by Boots Hart, CAP

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is Obama Eclipsed by BP?

President Obama is having a hard time dealing with this BP matter. Do we know why? Or what it represents in his chart? 

Yes, we do. 

So let's start with the basics: unless you're a 'Birther' you're using a chart for August 4, 1961 at 10am (AHST/+10) set for Honolulu, Hawaii. That horoscope has Amphitrite at 3 Capricorn in the 11th house and 19 Cancer on the cusp of the 6th house.

The importance of that? That would be about this summer's eclipses, the first of which (the lunar) occurs at 4 Capricorn on June 26, with the solar eclipse being at 19 Cancer on July 11.

So how "far out" (i.e. prior to the actual time) we can expect to begin feeling eclipse effects? With lunar eclipses, it's usually a couple of weeks - which would put its effects as beginning just as June got into gear people. But solar eclipses? They last longer (3 years) in the unraveling to 'final results' and they start much farther out.

The Deepwater Horizon explosion occurred back on April 20th and there's no question but that Obama was duly and swiftly told it had happened. But he didn't start getting focused on as a prime 'player' in the drama until the early days of May, which would be about 2 months out from the July 11th solar eclipse at 19 Cancer.

As a solar eclipse begins being 'felt,' the general effect is one of breaking down existing status quos. Things we have relied on no longer prove reliable. The old simply doesn't work...and yet people being people, do you think they get wise to that fact the minute something goes wrong? 

Absolutely not! People are people. And let's face it, as head of a giant government dealing with a foreign company, Obama tackling the structure of BP isn't as easy as going to get a fresh pencil from his pencil cup.

The June 26 lunar eclipse at 4 Capricorn will hit Obama's Amphitrite (his 'overwhelm point') in the 11th house, a house which typifies social matters, income and corporations. Ruled by his quirky if innovative Aquarian Jupiter (conjunct a strong and structural Saturn) we do know Obama is never out of ideas. With this pair situated in his 12th house, he's very big at working behind the scenes and yet will respond to public need: the 12th house is the house of universal connections, so what his people need, he will do.

This 'common chord' exaltation is also part of what tells us Obama is such a talented orator, too.

Some will say this means he's just 'playing the part'? And let's not kid ourselves, Obama is capable of playing a part, but with his Sun being in the 6th house of civil service and employees opposition a 12th house Damocles (the perils of power) he is highly, highly unlikely to do anything which he thinks is against the greater, universal good.

Another nice point about this Damocles/Sun opposition: Obama knows the value in working and working and working to avoid the disaster. So he won't goof off. And when it comes to the bottom line, he has what it takes to cut through the garbage and issue the hard-core order.

But let's be real: Obama has a fixed Sun and Ascendant - he is disinclined to be hasty or lead by assertion. Obama has a built-in 'quease-meter' which causes him to dread  missteps, too - which isn't all that bad considering he's the guy with the war codes.

So back to the point...lunar eclipses tend to manifest right on schedule and produce sudden 'realizations.' Often the cold water thrown in the face of expectation, for a whole slew of astrological reasons...(North Node=necessity + Uranus/innovation +  Kassandra/'I SO Don't Believe You!' + Pelion/Facing a really BIG Mountain + Industria/Work Needs Doing)....all of which are in a Leo 7th house? Well, let's just say BP is likely to hear words from The Obama Quadrant (no matter who gets to say them) about this time. And let's be real - one of the reasons why Obama will step up (or send someone to do the job if he thinks it makes a better point) is because Obama will be sick of taking flack about the time the lunar eclipse rolls around.

The degree of said eclipse (4 Capricorn) is rather known for warm hospitality. But it's also the tofu of zodiac degrees in that it tends to take on the coloration of any transiting effect - such as an eclipse.

Natally having Amphitrite at 3 Capricorn (conjunct the eclipse) tells us there's an understanding of 'a system overwhelmed' in Obama's brain. And lunar eclipses being notorious for either complete bliss or wet blanketing reality, if BP hasn't got the well under control (the 'bliss' thing) they can expect a big splash as Obama's verbal foot hits the Gulf - and he won't just be puddling Dixie.

Maybe more to the overarching point however is the July 11 solar eclipse at 19 Cancer. If we give that a 2-month 'breakdown window,' that takes us back to May 11, which is when everybody really started focusing hard on the office door leading to the Oval Office. Okay...but given that this is the 6th house of Obama's chart we're talking about, it would be natural for him to start out using and not seeing the failings of anything or anybody which could even vaguely be referred to as a 6th house "employee." That would include his own staff, the US military, the general American civil service as a whole - and of course the entirety of BP and its hired PR gurus.

With Echo standing right before this 6th house cusp we would expect Obama to start this 'breakdown period' out by 'echoing' what he's been told - which is exactly what he did. But then we get to the crux of it: asteroid Lilith at 20 Cancer, Sabine at 21 Cancer, Icarus at 22 Cancer and Atropos at 24 Cancer.

Lilith is maybe the hardest symbol in this entire sequence: it's literally the thing you don't want to see about or in yourself. Add to that Sabine (forced rape/enslavement), Icarus (foolish overstepping of safe limits) and Atropos (cut offs, ends) this is a picture of many things.

Considering this is all in the sign of Cancer and therefore ruled by the Moon, we need to look at Obama's Moon to delineate it. And we find said Gemini Moon in the 4th house of family, homeland and national populations. Exactly conjunct Lust, looking at this as Obama AS a civil servant (which as President, he technically is), he's not just fixated on what his country needs, but his country's fixations. With Polyhymnia and Nessus standing right nearby he understands how happy the people are with their way of life and that they jealously guard their right to have what the want.

And no, that's not always good. Nessus is a legacy of poison which says a lot about the oil spill. Fortunately for Obama (and the country) this Nessus of his is not at his Descendant - which in the long run says this oil spill will not be the focus of his legacy. Unfortunately for Obama, it being at his IC/Nadir (the bottom of the chart) does mean it's a problem he's going to have to deal with. And keep dealing with. And deal with some more...the 'more and more quality' of this not coming just from the IC (and the fact that he's going to be President yet for a while) but because Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is in Obama's 6th house - the house of work, effort, continuing to try.

With his Mercury opposition the Aquarius Jupiter, we can guess that new safeguards and innovations are going to come out of this oil spill disaster. We are also likely to learn a lot about oil as a toxin.

Apart from all that, this Mercury also marks part of Obama's job as President to be a  bearer of bad news to the people of the United States. And with Mercury opposition an Aquarian Jupiter, one of his messages is things cannot go on as they have - we can't keep doing things as we've been doing them. 

Remember that campaign all about 'change'? That was Obama in sync with his chart and hence, astrologically, part of why he won the election - his people didn't 'feel' internal contradiction.

Just as obvious, however, is the fact that he doesn't like having to play the stern daddy (Moon in 4th house is always, always, always a family issue!). And as Obama was being elected, he certainly never knew the scope or arenas he would be facing which all needed serious change.

Unfortunately for him, the firm and if necessary stern daddy thing is part of the  territory of the job so long as he's the guy IN said job.

The good news is that once Obama reaches the point where he sees the real 'blackout' of the eclipse (replete with its nauseatingly apt parallel to an oil slick)...then he'll actually find the answer, part of which lies in part in making the American people SO angry that they become willing to make all the necessary changes.

All things happen when they happen. He can't rush things vis-a-vis BP or the American people...or himself.

You think this is just about an oil spill? It's not just about an oil spill. BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster is literally and figuratively barely offshore. The really deep water is about sustainability of life as people know it - the totality of that life. Obama having Vesta (service) conjunct Algol (male aggression) at the bottom of his chart makes him an interesting figure serving in a powerful position at a crucial moment in time; he would seem tailor made for the combination of assertiveness and supportiveness people need to hear from and feel is on their side.

What Obama probably knows without liking that he knows (Lilith) is that there are yet harder days to come.He also knows that we can all survive this - but that there are huge prices yet to be paid. Where we are now, the water is truly deep - but we have not yet plumbed the abyss.

Looking ahead, the January 2011 eclipse will hit Obama's Kalypso/Vega-the ability to care about others no matter how different their priorities or concerns. You think he's got it hard now? Wait! Fortunately the harder things get, the better Obama sees in the the rest of us, he just has problems getting out of his own way, which everyone defends when it's a private issue and which we seem to totally forget when it's a CEO or head of state.

Oh yeah....right. They're a person too?

Yes, they are.

Things aren't going to be easy and we may all stub or toes, but Americans chose a capable guy when they elected Barack Obama. He won't like doing it, but if he has to he'll drag the entire country through its stinking valley of darkness and denial, and that's what a country really needs from a national daddy.

In the meantime, just don't stay out after curfew.

And forget getting the keys to the White House limo.


  1. Totally loved this! Brilliant!

  2. And I just saw President Obama give his address on the whole BP matter...evidently he's totally up on reading my blog!

  3. VERY interesting, as always! I learned a lot about delineation from this one, too. And 4 Capricorn being "the tofu of zodiac degrees" cracked me up.