by Boots Hart, CAP

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Breathe the Scorpio

Baby star HH 46-37 blowing 2 bubble jets
(image courtesy of the Spitzer Space Telescope, NASA, JPL, 
Caltech, T Veusamy, November 2007)
Have you perhaps come by the blog and wondered when I was going to post again?

Or maybe…over the past day or so you’ve come to some degree of realization that being made to wait is perhaps the greatest essence of Scorpio manifestation?

Every person I know with a Scorpio anything (and yes, I’m on this list) goes through life either feeling pain or feeling pained by knowing pain exists just beyond….you know, there.

Waiting…the feeling the pain and the dreading of the moment when change comes upon you unexpectedly, all that is Scorpio.

So yes…sometimes in Scorpio terms…. sitting with the same information and just never thinking about moving on is the very thing through which you feel yourself testing your ability to resist against your ability to defend (your Self) first and last.

It is in feeling the surge, the concern, the weight of necessity or loss or the massive unknown…the fact that we’re meant to feel and how that has all sorts of implications…

That’s all simply the essence of Scorpio.

So yes, the blog will move on. But first, first we will pause here for yet a little while more...with the controlling thought of Scorpio capturing you at an ever deeper, ever tighter level of internal knowing.

Scorpio always fascinates. Starting out, we are  fascinated by the wonder of allure allied by sizzling cord to the risk and possibility, the danger and salvation we experience when we are helplessly enveloped by the depths of experiential emotion.

But then...after a time we finally learn that Scorpio's greatest glory is knowing that we can fall. We can afford to fall because we know we will survive. Maybe it won't be pretty. But maybe we won't be thinking about how pretty anything this once something of true life value rears its head.

Ultimately the spells we weave we are either entirely unaware of casting...or unable to escape from. We are spun by that which we spin in the hopes of never having to be spun. 

Let us pause. Let us be held just longer than we would like to be held where in the last few moments wondering turns to internal conflict as to the truth of this or that - the Scorpio of it all.

Let us want that which we know we should simply ask for. And when we don't ask, let us feel ourselves simmering in self-willed pain which we (no doubt!) will claim we had part in creating.

We are all fools. We are all brilliant, knowing fools when confronted by what we really are.

No wonder we all like Scorpio. It's not the good or bad or the doing against the stasis. Its the feeling alive in the moment when dread triggers an ecstatic angst of quivering insecurity.

In that moment, we are all Scorpio.

Feel its potency and breathe in the drama which Scorpio is...for it is upon you.

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