by Boots Hart, CAP

Monday, June 7, 2010

Relating, Astro-Style: The Vibes of Life

My comments about ‘seeing’ parents and grandparents in our charts (in the ‘Family Pickle’ post) evidently popped a few blogged eyes (I be blogger, you be mine blogged). So I thought to offer a few points for contemplation.

And maybe for doing other things with - suit yourself.

Let’s start by think of the zodiac as a giant radio dial with 360 stations we call degrees. We tune into each of these degrees at their given frequency. 

You with me?

The astrologic/human term for that ‘vibe’ thing is a chart position. So we get born with a horoscope, a chart that tells us which vibes we’re attuned to, that we'll more or less 'naturally' tune in to - and how we’ll tend to operate (until we learn better, in some cases!).

And who we attract. Who we'll choose to hang with. Or yes, run from....sometimes with good reason, as I found out so recently. Sometimes we just know someone is no good for us. We’ll be all friendly and noble, we’ll do a whole noble ‘they get to be who they are, I get to be me’ thing…Then it happens. We find out that we were right to begin with, screw all those noble-sounding allowances.

As I noted in my ‘Family Pickle’ blog, sometimes we could have saved ourselves a lot of time and grief by looking at charts to begin with. 

On the other hand, life needs to be lived. So okay, we live. We learn. Sometimes we triumph and sometimes we end up doing time working on our weeping quotient.    

Obviously when we’re born, the first people we meet up with are parents and family. And there is a lot of lore (aka statistical evidence) out there to suggest that certain symbols are often in aspect from parent to child. The most talked about is Jupiter – which makes sense as Jupiter symbolizes teaching and learning. Often the parent/child chart comparison has a parent’s Jupiter in aspect to that of the child.

But sometimes it’s some other planet. Whatever it is (or they are, since often one or more planets are in aspect between a parent and child)....those are the things we learn from them. Those aspects also describe how they appear to be to us because that’s what we’ve learned OF them. Or ABOUT them. Which is one of the reasons (and techniques) I use as an astrologer to read in your chart who your parents and grandparents were. 

Generally what I will read out will sound a little foreign to you. But that's because you think of your parents as YOUR parents - not as independent people in their own right. It's tough getting the 'mom and pop' out of your head...but once people do, they not only recognize who I'm talking about, but sometimes things that they missed about the folks.   

Anyway, back to us...Whether we ‘mesh’ with our early ‘family’ (biological or otherwise) we get ‘habituated’ by them. And sure as shootin’ we’ll react to those degrees, down the line. 

Even more curious, we can get ‘broken in’ by people in our youth to degrees which aren’t even occupied in our chart – by a planet, cusp or node, I mean. (You know, the “usual” astro-stuff.) Truth is, there is so much out there in the cosmos that every degree of the zodiac is pretty much occupied at all times. Why some things count more than others seems to be sort of about broad brush strokes versus nuances – the things we can see which are ‘obvious’ up there in the sky are mirrored in the ‘obvious’ qualities, questions and challenges we encounter as people.

And yes – we do all wish we could change things. Not just from time to time, but fairly frequently, I’m sure.

Bottom line, we humans appear to be pretty much creatures of habit. When someone has been around us a long time, we adapt to the vibe even if we don’t love it. It’s that dent in the mattress after it’s been slept on a few years. I had a sister who died a long time ago; her Sun was at 15 Taurus, a degree I have nothing of note positioned in. But decades later I had to get myself a new doctor. And the moment I met my new GP, there was this feeling of…familiarity.

Sure enough, I later learned his Sun was at 15 Taurus. So I understood why he feels ‘familiar.’ Even more than that, as I’ve gotten to know him, our doctor/patient friendship has come to be comforting to me. Some small part of what I lost in my early teens when my sister passed away…a little bit of that chasm has gotten ‘filled in’ by his becoming one of the vibes in my life.    

In one of my ‘Family Pickle’ comments I noted how almost everyone in my personal ‘close circle’ have some point (all different) in the chart which is going to get thwacked by this summer’s eclipse at 19 Cancer – a degree which in my personal chart is occupied by Uranus. We do collect people who in one way or another 'fit' with our chart. The people I’m referring to - our ages differ. Our walks of life differ. Our functions in each other’s lives – those differ too. Given that this is my Uranus we're talking about, some are drawn to me because I'm an astrologer. Some like my quirky sense of humor. Some are part of an unconventional (Uranian) 'family' I've constructed for myself since my family of origin is...well, let's go with 'disrupted' - another Uranus word. And my Uranus is in my 4th house - the house of family, heritage and origin. 

I know each of us is about to undergo some form of personal revolutionary evolution. The two, two-and-a-half-month standard ‘lead-in’ to the solar eclipse where things begin breaking down, that’s already begun. I know eclipses can be trés difficult - to put it mildly. So I hope to be where I need to be for them, and hope will do their best (a relative term, I know) to be there for me.

In the end, maybe that’s why we’re part of each other’s lives. Through me, they evolve. Maybe I rattle chains or spark new ideas wherever 19 Cancer lies in their chart. Meanwhile through them, I evolve: I learn more about myself, I am given the support I obviously and oh-so human(e)ly need.

That's just the way it works. And maybe understanding that better, or getting better settled with that understanding - maybe even passing the information on to you...maybe that’s part of my eclipse lesson.

Maybe? A girl can certainly hope!


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  1. Thanks for a little more in-depth look at "habit-forming" (or habit-formed)chart degrees, Boots! This is really interesting. I love the "dent in the mattress" metaphor. And with my own Uranus at 20 Cancer, I guess I'd better be prepared to be THWACKED by that summer eclipse, too. I am glad you plan on sticking around for some serious hand-holding!