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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Astrologer’s Diary: An Emotional Time

Lake Reflections
(photo credit: Paul Bica, November 2012)

If you’re into any sort of physics (astrophysics or any other kind of physics), you know that simple fact the rest of us think of as dropping a pebble into a pool.

You drop the pebble, there’s a ‘kerplunk’ and then the rings of ripples spread.

That’s the basic concept behind astrology. Astronomers and physicists now plainly understand that objects moving through space – a planet, a comet, an asteroid – distorts that space. It pushes through it, as it were. Space may be plenty empty, but it’s made of something.

Dark matter, many call it. But by any name the fact is plain: if objects are moving through space, space is something, not nothing.

So as space is distorted as the object moves through, the outbound ripples spread…until at some point, they encounter Earth, which is wandering along doing it’s own orbital thing around the Sun.

The angle at which those ripples encounter Earth is what we of this planet know as ‘being in a sign.’ The combinations of ripples hitting Earth at any given time combine to give a ‘ripple effect’ or totality of vibration which is unique to that moment.

It amazes me how many people don't understand that, just as it amazes me how anyone could miss the fact that the 'Earth is the center of the universe' idea which went out with Copernicus is actually true if you're thinking in terms of experiencing life as a being living here on Earth. 

Earth is the center of our's just that in the whole of this E=mc2’d universe, Earth is not the center of All. 

Over the years I've come to see the organization of the universe...and more specifically our solar a model for the organization of life - and our lives as individuals. It's a version of the microcosm as a reflection of the macrocosm theory which is found in countless teachings, none of which has ever struck me as starkly as a line which comes down to us from the Hermeticists of ancient Egypt: as above, so below.

That one statement says a lot. 

But more to the I continue thinking about space and time and energy and the great sea of energy which is the Existence and the All, I wonder whether the astrology of objects orbiting beyond the asteroid belt is as it is because their ripples come through the asteroid belt? As it slowly has dawned in my thinking that the astrology of objects beyond Neptune (our solar system's last 'true' planet) all seem to pertain to things not yet conceived of in our life, it occurred to me that the energetics which "equal" the meanings of planets, comets and other things is in a very real way, cumulative.

That would not only explain the apparent "complexity" of objects beyond the asteroid belt, but the clear and clearly personal quality of those which orbit inside the asteroid belt.

Oh the things I think about, right? 

Of course, not everybody's going to agree with me. There will always be those who will object! That’s what humans do.

It’s part of being human. And as humans, it's as totally sensible to feel intimidated by realizing we’re just a tiny part of an infinitely vast Universe as to feel gloriously connected by conceiving of our life as a valid part of everything which has been or will ever be.

Ripple effects on water
(photo credit: Sergiu Baciolu, Romania, July 2009)

We’re now in May of 2013, when two of the five objects of largest mass orbiting beyond Earth are creating major energetic ripples in the astrological sign of emotion-provoking water. Those two planets are Saturn and Neptune, which together spell the dissolving of old ways and a difficult, often confusing and sometimes bewilderingly painful incoming tide of human growth.

It's just an emotional time.

Mind you…the word here is ‘human,’ not humane. Those who expect life to be peaceful are likely to be seriously disappointed in this next stretch of months ahead. But then, their disappointment is their own. Neptune in Pisces ultimately asks us to dream of the possible while dealing with the real and realistic – against which Saturn in Scorpio is life forcing us to look at ourselves in the mirror of others’ eyes.

It’s an undertow.

Those who know ocean swimming will tell you that the way to escape an undertow is not to aim directly for the beach, but to swim across the current until you leave the deadly pull – a pull which here is the death grip to have one’s desires be fulfilled before helping others survive in heavy surf.

And yes, the surf is heavy. Another two of those five major planets whose movements ripple our world and toss us from white caps to foam are in conflict. Pluto and Uranus are setting us at cross currents with our Selves, with our world, with our sense of what to do. As we might expect of any underworld god, Pluto in Capricorn represents the trembling of what we thought solid enough to stand on. Structures are begin torn apart like sand sculptures being hit by rising waves.

Waves of energy.

And while Pluto shudders, Uranus in Aries reveals gaps hidden in our lives. Being married to the idea of stability many of us will fail to see the light coming through these cracks as opportunities. But in the foresight of the future, that’s what they are.

The reason to write this post is simple: this is the beginning of an incoming tide. Just under a month from now, Jupiter will leave airy, idea and theory-driven Gemini for the world of where surf-meets-turn: the sign of Cancer.

And once Jupiter is in Cancer, all of Earth and all of us will experience a year of life alive with ripples coming from all three of the universal zodiacal angles known to be most emotional, as Pluto continues plying, prying and twisting apart the welds of outmoded life structures and worldly preconceptions. 

If a small body moving through space produces small ripples, a larger body moving through space will produce larger ripples.

Jupiter is the largest object in orbit around our Sun.

This suggests an incoming tide which is likely to become a flood. For some, it will be a surge of possibilities. In some instances, it will be the opening of flood gates, behind which has long been pent up feelings, needs and motivations.

And yes, there will be water which simply vanishes under many a bridge. Some of us will find ourselves in emotional water far over our heads.

Life is preparing us to go deeper. To live from a deeper and more vital, important level. Wherever we are, we stand to find ourselves in much deeper emotional water than we've experienced in perhaps forever.

Will you sink? Will you dive in? Will you swim life's emotional currents, braving your own abysmal depths and the cresting of life's emotional waves?

This sea of emotion is yours and everyone else's.

As are the emotional choices.

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