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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Astrology of Justice - the Jodi Ann Arias Verdict

The Great Seal of the State of Arizona

As many have, I’ve listened to a lot of the judicial proceedings as Jodi Ann Arias has been on trial for the murder of Travis Alexander.

Today, May 8th, was verdict day. When the news came in that the jury had reached its verdict, there also came the statement that there would be a two hour delay while all the necessary parties – family and lawyers – could get to the courthouse.

As astrologers do, I summoned up a chart. It had TNO Deucalion at the IC, which as I heard people in the streets of Phoenix calling out for justice I thought apt as Deucalion is a Cubewano which seems to function in charts as ‘the finding of the moral path.’

That Deucalion is a Cubewano seemed apt here, as Cubewanos, though they orbit in the same region (or ‘belt’) of space inhabited by objects whose orbits are controlled by Neptune’s vast magnetic resonance… Cubewanos go their own way. Astrologically, Cubewanos thus represent a ‘clarified’ concept – the moral path – which is without any of the doubts, hesitations or emotional biases so typical of Neptune-controlled Plutinos.

I left an astro-clock up on my computer screen with the television on as the minutes ticked by, going about my business here at home until the appointed time for the reading of the verdict drew near. Then I went back to my desk, listening to television lawyers discussing possible outcomes as the tension around that Phoenix courthouse got sufficiently intense as to be palpable from here in Los Angeles, hundreds of miles away.

The verdict was to be read at half past and it was about 26 minutes past the hour when I sat back down at my desk and saw this on the Ascendant of the astro-clock.

Despite all the commentary about how prompt court proceedings are, that Ascendant said – to me – that court would not be starting at half past. All the intensity having occurred as the Ascendant passed through 3 Orcus, funneling through the energy of ‘final consequences.’ And that fit.
I looked to the bottom of the chart.

Hebe/Antares at the IC of the clock (yes, you have to read through the overlap) was a perfect picture of people in Phoenix being so focused (Antares) on being supportive of Travis’ family and his memory. And that they were so sure that justice would function as it should is a perfectly Sagittarian concept.

But I looked at that 6 Virgo Ascendant…and heard myself say ‘we aren’t going to get a verdict until that Ascendant reaches Sabine.’

And that’s exactly what happened as the verdict was read out at 49 minutes past the hour:

Like all astrological symbols, Sabine has two very different sides. One is the idea of being ‘taken prisoner’ while the other is ‘taking something’ or ‘raping’ (degrading) something which is not yours to judge or yours to even touch.

Sabine/Athena dictates that there is a dispassionate (Athena) perspective on an act (Ascendant) of Sabine wantonness being ‘voiced’ through the Ascendant.

Is this also emblematic of the Taurus Solar Eclipse about to happen? Absolutely. But with the Sun at 18 Taurus, a degree which either acts with or which deals with energies which are ‘over the line’ and with this Sun sitting right beside Pallas (dispassionate wisdom) and between asteroid Child and the South Node in the 9th house of the chart (that associated with judicial workings) the Taurean value of America’s judicial system played out well.

Wisely, one might say.

And yes, this eclipse hits Jodi Arias’ chart hard. We don’t have a time of birth, but we do know the date and place, which gives us the following Aries wheel:

Jodi Ann Arias - July 9, 1980 - Monterey, California
Aries Wheel (time unknown). This chart was cast for 6 a.m., which means the Gemini Moon shown
could be as early as 10 Gemini or as late as 22 Gemini in an accurate chart. 
The closest planetary aspect to the eclipse (dwarf or full planet) is an inconjunct to Pluto. And with Pluto in opposition to Eris in Aries, the fact that the jury voted for first degree murder would tend to say a lot about what the ultimate penalty will be.

But the closest aspect of all in this chart is the 19 Taurus eclipse hitting Jodi’s 19 Taurus Typhon – the symbol of our primal, human drives: hunger, the need for sleep, sex and reproduction. That Chiron is conjunct this Typhon and both are in opposition to Jodi’s Uranus, a Uranus which was not only hit with exactitude by last November’s solar eclipse but which is conjunct her natal Sabine says a lot.

When such factors tie together, it’s a sign of how life’s many tendrils cross and interweave. All which is counts. All which is, is a part of that Existence science refers to as time/space.

Unbeknownst to us, our time/space universe unfolds as it should. Sometimes it's just painfully sad, even in the most righteous of moments.

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