by Boots Hart, CAP

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dateblog: May 2013

Oh, what a difference a day makes…as May begins, Mercury joins the Taurus parade. So for the first week-plus of May, we have all four personal planets in Taurus, making this a period which is all about personal security. A lot of people will focus on money or military matters, but what this is really about is how we feel about ourselves.

After all, if people all felt good about themselves there would be no war and there wouldn’t be any of this ‘rat race’ competition and the need to play ‘show and tell’ to make ourselves feel better than somebody else.

And this basic sense of ‘security’ and what that’s about, and whether what we’re involved in is ‘worth it’ – all that is getting shaken up at the moment by a Solar Eclipse at 19 Taurus which will take place on May 10th.

How seriously this affects you depends on whether 19 Taurus directly aspects your chart. We all live in the same world, of course…so wherever this eclipse lands in your chart you’ll feel the effect of change in terms described by that horoscope house (and the sign on its cusp in your personal chart). Whoever we are, this eclipse is going to test us. With Saturn sitting in the opposition sign (and retrograde) and Pluto (retrograde) in a trine from Capricorn, we’re all having to deal with questions of how to operate in this world. Maybe you’re trying to do something new. If so, you’ll be wondering how to make it work. You may feel intimidated by what it takes to get to your goals, which would be your sort of ‘test of security.’ Or maybe you’re someone who thought everything was going fine until it started not going all that well. For you, figuring out why things have taken a turn for the worst and maybe having to deal with the ‘price’ of bad decisions…or maybe just decisions which have “gone beyond their expiration date” (as they say in food packaging)…the money, the emotional investment, the social status, the just feeling your life was on the right track – those may any one of them (or all of them) be your ‘test of security.’

Every time we have a solar eclipse we hear of some public figure who has been shown up by eclipse forces. In Taurus, the likely issues are food, money, lavish expenditures and the like. And since Venus will slide into Gemini on the 9th, just scantily ahead of the eclipse, this is likely to be ‘news’ about someone’s choices.

The ‘up’ side here is definitely how, with Venus in Gemini (as of May 9th) the pace of life will pick up, as will our tolerance to talk about things and hear others out. We’ll start pushing to change things, make new choices and get things done, though with Mars in Taurus life may seem…well…a little trying.

(Who am I kidding? For some of us things are going to be a LOT trying!)

Still…once Mercury enters Gemini on the 15th information and ideas will begin flowing and discussions will proceed. Options, outlets, plans and opinions will still be under scrutiny (by ourselves and the world) and that will be a constant to live with throughout May. But about the time that Plutino Orcus (representing consequences) goes direct in Virgo on the 17th, we’ll be in a better position to understand what things will ‘cost’ us…maybe in time, maybe in money, maybe in sheer effort or the having to deal with the process emotionally. It would be typical of an Orcus station in Virgo to realize just how complicated a process can be. Or how something you thought of as relatively little can have a big effect.

The big kids (read: the real adults) among us will pull up their socks (and whatever else) and undertake to do what needs doing without squandering opportunities with an eye to quality and standards. Understanding and working through problems will be accepted as part of the process of reaching one’s goals in due time. The non-big kids (read: the immature among us) will be making excuses and blaming others about now, making this a time to learn a bit more about the difference between ‘excuses’ and ‘explanations.’ It’s okay to make a mistake and to understand the problem so long as you own the problem and do your level best to cope with it. What’s not okay is to make your problem everybody else’s problem!

Those who are attending to their p’s and q’s (or that may be peas and cues) will head into the Sun’s Gemini ingress (on the 20th) and May’s next big event – another Lunar Eclipse (at 4 Sagittarius on May 25th) - with an open mind, cautious optimism, piqued curiosity and decent results. But then, there will be those intent on blatantly ignoring life’s bottom line and the reality of how life (on the big stage) works. Those people will find what they want to do either won’t work at all, or that it will result in the loss of something they hadn’t planned on having to give up. 4 Sagittarius is a degree known for moral virtue, and this is pretty much the ‘test’ of the moment, a test in which life will show us all which side of that ‘moral line’ we’re really on despite whatever it is that we insist.

And for some, this will lead to irritation and even anger, no question. As of May 30th, Saturn will retrograde back into 5 degrees of Scorpio. And that will put Saturn in trine to Neptune at 5 Pisces just as Neptune is moving forward to take its station in early June. This is a recipe for the ‘isolation of opinions’ which for some will be self righteous and for others will be despairing. But sure as shootin’ (which may be an unfortunate reference), being that Mercury will move into Cancer on May 31st as Mars moves into Gemini, fur – verbal or otherwise – is going to fly.

This Mars/Mercury combination can be constructive. It can be a signature of choosing a better course for your future through talking things over with those you trust best (even if that’s yourself). But for many, this Mars-Mercury-Saturn-Neptune quantity will be either very bleak or very incendiary or mark a time of irritation or frustration.

It all depends on how secure you are to begin with…and whether you are willing to accept that your insecurities are all about your life journey’s and personal development.

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