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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mercury-North Node at 7 Scorpio

Venus over Otter Lake from Goddard Bay by Darren Baker

A ‘heads up’ in case you care...planet Mercury (that scamp) is going to be exactly conjunct that lunar North Node which none of us seem to take so kindly to as of November 3 at 1:51 in the morning UT/+0 time.

Which would put it just some hours before the eclipse. Sounds like confluence…and yet, I’m never sure whether to be gleefully fascinated or frightened as all get-out when I see one of these harmonic notices scribbled across maps of our heavens.

Leaving that to be what it is, Mercury (which if you remember is in retrograde) will remain in its 7 degrees of Scorpio through the whole of November 3rd (UT/+0) eking backwards into 6 Scorpio at about half-past nine in the evening. (Yes, that means 9:30-ish in the UT/+0 zone.)

The degree 7 Scorpio is a degree of enduring, almost imperceptible motion capable of changing entire landscapes, natural or social. There is a deceptive sheen to all things 7 Scorpio, the most common illustration of which is the astounding task which in the hands of a Master somehow looks so simple that…well! Surely anyone can do that, right?


There is a huge positive and equal negative to this degree – as there are to most things astrological. And yes, there are often four (one per element) degrees which embody various concepts like ‘as much good as bad.’ So 7 Scorpio is just one of those degrees.

Except that it’s the ‘as much good as bad’ as experienced in the water (read: emotion) department.
And this is Scorpio we’re talking about.

The Nodes always represent relationships. So the energetic of November 3rd is greatly about Mercury (communication, information, ideas) as being experienced or thought about in conjunction with relationships. That would be relationships personal, relationships business, relationships philosophical – all of it.

Indeed, this is a busy time – and convoluted or complicated where not exactly busy. But that’s not the heart and soul to Mercury-North Node, and certainly not with Mercury retrograde.

Not to mention all of this happening not just days before an eclipse, but where the eclipse is going to hit. (Within conjunction distance, anyway.)

At its best, this is a revelation – the flowering of some understanding as if by epiphany.

At it’s worst, this is the realization that things just made known are not in your favor.

These effects will be more or less apparent depending on how your chart answers to the degree 7 Scorpio with the essence of this moment being Mercurial: a matter of thought, ideas or about the quality, frequency or context of communication.

With this comes the North Node, the relationship marker which is about what we should do…as opposed to what we might like to do, find comfortable to do, find easy or even personally feasible to do. The premise of the North Node has, no doubt, given rise to many a questing tale where some hero undertakes the job no one else wants to do. Or the job they don’t think can even be done.

And that’s the thing about the North Node which may come to us today in whatever form or format: the North Node asks that we try…despite what others say, despite what we ‘know,’ despite any misgiving we may have.

But when you combine this idea with an eclipse…? The solar eclipse is its own emblem in its own right, and it has an intrinsic meaning. To add a North Node-Mercury conjunction is that is to add a sincere commentary that it is through our relationships and how we relate to our world…the way we see things or communicate / don’t communicate who we are to others or communicate with others or hear what they actually say as opposed to what we want to hear.

Having to hear is one very true Mercury-North Node concept. And yet…when we get to a situation of necessity, that begs us to ask whether this is simply ‘new news’ or whether we’ve been reluctant to hear others…or that niggling little voice inside…or our better sense…in making our changes.

One, this conjunction says, must be worthy of the other. To evolve apart from our world is no better than being a slave to its unfeeling ministrations. If all the many intense Scorpionic tests are imbedded in this conjunction – even just for the day – then the question becomes whether we are willing to understand that people come to us and become part of our lives to enhance that life not through agreeing with us, but by getting us to think and test our own boundaries…particularly those we accept as ‘good enough’ when we know we can do – and be better.

The Mercurial touch here (of course!) is likely to be of the self-revelation type since Mercury is in retrograde. So this is about understanding something beyond all else. Something we learn through interactions. Or about relationships or a particular relationship. This is about what we didn't want to know or see about ourselves.

Retrograde, remember? This Mercury/North Node is not about "them" - it's about each and every one of us and what we experience because we know them, or through direction interaction with them.

Scorpio is, among other things, the zodiacal land of tough love. Under a heavy Scorpio influence, it's hard just 'to love' freely and openly. Scorpio is the sign of passion yes - but it's also the sign of heartache and heartbreak unintended and otherwise.

With Scorpio, there's always something. If you have a planet in Scorpio you know that it represents an area which for you oozes drama. Even when you try to ignore that subject the ignoring becomes an issue.

With Scorpio, something always makes the thing downright complicated. Right people aren't right, right activities don't feel like we imagine they should, the very thing yearned for so often feels unrewarding.

It is ours to listen...and hear through the veil, through the permeable barrier of dimensionality to that place where we instinctively comprehend the very thing which seems so hard and the sense of its existence.

Scorpio is the essence of the medicine tasting bad. And with Scorpio here expressed through what we think of our relationships, our ability to relate and how well we even relate to our thoughts (or whether our thoughts have even the remotest bearing on reality) this is the Scorpio way. Once we get past thinking of the Scorpio thing not as That Which Is To Be Avoided but rather That Which Can Be Learned From (or About), then we make progress.

No, we won't always think those 'Scorpio Things' are 'right.' But whether they're right or wrong, learning about what they are and understanding from that why they work well for us...or maybe even why we continue doing things which don't work but rather alienate us from others is a way forward now. Maybe we don't like someone. Okay - why? Do they remind you of someone you knew and didn't like? Do they embody something you wish you were doing in your own life? And you don't want to deal with the reality of why you would rather do anything rather than go after what you really want because your real goals would ask you to step it up and take on new challenges?

Scorpio is many things to many people. At every level however, the test of Scorpio - here given to us mentally and experiential is meant to evoke an emotional response.

It's through our responses that we will now recognize what relationships really are. And aren't. And what really matters to us, whether or not somebody else approves of it or not. That is Scorpio's mission: through relationship to force us to identify who we are and get us to solidify our hold on ourselves through the process of being in the presence of others...or sometimes, a single Other.

It's not that easy. Scorpio is relating as medicine, a medication of our own making which hits us only in the guts that we know are most sensitive. Here applied through the nodal energetic which moves through our connections, our connective efforts and our connectivity of manifestation, who we are with and who we are to others...through what we are willing to hear or think or ignore, deny or accept...through all of this we will carve a path at its best will embrace us while liberating our insight through heartfelt and quixotic, challenged efforts, all of which force us to care, lest we lose ourselves altogether to some nebulous fear of being who we truly are.

Sometimes we only realize that through things which happen to others. Or what we feel helpless to respond to. 

We respond deeply to the blindness and hurts of those we love.

However we need to be 'gotten to' so that we will (Mercury) think about things we need to think about as part of the greater (solar eclipse) process of changing and being changed by things going on in our world...those are the things which are likely to happen now.

Or be somehow preoccupying your (Mercury) mind.

Or maybe you're thinking about (nodes) relationships more or differently in light of what you've (Mercury) learned about yourself, the way you think or communicate (or don't think or communicate!) with others...or something you've learned about yourself in relationship from someone else. Or from some other relationship.

Mercury/North Node: our relationship to the concepts which work for us in the long run.

Mercury/North Node in Scorpio: our relationship to whatever works for us in the long run either as experienced (and/or) learned through interactions with others.

Considering the solar eclipse...

Mercury/North Node in Scorpio as part of the solar eclipse complex: our emotionally challenging (even difficult) relationship to the concept that 'what works for us in the long run often requires difficult, even painful emotional self-confrontations as we struggle to achieve true autonomy and thus independent security (and a basis for further satisfaction) based on our most authentically individual other words, those capable of inspiring support through sheer honesty.'

It may not be achievable, but that would seem to be the theme here.

What can I tell you?

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