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Friday, May 31, 2013

Dateblog: June 2013

In the wake of April and May’s eclipses, June begins with things feeling a bit unsettled. And that's not unreasonable - at least given the 'wavelengths' coming at us in life. Come June 7th, Neptune will go retrograde at 5 Pisces in trine to Saturn (retrograde in Scorpio), relationships, which is a metaphysical sort of way of saying this is a time to wonder what's worth what and whether your parameters and priorities are realistic. Or even likely to get you where you want to go. Considering the signs involved here, whatever is afoot, it looks and feels like it's about what others think. Or what someone else is doing or is likely to do.

But it isn't. It's about whether we are each willing to weather the 'how we feel' about what they do, what they say, or what they think.

This isn't 'splitting hairs' as one person in my life sometimes says (with great exasperation). It's about our resilience. It's about our instinctual fear of how powerful our feelings are, or could be.

And if you think this moment is so feeling-ful, just wait!
Venus will have moved into Cancer on the 3rd - just before Neptune dives into its June 5 – 9 station allowance. And as Neptune does its turnabout, feelings will out. We may experience them as avoidance of something emotionally provocative (which is a pretty good sign of how powerful our feelings are!) or it may be the diving into something which will 'carry us away' on wings of wonder. This Cancer-Pisces combination is ripe for personal enjoyment...and if we just give it a few days, Venus will be into orb of opposition to Pluto...

...How do you feel about intensity? How willing are you to experience how the depths can be the heights of life?

Some of us won't take any chances, to be sure. Many of us prefer the emotional safety and feeling sanctity of that we know best. Or activities and surroundings which in being already comfortable don't test us at any depth.

Is that stability? Or is that fear expressed as a refusal to try?

Maybe it's one thing...maybe it's another. With two of our personal planets Mercury and Venus in Cancer...and both moving into position to trine both Neptune and Saturn has us caught in a web of personal growth or a cycle of unshakable status quo. These early June weeks (which come with a Gemini New Moon on June 8th) invite us to review our native habits and all we know in preparation for making things happen.

One part of that which might call our 'Possibility Play' comes into focus as dwarf planet MakeMake (creation of something new) goes direct (and into active mode) on June 12th. It's time to do something creative - though what 'creative' means to you could involve many a thing. Whatever your abilities or interests are, investing in bringing something new - even your awareness - to the surface works well with MakeMake.

And yes, this could be a 'shifting gears' point. Maybe you're done planning and are ready to commit something. Maybe one thing is now finished and you're free to take on something new.

Maybe you just want to expand your horizons.

That Juno and Chiron will both go retrograde within a day of each other (on June 16th and 17th) sort of extends this MakeMake influence by creating overlapping pools of timely influence.

Overlapping ripples
(picture credit: Brocken Inaglory, June 2007)

Call it challenging, call it some form of confrontation with Self, with Juno taking its station at 15 Aquarius and Chiron going stationary in Pisces just shy of fixed star Achernar, we’re being given a notice to ‘prepare ourselves’ for what is yet to come. (Which is another way of life saying 'something is coming'!)

The Sun moves on into Cancer on June 21st, signaling not just a change of seasons but a change in mode. Overall, for the next six months we will be responding to the world as opposed to just doing what we want in the world – and this applies whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere (it’s zodiacal, in other words). Whether you’re going into summer or winter mode, this is a time to learn more about how to operate more productively, more creatively, more effectively, so that you can expand your sights, your goals, your influence and imperatives later on in the year.

But as the Sun moves into Cancer, don’t be surprised if things feel like they’re ‘tightening up’ a bit. Mercury will be going retrograde (in Cancer) on June 26th and the week before Mercury’s station always feels hurried and pressured. So don’t be surprised if people get snippy or impatient, particularly as we come across the Full Moon in Capricorn on the 23rd. Considering all the combined factors here (and we haven’t even talked about Jupiter yet!) this would be a premier moment to act in haste and then repent in leisure later.

Don’t rush. With ‘Big Red’ (Jupiter) sitting at 29 Gemini throughout this week prior to Mercury’s station you don’t want to trip yourself up and you sure don’t want to get snarled up by the many people whose tongues are going to be moving faster than their brains now.

Not to mention the planes, trains and automobile stuff. Have a caution! Save a life – it might be your own!
The astrological ‘rule’ here would be IF something comes to fruition now NATURALLY…that’s great. If not, DON’T PUSH. If what you have to do is wait until Jupiter gets cuddled into Cancer (that ingress happens on June 26th) and Mercury retrograde is over (July 20th) you may well be better off doing just that.

There is nothing – read: NOTHING – wrong with finishing up business as Mercury goes into its direct-to-retrograde station, so long as nobody has rushed anything. If you’ve been taking diligent care and things just happen to work out for the last nail to get hammered into place now or for you to sign the dotted line with all due diligence having been done, all other (personal and individual chart) matters being equal Mercury stations can mark times of achievement and fortuitous crossings-of-paths.

Just don’t rush.

Jupiter in Cancer is a good time for everything homey - from home buying to moving to cleaning the closet to being with the family, to having some quiet time to studying your culture or heritage. It can be about investing in such things... expanding on such things... it can be enjoying such things. Jupiter asks that we do more, so maybe you've always been about your own family in particular, and now you'll take up studying family dynamics. Or maybe you'll join with a group of families in some project.

Or this could be the time when your children are finally grown and leave home. Or when they marry and start a family of their own.

Whatever happens, the exaggerations and explosions of Jupiter in Gemini will settle out (at least to some extent!) and real conversation will become more of the norm and a baseline for operations (and consideration - and much else) as Venus enters the brilliance of creative Leo on June 27 and Jupiter reaches 1 Cancer on the last day of June, bringing us all into a new space with regards to realizing just how valuable (and wonderful) inter-connectivity really is. The symbol of this ‘emotional illumination’ is a grand trine in water signs between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune: an outpouring which cannot be stopped.

Of course, this being elemental water we’re talking about, this can be an outpouring of feelings. But it could also be an ‘outpouring’ of money – or even of something of great value to us, each separately and all together.

This is a developing configuration which by mid-July will turn into a kite of opportunity which those who don’t get ‘carried away’ will be able to turn to good use.

It all depends on what we’re doing now.

Is it worth our time, effort and the investing of our belief?

Events throughout June are likely to get us looking at,  thinking through and recognizing our feelings with regard to this very question. 

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