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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Saturn Crossing

A photographic mosaic of Saturn from Cassini photos taken during December 2012
(photo credit: NASA, JPL, Caltech Space Science Institute)

Between November 12th and 20th, Saturn will be at 15 degrees of Scorpio. The degree 15 Scorpio is known to be…well…let’s just say one line of thinking describes it as ‘an under-developed Scorpio degree’…which when you’re talking Scorpio amounts to a degree which picks up more on the instinctive than the thoughtful and more on the survivalist notion than any sort of aware form of endurance where whatever happens becomes a basis for insight and new, ever more constructive plans.

Then again, this is a degree which ‘detaches.’ And that is a useful idea to contemplate as we also consider that 15 Scorpio is one of the zodiac’s cross quarter degree.

The first half of any of the four zodiacal quadrants is about learning and all that we experience while being in ‘learning mode.’ Then comes the second half of the quarter – the putting what you’ve learned into action, seeing what you’ve learned and dealing with taking on learning to master what you’ve learned.

Another part of this first/second half of the quadrant thing seems to be about whether we like or even still believe what we started out thinking. For instance..the second quadrant of the zodiac (the lower right hand quadrant natively ‘colored’ by the dynamics of Cancer, Leo and Virgo) is all about learning to interact…and learning how to interact. The time period which ‘lays down’ the general thinking/patterning for this quadrant being between ages 7 1/2 and 14 (this coming from a variation on the Greek teaching of Profection, in case you’re wondering) describes this as a time which gears us up to make friends…and which then confronts us with the (Cancerian/4th house) emotional challenges of having and being a friend.

In short, by the time we have matriculated our little person selves from 7 1/2 to 14 we will probably have a very different idea about what relationships are as compared to that we came in with as the ‘magical thinking’ of childhood melted away around age 7 and we took on realizing that we exist in this world as individuals.

Okay…so Saturn entered Libra (the first sign of three in the 3rd quadrant) back in late 2009. And ever since then, we have all been going through a whole lot of experiences, searches seeking opportunities and (in general) lessons and growth which could roundly be associated with the zodiac’s 3rd quadrant – the quadrant natively inhabited (“colored”) by the signs Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. The age period implied here (which ‘patterns’ this period) is our middle-teen period: roughly ages 14 through 21, and if you recognize that as a rough time in human growth as a whole, then you recognize why the signs and houses of the 3rd quadrant have such a wily reputation. And yes, by the time Saturn reaches the end of Sagittarius (in 2017) we will, one and all of us, like as not have a whole different opinion of what it takes to make things happen in this world…and what it means to stand as an individual amidst other individuals, making, supporting and reaping the rewards (or earning debts) depending on which alliances we make.

As with much else, we tend to come into the 3rd quadrant focused on the goal, and only along the way realize that it’s the composition of the journey which counts. And since the 3rd quadrant faces the 1st quadrant (across the wheel of the horoscope) that means what is being ‘drawn’ on and what is being challenged, critiqued or otherwise tested is our (Aries) sense of self…our (Taurus) security OF self…and our (Gemini) willingness and ability to think things through, make choices and then either follow through or learn differently (and make/remake our choices) so that in time, we get where we need to go – as a person, that is.

The temptation of the 3rd quadrant is to de-emphasize the human in favor of that which society recognizes. Success is framed as finding those avenues of expression which are true and which truly express who you are.

And 15 Scorpio divides this pack.

In crossing 15 Scorpio, Saturn is timing out the separation between a period of trying things out and one when we more or less play ‘for real.’ Over the past few years our choices may have worked well or worked not so well, but for a lot of us (this being where individual charts would register or not register) have not really had our own lives altered or marred or challenged by choices which didn’t pan out.

But from now until 2017 when Saturn leaves this quadrant, things are going to change. The change will be subtle but real – and worth thinking about now and again. There’s been a marked sort of ‘Teflon’ quality to mistakes being made during the past couple of years – have you noticed? A lot of people who you could have sworn should have paid a ‘bigger price’ for something simply haven’t. Or maybe you’ve noticed how you can hold yourself to every best standard in the world (or to not a single standard) and sometimes it all sort of comes out in the wash?

If we take this concept out into the greater realm of metaphysical theory, being that this shift is (at some level) about the difference between learning and applying/trying out what we've learned (or even decided in spite of evidence to the opposite!)...this is an exhalation against the inhalation of learning. This is the testing of your foothold (what you think you know) as opposed to putting your full weight on a decision or directive drawn in nearby sand. 

Saturn shifts equate to slow growth - and the enduring achievement which long-term, attentive dedication to some cause earns us in return. In Scorpio, Saturn is at some level about all those things we can't 'build' into our life but which change us through our assimilating some quality thereof...or the more 'wholesale' being reoriented by...all of which we encounter, assess, develop opinions of - and yet feel drawn to learning from (or exploring more of) despite any previous plan.

Scorpio distracts. Whether it distracts us onto a better route with greater potential reached via more challenging growth or lesser returns courtesy of the benefits of an easier passage - that's mostly about where our native Saturn is positioned and where Scorpio falls in our chart.

At their best, this pairing keeps us directed - if hopefully not so stringently that we end up being deprived of 'special' treasures we find along the way.

(And yes, if they're so special, maybe we'll have to make a Saturn/effort to keep them included in our life, yes.)

Saturn’s rulership of Capricorn and that Capricorn is the first sign of the next quadrant implies that this is such a critical growth period and who we ally ourselves with is now sufficiently important that…well, life is going to do whatever life has to do in order to get us to pay attention to what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and who we’re doing it with.

All that begins shifting…now. The actual passage of Saturn through 15 Scorpio may or may not get your attention. What follows, however? That’s likely to affect you not only from now until 2017 (when Saturn leaves the zodiac’s 3rd quadrant) but in the period of 2017–2019 during Saturn’s transit of Capricorn.

And that brings up karma. We all know that Scorpio is the sign of karma, and the 3rd derivation – the communication or thought associated with Scorpio is a 3rd harmonic function. That third sign IS Capricorn. And Saturn does rule Capricorn, a sign known for upholding structures and structures which either hold us up…or, as in the case of the criminal courts, simply hold onto us… that’s where the legendary toughness of Scorpio decisions come from. That’s where we get the image of Scorpio as a sign which decides once and baby, that’s it!

This is also where we can understand – with some pretty darn good clarity – why the best Scorpio decisions and alliances are made through calm and considered choice, not passion, bias or manipulation.

Saturn pushing through 15 Scorpio may well expose some of our errors or reveal ‘flickers’ of things which are not so very good. You may well be tempted – especially given that there will be much going on and we’re all somewhat still beleaguered from the whole Scorpio eclipse thing – you may be tempted to see the ugly and simply ignore it.


That which we do not correct now we carry with us.

I know that sounds trite…and like some truly moronic statement which should merit nothing more than a giant “DUH!”…but what I’m referring to now is karma.

We are moving through one of our own…well, call it a karmic checkpoint. That we let go of or fix, or even begin to let go of or begin to fix over these next few days we will surely work through and add to a list of accomplishments which not only back us up but support us through the next couple of years.

That we shun dealing with, are overly afraid of or which we allow ourselves to be so ‘wearied by’ that we don’t get to them…? Those are the things and the qualities which will trip us up over the next few years. The names may change. The locations will certainly change, no question. But the themes…?

Those are likely to remain constant, as what we are doing for the next few years is learning and growing through what amount to ‘remnants’ of that which we haven’t dealt with in this past couple of years.

In day-to-day terms, Saturn moving through 15 Scorpio brings an aura of ‘what needs to be done’ interspersed with moments of laughter and lightheartedness. Given that same set of days (November 15-20) will also play host to the Leonid meteor shower its likely to be a lively time, if nothing else.

Then there’s Vesta. Asteroid Vesta – the energetic of paying the cost to do what’s important to you (and/or promised) against the actual cost of doing what’s important to you (and keeping promises) – is moving into Libra at 12:42 p.m. on November 15th. (Yes, just in time to inaugurate this entire party.)

For the past couple of months, Vesta has been in Virgo, giving us to know what the ‘cost’ of responsibility and irresponsibility is…what the cost of feeling is, and what it can cost us when we’re unfeeling. Or when we just feel our own feelings and don’t bother remembering that we’re not the only human on the planet.

Now Vesta is going to move into Libra. Ordinarily I would just make mention here of how we’re all about to find out what our relationships are worth to us. And aren’t worth to us. And what they cost us by our being in them. And (of course!) what we ‘cost’ ourselves by not being in relationships which are truly ‘right’ for us, never mind what others say.

Ordinarily I would just say that and move on to other matters. But in THIS case…since Saturn is making its move at the very same time Vesta is making its move…and all that is happening as we move into and through the latest meteor shower….

Let’s just say this much: if it occurs to you that you need to cover your bases, cover them. If you realize that you’re not really ‘in the right crowd’ or that there are work people, play people and companions in life (or whatever list you want to work up for this occasion)…then deal with it. Put out an email or two. Make a call. Go do that coffee or grabbing a quick bite.

You remember that old saying ‘Make Love, Not War’? At the moment, the real question strikes me as being more about whether we even yet know what love is – especially when it comes to loving our Self and appreciating our Self for all the good, all the frailties, all the strengths and all our innocence.

I’m also pretty sure we’re about to get an extended set of lessons, lectures and situational quizzes on the subject.

Which begs the question…do you know where your celestial #2 pencil is?

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