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Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 2010 Lunar Eclipse: Change or Be Changed

 Lunar Eclipse 2000 - source: NASA

June 26, 2010 is Lunar Eclipse time. And if you think the chart of said eclipse (below) looks like the Cancer Ingress chart, it does.

But there are some very important differences....

In astrology (like in its sister-science, astronomy), what looks ‘little’ on paper is often a big giant deal...a dot of light in Earth’s night sky can be a supernova measuring light years across. 

So let's start by thinking of it like this: the Ingress chart is a picture of dynamics which unfold over three mortal months. Lunar Eclipses are emotional events…the reverberations and repercussions of which resonate for three months.  Some say six months, but in my experience by the time three months have passed, the biggest part of the upheaval (if there is to be one) is over. You may still be batting clean-up, but the it were...has already been won or lost.

Which brings us to a big point of differentiation between solar and lunar eclipses: even when a solar eclipse is smack dab on one of your chart points, it concerns a form of personal evolution - and it takes time for a fish to become a slogging amphibian which becomes a spraddle-legged reptile which becomes a rapacious dinosaur which then becomes the fluffy, clucking chicken providing eggs for morning breakfast.

(Just're actually serving up a dinosaur over easy!)

As opposed to this, the lunar eclipse which hits your chart with any acuity? They're  notoriously prompt. Like spit-spot on, as Mary Poppins might say (were she an astrologer...which she may be for all I know!).  

Getting back to the point here, an ingress is a solar event. Thus it's it’s about what we do in the course of building, maintaining, managing and having a life. The lunar eclipse is about feelings. So in a sense you might say that an Ingress chart is a calendar - a overview of Earth's next quarter cycle. A lunar eclipse is a moment in time which changes everything. And since the Moon moves from sign to sign every two days, the Moon in an ingress of even a week ago is hardly the same as the one involved here in this eclipse.

And how is it different? Well, as chatted about in the Ingress blog, the season’s Moon is in Libra, a airy sign about the concept of relating to each other, things we learn through relating and how what we put out there is what we become known for. That Moon being in Libra's critical (29th) degree also told us that the ‘relating’ thing is…well, critical! 

Through the whole three months, I mean.

Not only that, but the position of that Moon (as part of the grand trine ‘engine’ of the season) means it’s part of and supportive of solutions to problems as a tool which allows us to ‘get things done’ or advance our cause over the next three months.

Against that, we have this eclipse Moon at 4 Capricorn, a degree known for warmth, depth and its ability to take on the ‘flavor’ of whatever else is at hand, a trait which caused me to compare it to tofu not many days ago. And considering the Moon as metaphysical symbol of nurturance (emotional nutrition)...? That seems apt.


This 4 Capricorn Moon is but on part of the lunar eclipse configuration. To review, eclipses only happen when a New or Full Moon is positioned within specified range of the lunar nodes, which automatically makes them social or societal events.

What happens specifically during a lunar eclipse is that Earth (reality) comes between the Sun (will) and the Moon, cutting off the ‘light of our emotional life’...and our
ability to 'reflect' - to moon over something, one might say! And this taking the ‘pause’ out of the equation is why lunar eclipses are events. You don't get to pause and dawdle a bit while you decide if a lunar eclipse has you in its zodiacal sites. Something happens – boom! 

And it's done. In one minute something isn’t true, in the next it’s your unavoidable reality.

The aspect of will being ‘cut off’ here is represented by the Sun at 4 Cancer – a degree described as 'defiant’ in a very particular way. What way would that be? Well, the habit here is to attempt to substitute your ‘reality’ for the real reality. You know…life. - the world or society you live in. 

This degree's rather Neptunian tinge is so strong that according to the lore, the biggest wallops are going to be felt by those whose egos rely on something (someone, or some activity) which allows them to ‘run away’ from reality. And given that Earth's position (reality) is now ‘cutting’ the connection between this will to continue doing whatever has been giving them their 'feel-good' fix...

...well, let's just say this is a recipe for an emotional ‘thud.’ And we're not talking any  ordinary ‘thud’ neither! That we know because the Capricorn Moon which is the focus of this configuration is exactly conjunct Pluto. And I do mean EXACTLY.

And because Pluto symbolizes transformational change...and BECAUSE it's sitting pretty much atop a galactic black hole, that means this eclipse has the power to be a do-all, feel-all, inexorable-feeling  ‘alternative reality.’

Which in mortal parlance might manifest as incredible insight...or a complete loss of control. And whatever it is, it’s a highly polarizing and very extreme-feeling event.

Plus  let's not forget that Pluto in Capricorn is a general call for changing standards with Pluto acting as verb-of-consequence. So when Pluto gets active in Capricorn, new things may come into being. Old things may get destroyed. Totally unexpected things may happen.This could merely mean you're in for a highly dramatic time. Then again, you may be meeting up with a very painful moment. 

It all depends on what kind of escapist you are - and let's face it, most of us are escapists of one kind or another. this going to be YOU? That would be the important question, right?

For the answer to that, please get out your natal chart. Or go get one (there are links on this page). Even if you don’t have your birth time, the positions of planets will be pretty darn close, though you won't be able to use any of the house lines or the Moon.

Everybody ready now? Okay....then...



....Between 29 Sagittarius and 9 Capricorn (OR) 29 Gemini and 9 Cancer, this eclipse has your name on it with a big tag labeled “DO YOU GET IT NOW?" 

....Between 29 Virgo and 9 Libra (OR) 29 Pisces and 9 Aries, prepare for a challenging moment which requires that you harness both your strengths AND your vulnerabilities.  

....Between 2 and 6 Aquarius (OR) 2 and 6 Sagittarius, disquieting or uncomfortable events are in the offing. Ego bruises are not unlikely: live and learn. 

....Between 2 and 6 Gemini (OR) 2 and 6 Leo: you can’t go on doing what you have been doing – take the hint! 

....Between 1 and 7 Pisces (OR) 1 and 7 Scorpio: this is a moment of opportunity when dealing with a problem depends on your being willing to see the truth and heed it.

 ....Between 29 Aries and 9 Taurus (OR) 29 Leo and 9 Virgo: dead or alive, your chickens are now coming home to roost.


    One more thing to understand about this eclipse. Because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is currently in a 3rd decan (public, results dependent) section of functionality and propriety-oriented Virgo....

    ....AND in opposition to fixed sign Scheat (bad reception).... 

    ....AND in opposition to Lust/Uranus (new fixations or breaking through a fixation)....

    ...AND in opposition to Jupiter/Tantalus (knowing you’ve done the wrong thing)...

    ...the root of this moment is really about something done some time ago. If that was unproductive (in the 'totality of your life' sense) or really sincerely naughty, expect to encounter a bad time. 

    And the solution is not to try to justify it. Nor will pointing fingers and blaming others really work. The only answer here is to get over yourself and clean up your act!

    But there is good news. And that good news is that while lunar eclipses can be upsetting to the max, they're not (generally) life/death events. If you’ve been a very bad girl or boy, yes, you may need to devote some serious time/effort to rehabilitating your reputation...even with yourself. And those who ignore the handwriting on the wall (in bas relief) now are likely to get some sort of truly uncomfortable come-uppance rather soon...say, in the environs of October, 2010 (give or take 6 weeks). 

    Those effects will be lasting. These are merely temporary. And no, that isn't to say they couldn't be tres, tres ouchy...but what would you prefer, temporary or chronic regret?

    But wait...isn't there even a smidge of a chance this could be a fabuloso and wonderful moment? 

    Why yes...! That could well happen. But again, that would depend on past choices. 

    The great Pluto theme words are create, deny, destroy with the values behind its engine being all about your willingness to risk and learn better. Not more enjoyable…better as in productive and humanity-oriented, not precisely your druthers oriented. And seeing that we're talking a Capricorn Pluto influence, this isn't about  short-term pleasure either. What you're looking for here is the long term investment (and what's worth investing in). And yet....

    ...given the situation what you need to get to that ultimate satisfaction may not be what you think you (Moon) want at this moment. Which is where Pluto/Moon comes in as a unit. In raw terms, Pluto/Moon is 'change of feelings.' Or because the Moon often represents money, women, the state of the body (health or conception/good or bad news) any one of these arenas may get highlighted. 

    If something changes, whatever changes, though you may be very used to it as part of your status quo, for reasons entirely individual, what you have been invested in may have been keeping you from the thing or effort or relationship or life status you really, truly need.

    And let's face it - when you get right down to it, need trumps want every time.

    It's just...well...sometimes we just think we need what we want. 

    But then comes the eclipsing of our reality. 

    Oh yeah...that. 

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    1. Okay, we're all REALLY NERVOUS now! But you have provided some clarity on differences between solar and lunar events. Thanks, I needed that!