by Boots Hart, CAP

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dateblog: December 2013

Last month’s diagram was very red. There was a lot of Scorpio energy in the works and that had us all involved in tests of our ability to negotiate emotional waters.

Or just negotiate, period – with ourselves, with others, with whatever life handed us. 

Looking at the personal planets (the first five columns from the left) December is pretty much about Sagittarius and Capricorn, though Mercury starts out in Scorpio (a sign that we’re still working through some emotional ‘value issues.’

There’s also Mars to think about: Mars starts the month in earthy Virgo – which against the Sagittarian Sun and Mercury in Scorpio is either high levels of motivation or fixation of focus…and maybe both.

And maybe positive…or maybe negative, depending.

The Sagittarian New Moon of December 3rd looks to be a bit like a starting gun: positioned at 10 Sagittarius it carries with it the standard New Moon ‘initiation’ energetic and in being at 10 degrees of a fire sign indicates fervency. Or maybe enthusiasm or excitement.

However…being that Mercury moves into Sagittarius on the 5th, the wise person will not leap off of any tall buildings without a parachute. Mercury is notorious for ‘overdoing’ when in Sagittarius and considering Venus’ lengthy transit of Capricorn the smart money is on not the thing which is necessarily practical in and of itself, but on taking a pragmatic course through these next few weeks in order to achieve the ends you want to achieve. Yes, there will be a bit of feeling out to do, and expectations now can be deadly. The smart money is on asking questions and doing some investigation before you make your bet on anything.

Orcus going retrograde on the 6th (the day after Mercury enters Sagittarius) also tells us we will be dealing with some things of consequence – or the consequences of something which has already happened. That Mars will enter Libra a day after Orcus’ station (and still affected by it), with the Geminid Meteor Shower covering December 7-16 this is an excellent time for seeking advice. Or for mending broken bridges and relationships gone awry.

It’s also a good time for learning new things.

In comparison with November, December is downright quiet – but not to worry…we will have some fireworks during the December 15-19 period marking Uranus station-direct (at 8 Aries) on the 17th on the same day as a Full Moon at 28 Gemini, conjunct Betelgeuse. If you have been working towards something, now fruition occurs. (No guarantee is issued here on whether you’ll like the results, however!) If you have been hoping to work something out or make some deal, this could be a breakthrough moment. It can also represent when you finally ‘get’ something and the light bulb goes on, illuminating your forward path and successes yet to come.

Uranus is all about ‘breaking through’ our barriers. They can be internal, they can be external. Especially with Uranus positioned in a first decanate degree (first decan = degrees 0 through 9 of any sign) something you do can make a difference…and heaven forbid you don’t do something you should, as that will bring the energy in upon you.

As we say in metaphysics….Use the energy wisely, lest it use you unwisely.

That Venus will go retrograde on the same day that the Sun hits its solstice point and enters Capricorn (that being December 21st) makes the entire period of December 19th through the 23rd somewhat harried. Priorities and pragmatism now count for a lot – and they count even more once Mercury joins the Capricorn parade on December 24th.

Venus retrograde is notoriously a pretty trying time. All the responses we want from others, all the approval we get…none of it quite hits the spot. That’s because this Venus retrograde – especially positioned as it is in Capricorn, is all about living up to our standards and learning how being to stand on our own and for our individuality garners respect. 

From that respect – in time – will come the results we deserve. But first we have to earn them. 

The last note for December is TNO Logos (logic or logistics; unadulterated facts) and dwarf planet MakeMake going retrograde on the same date – that being December 31st (UT/+0), which may of course already be January 1st in the eastern (Oriental, Australian, New Zealand, etc.) time zones.

MakeMake is about bringing things to be or into being, or things coming to be whether we work to create them or not. This is a relatively new point which will get better known as time goes along, but apparently MakeMake represents opportunities which if not taken can lead to isolation or isolated events (or opportunities) which arise without being necessarily connected to anything else in life. That Logos is going retrograde at 29 Virgo says that we need to be practical about what we do now (which has real applications on New Years Eve and New Years Day, to be sure!) while MakeMake making its turn to retrograde at 0 Libra speaks to encounters which – considering how close 0 Libra is to black hole M87 – may lead to seeing life from a totally new vantage point. 

Yes, even if that just means you turn the calendar page – for some of us, that means everything!

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