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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Holey Eclipse, Batman! (by Alex Miller)

Probably best known for his work with galactics, my long-time friend Alex Miller has stopped by the blog today to give us all a few thoughts on Saturday's lunar eclipse.

Take it away, Alex !

Monster Black Hole - source: National Geographic

 Holy Eclipse, Batman!
...Black Hole-y, that is. The Lunar Eclipse of 26 June 2010 sets off a Galactic Grand Cross of Deep Space energies guaranteed to keep things hopping for the next six months.  With the Moon eclipsed at 4 Capricorn, opposed a 4 Cancer Sun, a primal polarity of Black Holes is activated; add in squares to the Pulsar at 3 Aries and a Quasar at 5 Libra, and we have the makings of a truly stand-out astrological phenomenon.

Black Holes, those virtual pinpoints in space whose gravitational pull is so intense that not even light can escape them, promote the volte face, the sudden, swift, unexpected and complete reversal of the status quo. Conditions change in the twinkling of an eye to ones wholly unrecognizable from what pertained before.  In essence, you have changed universes - you can’t go home again. They drain energy from whatever they touch, creating instability and uncertainty, but they also tap us into the limitless potential of the unknown, and make possible what was previously considered unthinkable, both good and bad.

Quasars are among the brightest and furthest objects in the universe; they shine a bright spotlight upon whatever they touch and promote notoriety, success, achievement and attaining of goals.  It’s just not possible to keep hidden what they illumine, it stands out in a crowd, like placing a beacon on a hilltop.

Pulsars, rapidly rotating stellar remnants that emit regular bursts of energy in the radio and X-ray frequencies, are informational in nature, often provoking media attention or newsworthy events.  They can provide “body knowledge,” a sense of “just knowing” a thing to be true which wells up into consciousness from a cellular level.

Put it all together, and you’ve got a formula for some cosmic fireworks.  Add Pluto with the Moon at 4 Capricorn, just shy of the 5 Cap Black Hole, and Mercury at 2 Cancer with the Sun, both within the grip of the Black Hole at 4 Cancer, and the picture gains some clarity.  Add Uranus at 0 Aries and Jupiter at 2 Aries, both conjunct the 3 Aries Pulsar and squared the eclipse, and there’s even more substance to the image.

The Moon with Pluto and the Galactic Grand Cross has a positive and a negative message to convey. On the plus side, Moon/Pulsar is incredibly intuitive, has its finger on the pulse of the possible, and with the Black Hole giving access to the potential realms in parallel universes and alternate dimensions, it’s within your grasp now to transform (Pluto) your reality, enacting a new one and grounding it here (Quasar), breaking free of the habitual conditioning of the past (Moon).  Go with your gut, and with Jupiter in the mix, think big, expansive thoughts; the Black Holes say that anything is possible, so you may as well dream big. Uranus urges us to envision a more enlightened future, using the technological marvels at our disposal to refocus our life energy (Sun) and establish plans and procedures (Mercury) to achieve success (Quasar).

But there’s a potential downside as well. Mercury opposed Pluto can seem hopeless, helpless, our thoughts (Mercury) too dark to allow of the possibility of freeing ourselves (Uranus) from the emotional morass (Moon/Pluto) we seem to be stuck in.  The Black Hole here can make it difficult to convey our message, even if we see the silver lining in the clouds that lower.  In thinking too much of ourselves (Sun) we can become stuck in old patterns (Moon) and outdated assumptions or life scripts (Jupiter), not allowing ourselves to shine (Quasar), hiding our light under a bushel.  It’s in focusing on others, and how we may be an aid or catalyst (Pluto) to their development, making connections and networking (Quasar), sharing ideas (Mercury), theorizing (Jupiter) about a more expansive, collectively beneficial future (Uranus), that we can truly transform our reality (Black Hole) and find the security and comfort (Moon) we crave.

Emotions are likely to be in particular flux at this time, with moods swinging rapidly and running the gamut from A to Z in the blink of an eye.  Pay special attention to dream images and impressions, as these can provide vital clues to future action or resolution of prior conflicts.  Thoughts, too, can be unstable, even chaotic, but Mercury with a Black Hole also grants a highly creative perspective, with heretofore unconsidered solutions to age-old problems presenting themselves.

Nationally, with the eclipsed Moon and Pluto opposed the US Venus/Jupiter combination at 3 and 5 Cancer, it’s time to face our propensity to over-spend, over-extend ourselves financially, and pass the fiscal buck.  It can’t go on forever, and Pluto’s recent focus on overhauling our monetary structures is about to be joined by some serious shocks to the system provided courtesy of Uranus in square to Venus/Jupiter next year, and the hard times and deprivation likely brought on by Saturn’s upcoming square late this summer. This Lunar Eclipse may be yet another warning shot over the bow of the US financial industry; expect further upsets and volatility in these markets over the next few months, with Black Hole instability guaranteeing some heart-stopping thrill rides like the infamous “Flash Crash” of May.

Probably the most potent fact about Black Holes is their unpredictability - but whatever they bring, you can be sure it will be record-breaking, sensational, and sweeping. If you have natal placements between about 0 and 8 degrees of Cardinal Signs, this eclipse is especially focused on you, but regardless, we all have to deal with the fallout. And with the Galactic Grand Cross activated, that could be considerable.

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  1. Thanks Alex. It is interesting to consider some of these more esoteric "objects" that are not talked about often, and yet very likely pack more of a punch than many of the others!