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Friday, November 15, 2013

Enlightened by Taurus Need (The Taurus Full Moon)

Though we like to think of the ‘full light’ of the Full Moon as an indication of emotional peaks and happy times, the astrometaphysical of lunar energetics is more about the process of life than about the nature of any event. That’s why the Moon’s phases matter. The evolution of lunar phases is akin to the same ‘phase process’ which is repeated throughout life. Or, more to the point of astrology…how life will proceed as a series of phases which describes a completed cycle.

Or a life(span).

Then we have a Full Moon – like the Moon we of Planet Earth will be being grace with this November 17th (at 3:17 p.m. UT/+0 time). Given that the degree of this Full Moon is 25 Taurus that which is being fulfilled or where our fulfillment is being derived from is a ‘group thing’ – which is to say, we are either fulfilling our needs through others or trying to find where in this big Other World the right ‘other’ for us really is.

Or maybe you’re on the other side of this third decanate coin…maybe for you, a Full Moon is about the ‘answer’ to your quest arriving in your mental ‘in’ basket. Or physical mail box. Or wherever…in which case you are now receiving the ‘effect’ which goes with what ever causal energy or choice you put out there just lately.

And that last – the ‘just lately’ part? That’s important too. While a Full Moon can represent an important moment (a birthday, perhaps – or even a proposal of marriage), because the Full Moon…any “regular” Full Moon…is just the indicator of a ‘phase,’ they don’t tend to be associated with “putting things in cement,” as some put it. In other words, let’s say you get proposed to…or you propose to someone at a Full Moon. That’s a big step in life, to be sure. But between that moment and the wedding is a lot of stuff and a lot of work. And the actual marriage being proposed? That’s a lot of work too.

In other words, the moment of a Full Moon (that evening, afternoon, day, etc.) may be very fulfilling. But the astro-symbolism of the astrological Moon is always about ‘a moment’ and always implies more needs to be done…and is now available for doing.

As for the lore on 25 Taurus, the Sabian for this degree is A SPANISH GALLANT SERENADES HIS BELOVED, with which we get the keynote “the ritualization of individual desires.” Either way, this is an earth sign degree which has some decidedly fire sign colorations as the moment (the ‘serenade’) is lovely, but the fact that the gallant is still serenading and has not yet ‘won’ fair heart of divine maiden suggests all is not settled, all is not done, all is not assured, all is not yet accomplished.

And who knows…maybe this is not the Gallant’s heart’s desire.

What I’m saying here is that this is a degree which is likely to denote either a ‘state of search’ or the participation in or attendance of some sort of group function which we are hoping will fulfill some need or desire.

Ultimately, Taurus is about the search for satisfaction with Self…that state where we’re content being who we are. Said to be about the development of self worth and the harnessing of abilities with which we go and do or acquire that which will help us feel satisfied, Taurus is about how (or whether) we interact with others and this world in a productive enough manner to – in essence – serenade ourselves. Our object is to both acquire that which we need and establish relationships between ourselves and others (the famous Taurus/Scorpio polarity) and to earn safety (safe passage, a safe amount of resources, etc.) THROUGH the bond(s ) we establish with others and how we perform vis-à-vis those relationships.

A note here I can attest to: if some major point in your chart (your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Descendant, nodal axis, horizontal or vertical chart axis) was conjuncted, squared or opposed by November 3rd’s Scorpio solar eclipse, you may still be in flux. In the aftermath of the eclipse (i.e., now that I’m getting reports on how it has functioned in people’s lives) it is also becoming apparent that for whatever reason, this is an eclipse which is leaving a lot of people ‘alone’ with some difficulty they have to contend with.

In other words, this Scorpio eclipse…it may ‘just’ be the center of an eclipse series. 

(“Just” is a lousy word to use around eclipses, but I can’t think of anything else at the moment.)

Still…it would seem to be a time when none of us are yet sure – about ourselves, our lives, each other – the whole kit and caboodle. 25 Taurus images this by being a degree where our feelings of ‘differentness’ surface, and though probably best referenced (in the texts I have) as a mentally-oriented degree, since Taurus is an earthy and tangible sign, it would seem totally likely that what we do we do either mentally or physically.

And what are we doing? Retreating. We either have, or we are – or maybe both from different things. Or mentally here, physically retreating there.

It just depends.

Yet it’s the WHY here which seems to divide us – not ‘good’ from ‘bad,’ but productive from unproductive…by which I mean the ‘why we retreat.’ If we do it to avoid, then things would seem to be against us. If we do it in order to better provide and perform in relationship with others and our world, then we gain ground.

And yes, we may each do a bit of each….which suggests that this Full Moon may be a bit of an up-and-down sort of time. Full Moons are known for ‘highlighting’ things and bringing emotions to  foaming peaks.

How you peak however…well, that’s up to you. With the Scorpio eclipse barely behind us there is likely to be some degree of needing to improve, rebuild, purify emotional ground. If those I don’t know who read this blog have been having a time anything like that being experienced by those I do know who read this blog…well, gosh.

Things have been trying, rough, ridiculous, painful and entirely unavoidable for reasons we probably yet don’t understand the half of.

That really is one of the mysteries of time…of life…and thus part of what makes being alive interesting. We surely all have those times when we think ‘really? maybe I can go on – but do I want to?’

It’s just human. And the more trouble we have with the feeling part of being human, the more such periods as that we are passing through are going to trouble us.

We think it’s about ‘them’ (or ‘that’).

It isn’t though – it’s about us. Each and every prickly pear one of us.

Separately. And only to the degree that we put our Self together will we be able to join with anyone else for any reason of any kind.

And those we will attach ourselves to will – for their own individual reasons – be at the same “degree” of Self fulfillment as we are. Magically and ‘for better or for worse’ (as they say) such people will be constructed to evoke our every painful nuance, as that’s what life still wants us to grow through.

We tend to think of ourselves in terms of our strengths. When someone asks us about our life, a huge majority of us ID ourselves with our career. You know, as if the career defines us instead of our defining our career by what we can bring to it as an individual…

What we can give to others of that which is worth something to us…and worthy of us…

…and for that Taurean fulfillment be received and connected to through the self-frightening auspices of a Scorpio gateway opening before us.

When we can remember to trust ourselves instead of trying to trust that ‘thing’…that ‘other’…when we navigate based on our truest human knowing, then we stand to find our inner Taurus grace -

- the grace of knowing you are doing what you are doing and that we all need to make mistakes with others in order to learn what we don’t know yet about our Selves.

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