by Boots Hart, CAP

Thursday, June 17, 2010

96 Percent Unknown...the Macro-Microcosm of it all

We like to think we know what's going on in life, but evidently we don't.Of the 100% of
everything which Is, 23% is "dark matter" - stuff in our universe we can't quite define.

Another 73% is "dark energy" - stuff we don't even have much of a clue about.

That adds up to 96%.

And that 96% of Existence is unknowns means only 4% of everything is known.

Which leaves a lot of room for growing, never mind not knowing.

Way back when there was this group in Egypt known as the Hermeticists. Nifty in their
time, they left us one really superb expression: "As above, so below." It's an early sort of universal statement which science has fleshed out with cause/effect, E=mc2'd and the endless if fabulously fascinating patterns in existence, time, structures...all of which appear on the grand scale, the not-so grand scale and so on, right down to the
piddly and puny scale of life.

It's all patterns. It's all cause/effect. And what we see? What we know? That's just the tip of the iceberg!
Now that we all know this much, let's move on to June 26, when We of Earth are going to experience a lunar eclipse. (Yes, there's a solar eclipse on July 11, but first things first!) 

This lunar eclipse pictures the Sun at 4 Cancer with Mercury nearly alongside at 2 Cancer. Any time Mercury is that close to the Sun there's a focus of thought - in fact probably to some extent such an over-focus or narrowness of focus that we miss some of the bigger, more important factors. 

You know, those things which it might just help if we knew? 

The hardest part of being a person sometimes is definitely the 'being human' part, yes. what's on the dinner table at this eclipse? Well, this 4 Cancer degree is itself about tests of rationality. How would you like your rationality served, my dear...rare, medium or well done?

Obviously we'd all like to think our rationales are 'well done' (no bleeding hearts on my plate, please), but this is a primal sort of degree which often tests our ability to be reasonable that we are left...raw. 

As for 2 Cancer, this would be the bratty kid in the family. You know the one - the kid who hogs everything and enjoys upsetting everyone else? 

Taken together this may well describe people or situations or societal entities which act rather selfish - even to the extent of choosing incompetency (even corruption) over other things just to get your way.

Or so that you/they don't have to face the real truth. Or reality, take your pick.

But being that Cancer is ruled by the Moon...never mind that we're talking about a LUNAR eclipse (oh, helloooo - lunar? As in loony and lunatic?)...all this takes us back to the Moon-Pluto end of the stick. 

And what a stick it is (you should be so lucky not to have it stuck to you!) Occurring in Capricorn, we know this eclipse concerns itself with structures or 'things structural' your life, maybe in your body, with the job, the relationship - you name it.  Plus if we're talking Moon, we start out with a definite theme of 'status quo,' everyday life, life as we know it - all that. 

Into all this comes Pluto. Pluto is one of those metaphysical verbs which come as standard equipment with our solar system. And what Pluto 'says' (thematically) is this: what you get depends on what you chose. So where structures you've chosen are viable, you win. Where they're not so viable, you get clonked on the head (or some other appropriate part - not for me to say).

Oh - and I need to mention one more itty, bitty thing. Maybe not so itty bitty, come to think about it...this eclipse? It's formulated in a configuration known as a t-square. T-squares are all about challenges: think of the 't' as a hurdle set up on a running track. You start out with good intentions, and if you're able to jump the hurdle, you  continue to the finish. If you don't, you return to 'go' and start again.

In this particular configuration, since Moon-Pluto is standing at 'go' and this IS an eclipse, the failure is likely to really, really hurt. And if you fall, what are you going to fall ON? 

That's right - the hurdle. 

And what is this particular hurdle composed of? Well, first there's Uranus (terrible thing to fall on, Uranus...) Metaphysically speaking, this is innovative change versus disruptive anarchy - your choice. 

But wait - there's more! Next is Jupiter - which is either the expanding of our horizons and the glory of growth or getting overwhelmed, overburdened or blown out of the water by your own foolish arrogance. 
And we're not done. Standing with this possibly great, possibly terrible pairing is Lust (obsessive fixation versus productive passion), Eos (insatiable appetite/greed versus delighted fascination) and Tantalus (using knowledge for personal gain, regardless of the cost versus ridding the/your world of ills).

Being that this entire symbolic passel is in Aries, the thing we have to get past is something in ourselves. And those who don't, won't or are living in denial? They're the ones likely to get the worst of the Moon-Pluto (ruling) end of this eclipse as they fall on their Eos-Lust-Tantaus-Jupiter-Uranus. 

Which is better than falling on one's sword, if only because it's less likely to be fatal. (Still...big ouch. Mega ouch!)

Even more to the point are two other items worth mentioning - Pallas at  4 Scorpio (intuitive Wisdom) and Chiron at 0 Pisces conjunct calculated Lilith and 29 Aquarius (understanding society/social ills). In trine to the Mercury/Sun and sextile Moon-Pluto this is a figure known as a 'kite' in which though it's really, really tough to stop doing what we've been doing because oooooh, it's so much easier than other things and we really like doing it our way (and behaving like brats)... spite of all, we know better. Like, oy...what a pain. A pain in my...

(No, I'm not going there.)  

So why bring this into a discussion about how much we don't know about our universe and Existence? Because when Pluto-Moon come together they become a
door. And that door can close in your face hard. Or it can open before you, allowing you to explore a life, a world, a universe...

...96% of which you don't yet know. And that would be the purpose of eclipses to begin with.  


  1. I was reading up on Eclipses today - and Ouch is right! Thanks for some specifics on this particular one. Loved how you brought us back to the beginning at the end...if you know what I mean...

  2. Speaking as a metaphysician, a lot of the difficulties humans go through is ripe testimony to how stubborn we are as a species.

    Speaking as a person however, ouch is ouch. Bad pain is just bad!

    Speaking as a spiritualist, it's all an opportunity to learn what we need to know to have/make the life/world we say we really want.

    It's all rather see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, don't you think? And when it comes to eclipses, who knows what is which and why who is playing whatever part!

    To quote a friend of mine...[sigh]