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Thursday, October 17, 2013

MakeMake in Libra

Ancestor Figure (moai kavakava) from Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
(On exhibition at LACMA - the Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

Just in case you haven’t figured out how it works yet, I’ll let you in on the skinny as to the why and why not of astrological chit-chatter about various points. It pretty much goes like this: the things we have a lot of research and data on, we talk about. The rest of the stuff…not so much.

Discovered on March 31, 2005 by the Palomar team of Craig Trujillo, David Rabinowitz and Michael Brown (of Caltech fame), MakeMake is a dwarf planet, which should put it on an astrological par with Pluto. And that it’s not is in part because there’s only so many astrologers doing collecting data…and let’s face it, there hasn’t been much time to collect that data in since 2005.

Personally, I also think that MakeMake is its own kind of TNO (Trans Neptunian Object) is part of the reason too. After all, it’s not a Plutino…which is to say, MakeMake’s orbit isn’t in any ‘mag res’ (magnetic resonance) relationship with Neptune. Objects like Pluto are...which explains to us why the association we have with dreams, illusions, fantasies, ideals and entertainment which so Neptunian evidently benefit from that association in that big blue Neptune passes its qualities along.

And if we can see how Neptune vibrations - the stuff which blurs the line between real and unreal - gives the Plutinos governed by Neptune all that great-or-terrifying Neptunian PR, then its easier to understand why MakeMake - a dwarf planet which doesn't have that Neptune attachment also lacks the Neptunian allure.

I tend to think of MakeMake as the startup of dwarf planets. I have faith it’s going to make a hit with us yet…but it hasn’t happened yet.

So far all we know is that MakeMake is named for a god who was part of the Easter Island culture. This god was the god of creating (as opposed to  Creation) and thus seems associated with an almost Venus-like ‘bringing things to be’ quality – except that it’s a TNO.

Venus is a personal planet. It is thus our personal attribute and part of our daily life. MakeMake? Not so much. MakeMake is a ‘way out there’ sort of object. 

Everything beyond Neptune (in a realm technically known as the Kuiper Belt which at some unknown reach becomes the Oort Belt) is not only subject to strange spelling, but being strange to us. It simply is. The ability to surprise us (for good or bad) is a quality we associate with all TNO objects - from the Eris, Sedna and Pluto end of things to the Deucalion, Makemake and Huya class of things. Beyond what we (Neptune) can know lies the realm of that we cannot predict with any clarity.

And that just drives people crazy. So though there's a mysteriously intriguing quality to Plutino types like Ixion and Pluto, there are also a whole slew of hot diggity objects out there which don't seem to fascinate us, but which represent the timing mechanisms by which we will learn lessons nonetheless.

That's the list which includes MakeMake.

So! To use the Sherlock Holmes deduction method as applied to astrology, if MakeMake is about creating or the thing which has been created, and MakeMake also resides in the Realm of the TNO, then MakeMake is about creating something unexpected or which affects us in some unanticipated manner, or having to deal with something which come to be which we don't have experience with, and therefore probably don't know how to deal with.

To say nothing of all that water. Easter Island is a dot of land way out in the middle of an ocean. With water being the medium of emotionality, that may mean that MakeMake moments leave us feeling isolated or 'stranded' in an ocean of emotions. Or maybe we're just 'awash' with feelings we've never felt before.

Then again, maybe MakeMake something has to get made which we have no idea what it would be like or how it would function.

Currently on its way back towards us from the zone where Sedna comes closest and Eris and comet Swiff-Tuttle (which brings us the Persied meteor shower) are at their greatest distance from the Sun, MakeMake is also another of the objects with an inclination of orbit (orbital tilt) which is decidedly “off the level” – at least of our world and the inner and ‘orderly’ section of our solar system is. (Not that things are so orderly here on Earth obviously…) That’s another indicator that like Pluto, MakeMake represents things which happen in a sort of ‘off the beaten track’ sort of way…which in ‘regular’ terms would suggest it pertains to things which are out of our norm…

…AND which are unexpected (that being the TNO part of the whole affair).

So what has that got to do with your personal pile of peanut brittle? Just this: as of this Sunday, October 20th, MakeMake is moving into Libra. Considering it has an orbital length of over 300 years, that’s means we’re both in for a lot of MakeMake in Libra…and that we’re now leaving a bunch of years of MakeMake being in Virgo.

Just talking through my (imaginary) astrolabe here, but this sort of bodes all sorts of things for relationships and how we relate…and new kinds of relationships, plus bringing things into being (or revealing them) within relationships.

That this is happening just as the Orionid Meteor Shower (which started on the 16th while I was busy lunar eclipsing) is reaching its peak AND Mercury goes on station seems auspicious.

Many new ideas...many sparks of thought...many realizations coming to light - an some of those have their seeds, their origination in acts and moments dated long, long ago.

We tend to think of Libra as the person we relate to. But it’s more about the functionality of relating and relationships. Libra is as much about the relationship as the person we relate to and with MakeMake moving into Libra a new relationship may present itself…or you may bring a new phase of relationship into being.

If so, if that happens now, it will present you with something new and totally unexpected – which should get you thinking a bit before doing whatever you do with regards to relationships, as they’re likely to come with a few truly shocking surprises.

Could this be good? Or is it necessarily or bad? 

That depends on where MakeMake falls in your chart natally…and where 0 Libra falls in your chart along with which cusp wears the Libra emblem (or whether it’s intercepted).

Detail of Ancestor Figure (moai kavakava) from Easter Island (Rapa Nui)
(On exhibition at LACMA - the Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

The challenge here is to remember that whatever happens in relationships and the process of relating now is about something new…your ability to deal with the new, create the new, tolerate the unfamiliar, step outside prescribed ‘boxes’…all that stuff. Through that, you will come to know more about your Self.

Or at least you should. Going forward, because Venus is about to enter Capricorn – the sign it will go retrograde in come December – because Venus rules Venus we are all of us on a path towards building in a worldly sense, but growing in an otherworldly sense.

Since ‘tis the season…(Halloween, I mean)…I’ll go ahead and ask whether any of this scares you.

If it does, deal with it and take it on anyway. Apparently you need to, she said, picking up a haunch of raw meat so as to go out and feed the griffins…and remember – the worst spell to be caught in is the one you didn’t mean to bring into being. But once they're there, you have to deal with them - and all which they mean to your ability to relate to life and how you go about relating to that which you have either directly created, or which your being-ness has caused to come into existence because after's meant to be part of your life.

Can you relate?

Do you relate?

Will you relate?

If you can't will soon.

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