by Boots Hart, CAP

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jupiter at 20 Cancer

A conjunction of Jupiter and Moon as photographed on December 31, 2008
(photo credit: Radoslaw Ziomber, Dec 2008)
Twenty Cancer is a defensive degree. It tends to go to any sort of length to defend one’s “home ground” literal, physical, spiritual, metaphysical or conceptual.

To make it all more trying…there isn’t even any really good explanation to go along with why such defensiveness is needed.

Well, give or take the Scorpio solar eclipse. Right now we’re all dealing with all those things which we don’t want to deal with. We’re going around defending our lifestyles, defending our right to be ignorant or to deny something is when it isn’t…and all that time, the real issue is about the need to face our Self.

That Self has something it needs us to understand. And that understanding has to do with What Is and what will be and become of our lives and in our life because What Is defines truth.

We don’t define truth. Truth is given to us and our truth is what we need to deal with.

Some of us will defend that truth. Some of us will try to defend some other truth we wish was our truth or which we wish we knew how to make into our truth, but the truth is something entirely different.

So I repeat: we will all feel defensive about something. And it will all come down to who we really are. You know…in truth, who we truly are.

(If you’ve followed this theorem, you’re going to love my epic fantasy. It’s pretty much four books worth of story guaranteed to turn your concept of what being means inside out.)

(I’ll let you know when it releases.)

The Sabian Symbol (speaking of artistic endeavors) for 20 Cancer is as follows: A FAMOUS SINGER IS PROVING HER VIRTUOSITY DURING AN OPERATIC PERFORMANCE. The keyword here is ‘The emotional reward accompanying cultural excellence’ which… considering all things is very much part of this defensiveness…and the fact that MakeMake has just moved into Libra and that Saturn is moving up to trine Jupiter's position just when it leaves 20 Cancer…it all would seem to feed into astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s opinion that 20 Cancer refers to THE PRICE OF SUCCESS.

Yes, there is a price to be paid for success. We tend to think it’s in the present, but it’s really the accumulation of things we have taken on and ‘paid’ with along the way.

Considering we’re heading into the Scorpio solar eclipse, especially with Mercury going into retrograde tomorrow (October 21st) …IN Scorpio…considering that Scorpio is among other things the sign of karma and the sign of debts (karmic…emotional…monetary) we all know…

…we all sense….

…that our debts – financial, physical and spiritual and the karma of our debts…is now coming due.

I’m not going to belabor this point. I am merely going to bring up what the facts are here and then tell you that as of the date when this post goes live, Jupiter will have moved into 20 Cancer in preparation for its station-retrograde moment on November 7th.

For some of us, we will experience a turning of the tide. For others, we will take a turn and deal with the tidal flux surging up from within. Saturn's influence as a growing essence as these days roll forward tells us that the reality of our existence cannot be subjugated to some reality you want to make into your Existence.

No, not by a long shot, though some of us will try. Escape from that which already exists is a famous human trick. It's just it never works.

Karma, karma, karma. The piper comes for the payment.

Jupiter going retrograde in but a few days gives us the opportunity…and let us note that this opportunity extends through the onset of Mercury retrograde and then through the moment of the Scorpio solar eclipse to where we will establish whether we are willing to grapple with what we are defensive of or about…or not.

This does not mean you are expected to ‘fix’ everything. What you are meant to do here is to deal with your denials…and the existence of ramifications or promises as yet un-kept or the karmic debts which you own in this life…or to another life, or at least on another plain of Existence.

You know, those ‘truths.’ What you learn now could save you – at least much trouble, and maybe something far beyond that.

But you do have to get past your own defensiveness. We all do, and it’s scary. Some of us deal with it reasonably, some of us freak out when we have to deal with it…yet ultimately we all want to know the same thing. We want to know there’s a safe path forward.

And yet ‘safe’ is a relative thing. We’re safer when we deal with the truth than when we deny it as that is our act of owning the energy and not being owned by it. Even the most terrible and terrifying of negatives can be utilized for a positive purpose – that is the universe’s promise.

But first we have to face that truth – whatever it is – which causes us to be so incredibly defensive.
Jupiter will go retrograde at 20 Cancer on the 7th of November. After that, it will remain in 20 Cancer from now (October 20th) through November 24th.

It is this astrologer’s suggestion that we all deal with those things we are dearly defensive about…and that we learn to bless that which leads us to where we can see our shadows, our fears, our darkest realities, for only through understanding our fears can we work with them…and ultimately come to serve our greater purpose, whatever that may be.

With familiarity,

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