by Boots Hart, CAP

Thursday, November 28, 2013

R.I.P. Comet ISON

Imaged by the SOHO space observatory, Comet ISON heads towards the Sun,
an encounter which was timed to 1:45 am (ET) on November 28 2013

Comet ISON has not survived its encounter with the Sun.

Links with amazingly clear motion images of ISON diving into the Sun are posted at on the page for November 28, 2013.

Metaphysically, this event suggests our having absorbed what we needed to 'see' (literally or otherwise). Or maybe we've dismissed, destroyed, or otherwise 'eaten up' that which was presented to us.

(And yes, for Americans that may have started with a Thanksgiving feast - as for Jews it may have been about the heart-warming qualities of Hanukkah - though either way there's probably more to it.)

Here's the chart (an Aries wheel, and thus not location specific) of the event as calculated for 1:45 (ET) on November 28, 2013...

The Sun is at 6 Sagittarius, a degree which centers in the identity of service. There is a great sense of existing for the benefit of the group which comes with 6 Sagittarius - a quality which is interestingly paired with a Sabian Symbol reading 'CUPID KNOCKS AT THE DOOR OF A HUMAN HEART.'

6 Sagittarius asks us to understand that what we do for ourselves...especially purely for ourselves eventually comes to nothing. 'Cupid' knocking at the door of our heart is a request that we allow ourselves to apply the substantial mental resources promised by 6 Sagittarius to the whole of our life - and to have a life which fits what we can do for others, not merely for our own pleasures.

What this means to you in your life of course, is highly individual. An astrologer would read this in terms of what house 6 Sagittarius falls in and what sort of relationship your chart says you have with your natal Jupiter (...if I may be allowed to say something so bold in public, of course!)

But you know where you are, right? So you know what's been on and in your mind. You know where in your life you've been trying to 'gain ground' or move forward and what the issues have been there.

ISON is just bringing home a 'quality' which like as not rings through a great deal of that. Like all astrological moments, ISON's diving into the Sun isn't the do-all, be-all answer to anything.

It's just a facet of a much greater story. You know - the story of Life. (And yes for you, Your Life in particular.)

Another (earlier) shot of Comet ISON made by SOHO showing the breath of the solar wind. (photo credit: SOHO,, November 28, 2013, 8:07a.m./ET)

But everything - from soup to nuts to planet to existing in a soup bowl of time ladled from some endless vat...?

That also is involved. And that this moment has happened not in sync with an event to cause any one of us to stop and reflect - but in sync with events which have caused entire cultures and nations to stop?

That's straight-forward metaphysics.

And for once, fairly straight-forward metaphysics at that.



  1. By now, surely you have seen the new headline on "Comet ISON Lives! I'm using the free Comet Watch app on my iPhone, it has a cool "augmented reality" feature, you can hold it up in the sky and the GPS and compass will align the screen with the sky, you can just scan around until you find the comet track. Of course right now, that will just get you looking straight into the sun. But we shall see what happens in December. It still might be a big thing. The Comet Watch app will send me an alert if it becomes a big thing.

    1. Hi Charles....yes - ruefully I admit that this is one of those moments when living on the west coast (and staying up until 2am) did me no favors as I got up to the news and brought the posted commentary up to date. (Sleep is sometimes such a pesky thing, y'know?) I appreciate your typing out the sky parameters for those who read the blog and skywatch..

      Through this week it has become increasingly apparent to me why so few astrologers try to write on a daily basis following hot science trends. On the other hand, I still think it's a pretty interesting thing to do if you have the mental circuitry and inclination to do it.


    2. I was thinking, this is why astronomers stay up all night looking at the stars. But then I realized this is solar astronomy, for now. LOL.

      I think the astronomers mislead everyone, probably unintentionally. When the SOHO animations of ISON going into the Sun were posted, and everyone was saying it burned up, I swore I could see a little puff of ISON coming out the other side, right where they said it would be.