by Boots Hart, CAP

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Using Ingress Charts

Since I'm always being asked how things like ingresses work, I'd like to offer an example. And not to worry, this isn't all that exotic. It's just about learning how to think in astrologese. 

Let's start with one basic idea however: venue counts. What I mean by that is simple - if we're talking about your natal chart, the subject is you. Any transit to that natal chart is still totally about you. Maybe about how you will interact with others or how offended you will hear when for whatever reason you aren't applauded like some hero returning from deeds of derring do....but it's still about you. 

Your chart is YOUR chart.To paraphrase a (Leo) girlfriend of long ago, it's SO all about you!

Against this we have things like ingress chart. They're not about you in particular. They're about Earth. They pertain to the planet and everything on it - so they're very big picture, impersonal and global POV.

Ironically, astrology refers to such global horoscopes as 'mundane.' Do you know anything mundane about existence on the planet? I sure don't. But that's what it's called - go figger!

Anyway, I live in the United States. And on Monday June 28th, we had a member of our US Congress die. His name was Senator Robert Byrd. He was 92. And he'd served a very, very long time - nine terms, to be exact.

As happens at such moments, reporters asked a flock of other Congress people what they thought of Robert Byrd. And what comes across is pretty clear: Robert Bryd not only knew what had happened in Congress, his country and the world during the time he had served, he was also a repository and reference source on rules of order, state protocol and ancient history. He was something of a patriarch to the whole of Congress. 

He also was known as 'the King of Pork,' meaning that during his tenure he managed to get a whole lot of Federal money sent home to his constituents (literally billions) and when asked, he wasn't ashamed of what he'd done. Not at all.

Why? Because he considered that his job. He had been elected to represent the people of his state, and Robert Byrd took his job as provider very seriously. If a state could be seen as a household, he thought of himself as its breadwinner.

So what's this got to do with the Cancer ingress chart?

Well look at the chart - and since the one in the sidebar is pictured with astrological glyphs, let's put this one in a bit of a more 'plain-speak' format:

 June 21, 2010 Cancer Ingress chart look at the bottom of the chart - where it says "Sun." You'll see that that's opposite "Plu" (Pluto) at the top of the chart. Pluto's keywords are create, deny, destroy. And one of the interesting items which doesn't get talked about much with reference to the 4th house (and Cancer, it's native ruling sign) is that this is often the house of 'endings.' Yes, as in life. 

So that 'ending' thing is one theme of this ingress, as we discussed in the article about the ingress per se. There's a whole theme about global change going on, and the real question is whether we want to make changes or have change forced upon us. (And yes, this does apply to each and every person on said planet too.)

So the ingress happened on June 21st. And ever since then, with every day, the Sun has ticked along through the zodiac at the basic rate of one degree a day (a little less, but let's go with one degree)...such that on this past Monday - the day that Robert Byrd died - the Sun conjuncted Juno.

And what is Juno about? Typically spoken of as 'female strength' (and female head of household, defender of children, protector of the hearth and home, etc.) this symbol shouldn't be viewed in terms of gender. No astrological symbol should - after all, they all appear in every chart. Juno can be a strong female in the household, yes. But it could also be that quality of protectiveness and 'household leadership' which responds to situations as they arise, coping and providing for the good of those in the home. Or homeland.

So as the Sun came to Juno, it's intrinsically Plutonic create, deny, destroy energy was set off in terms of a Juno figure - Senator Robert Byrd.

And that's how ingress charts work. Obviously a lot of things happened. But there was a theme to that day. And once we learn how to use such themes, we come to be able to look ahead, knowing not just when to expect things will happen, but when the time will be right and ripe for us to make our own moves.

Powerful things, ingress charts. Does it make you want to know when the next door will open - and what it will open to?  

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