little bit of everything,’ Gemini asks that we see the plethora of choices, that we learn what we need to learn about various things and then that we make a choice and carry through on that at least to the point that we have learned what we can profitably learn from that choice.

If it’s a wrong choice, then we choose again.

Or we choose a different approach.

Or we choose to see the situation differently.

As they say, the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome.

Solar Eclipses are not ‘instantaneous processes.’ They’re long-term transits which often ‘invalidate’ (or “break down”) some preconceived notion or some structure we’ve been using as personal bedrock. Coming into the eclipse is when things feel incredibly pressured and intense.

So this Venus shift into Gemini would be that sort of moment. For many, this will be a make or break point, mostly with themselves. Yes, others may be involved. But the key to this is understanding that our chart is about US. Though we can ‘read’ all sorts of people in your chart, what the astrologer sees is your experience of that person – not the person themselves.

Their life is their life. Your life is your life. And this is just the kind of moment when we are able to see the separation of ‘me’ from ‘them’ or ‘me’ from ‘us’ or ‘mine’ from ‘theirs’ at whatever level.

That may hit you as a revelation. That may hit you as a rejection – either by them or of them or of something you’ve been involved with. This time is ripe for recognitions, for ‘tangibly Taurus’ realizations (ideas = Gemini) which cause you to understand that some (Gemini) choice has to be made so that you will (Venus) get from life the results you truly want.

Because this shift happens just before the eclipse, while there are likely to be moments which are simply ‘making a choice’ in some everyday way like what to fix for dinner or whether to read a book or watch a movie, there are other changes which are not going to be instantaneous. So don’t expect them to be. We live in a time of subtle if vital shifts. In the Age of Aquarius, Taurus goes to the 4th house of the wheel of the Age.

 This is a "generic" Aquarian Age wheel with the image border color-coded
to direct you to Taurus on the 4th house of the wheel, the 'foundational'
house of human emotionality. 
When we remember that our Cancerian experience of childhood (a native 4th house quality) emotionally shapes the whole of our life, then maybe the idea of Taurus on the 4th house of the incoming Age will make it plain how important emotional security is.

And that will explain to us why the world is currently so rife with incidences which test where we are with emotional security in general and in specific. There is nothing which can “make us secure” if we are not secure in and about and with ourselves. Money, guns, armies, religion, possessions – none of that ‘fixes’ whatever feelings of insecurity or inferiority we may be carrying around inside.

Life is testing us. Our tests are variable.

But yes, we do have a choice to learn better – if we choose to.

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