by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, November 1, 2013

Dateblog: November 2013

November starts with Saturn, the Sun and Mercury all in Scorpio, with Mercury retrograde….and the big clue to all is that Mercury will not be going direct until November 10th, meaning it will be retrograde when the November 3rd Solar Eclipse happens.

If nothing else, this is a sign that this particular solar eclipse is greatly (read: vastly) about how we operate on the inside. Things which happen to us, situations we have managed to put ourselves into – wherever they are producing stress, strain or untoward emotionality (of either the plus OR minus type)…that’s where we should be asking ourselves whether we are being truly realistic about who we are and what shape our personal self worth is in.

This is one of those times when anything we are in denial about…or things which we don’t want to deal with (but really need to deal with) are likely to either cause problems – or cause us to put our Self into some really ‘deep water’ situation which is going to compromise our ability to move forward in our life as we might have wanted to.

There is likely to be a huge amount of free-floating ‘fear energy’ wandering around. Some you should care about, some you should be smart enough to recognize and avoid. The only risks which are advisable as November starts out are those which are based on facts – preferably intellectual facts and thus which are simply about doing that which is known.

It’s the unknowns…that which we are thinking of as ‘possible’…the thing which we crave but which is all about taking a risk our psyche (or other body part) can’t “afford to pay for” which is what’s likely to get us.

That Ceres – a major asteroid – enters Libra about an hour after the eclipse strongly suggests that once our ‘old ways’ and the emotionally non-functional is cleared out of our way we are free to make new plans and new alliances. For those who have used the whole of the eclipse lead-in to get to the root of some issue which is not yet cleared out, this is also a good time to lay groundwork and investigate how to move forward with doing that clearing out or ‘detoxifying’ of that which is so problematic.

As of November 5th, Venus will move into Capricorn – and this is worth noting because Venus is going to go retrograde in Capricorn come mid-late December (think: Christmas). Considering Capricorn is the third sign (3rd harmonic) from Scorpio, this lends credence to the idea of making plans on how to move ahead – if slowly. Don’t plan on anything happening lickety-split and look more to intrinsic quality than alluring ‘qualities.’

Think of it this way: the book cover counts. But if the book isn’t any good, not even the glossiest cover is going to get you to the best seller’s list!

Venus’ shift into Capricorn happens just as the ‘window’ for Jupiter’s station-retrograde begins. That happens on November 7th – a sure sign that we all have enough on our plate for the moment. That Pallas (dispassionate wisdom) moves into Virgo on the 9th – the other end of the Jupiter station gives us a set of earth-sign “bookends” to this Cancerian Jupiter station, which means some people will be battening down the hatches, some will be clearing out the mental (or life) garage and some of us will simply know where we’re going. Whatever is afoot, it has to be workable if it’s going to work.

And let’s be real here…considering that we just had a solar eclipse in Scorpio, with the ‘choice of personal investment ruler of Scorpio (Mars) in Virgo and the ‘outcome’ ruler of Scorpio (Pluto) in Capricorn, we have a perfect mirror of ‘factoring factors’ surrounding this Jupiter station. Stability is only as good (or as lasting) as we are foundationally. That’s the crux of Jupiter in Cancer – it’s about foundations. Wherever Cancer is in your chart and wherever the Moon (as ruler of Cancer) is in your chart, the good or bad, the easy or difficult of this time is all about how well you deal with those factors.

Mercury goes direct at 2 Scorpio on the 10th, pushing us to deal with our issues and with whatever may be bollixed up at this point…and there are likely to be a few days of confusion or not knowing as we move through the period of November 11th through the 15th which surrounds Neptune station-direct moment on the 13th.

Considering Neptune’s station ends in the onset of the Leonid meteor shower (a brief if interesting period of possible ‘sparking’ of ideas and realizations) with Vesta entering Libra on the 15th and a Full Moon in Taurus occurring on the 17th, this is a really good time to be dealing with matters which pertain to security.

For some of us, that will be securing something or getting it done. For others, this will be a time of working through our insecurities in order to learn the truth of how things work and that we can actually deal with something we were thinking was just ‘too hard’ for us. There will be a few folks who think they’ve ‘gotten past’ (ignored, evaded, successfully denied) the warnings portrayed by the solar eclipse who will come crashing down to earth at this Full Moon, but for most of us this will be an ‘interim capitalization point’ on something which is already in process…and considering this Full Moon is in Taurus, we hope that results are satisfactory.

Those which are will be very satisfying indeed. Those which aren’t will lead to a bit of frustration and then (hopefully) the resolution to try, try again as Chiron goes direct on the 19th (which means its station-direct influences begin on the date of the Full Moon).

But let’s be pragmatic about this: where Chiron is concerned we have to ‘master’ our emotionality and get that hooked into trying – and whatever it is we’re trying to achieve, it’s not going to be anything we feel we’re all that good at.

Still, we only win through by trying. And that’s part of the Chiron message: we can’t always know how to do something before we attempt it. Some things can only be learned…and mastered…and appreciated…through the doing of them.

Chiron’s station (which is in Pisces, guaranteeing emotionality of some sort, even if it’s denied emotionality) ends on the 21st – a day before the Sun enters Sagittarius.

And interestingly enough….that’s pretty much the last astrological announcement for the month. So everything which has happened during November leads into this 21st-through-the-30th period of finding out how well things work…or don’t work…and learning better in the process.

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