by Boots Hart, CAP

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scylla’s station window opens

 Skylla (the Greek Scylla): A terracotta figure which dates
to 460-450 BCE (Currently housed in the British Museum)
photo credit: Jastrow (2006)

Asteroid Scylla is about to go on station. To be more specific here, Scylla will go on station at 9:26pm (UT/+0) on April 28th. Given the two days before/two days after which is granted as a 'station window' when any celestial object goes direct or retrograde, that means Scylla's station begins today (April 26) and continues through April 30th.

Meanwhile, Scylla is going to be going stationary/retrograde at 11 Capricorn. And what is 11 Capricorn known for, you ask? Well, 11 Capricorn is a degree which is canny and deft at manipulating what gets said. You know, the sort of ‘editing’ which keeps you from being a liar yet which in what doesn’t get said avoids revealing what you really mean or possibly intend to do?

11 Capricorn is also not all that far from 13 Capricorn, a degree you're probably sick to death of by now since that was the degree of the infamous January Solar Eclipse which evidently proclaimed open season on global stability. some of that was also signaled by Uranus and Neptune changing signs - particularly the natural events (Japan's earthquake and tsunami, for instance). But the shootings? The rebellions? The general political fracas which is going on around our blue marble world?

That would be solar eclipse stuff. And one of the reasons this 13 Capricorn Solar Eclipse was so interesting (especially in light of everything which has gone on in its wake) is because a.) Saturn went station/retrograde at 17 Libra only a couple of weeks later - and 17 Libra does make a challenging 'pro-active' square with that 13 Capricorn eclipse point.

Plus there is the fact that 13 Capricorn is totally conjunct fixed star Vega, a symbol of 'charismatic ideals' and the ability to say the thing which gets heard. So those who had no voice found one...and those who had been plying their verbal charms all of a sudden found their charms not being considered all that so very charming.

So now Scylla is 're-ringing' this gong. Oh, swell, right? Well, it's probably not quite as eventful a signal as the solar eclipse was - few things top eclipses for astrological portent! But given the Scylla proximity to the current celestial fray and how Scylla is going retrograde...? Let's just take this as a sign that all which has been is not yet done. Shoes yet will drop.

All this is being signaled by Scylla's station/retrograde. And so we enter into this four day period (which yes, includes a royal wedding in the United Kingdom) wearing a mask which comes with 11 Capricorn.

But this isn't just any mask, no! This is a mask which is all about playing the part and doing what needs doing. Yet while we are doing the 'doing,' there will be less than deep and thorough regard for others. Yes, it seems unfortunate, but this is something of a ‘use them and discard them’ sort of time, which should be a caution to everyone.

There’s an old expression which says ‘don’t risk what you cannot afford to lose.’ This saying embraces two concepts, that of risk (being willing to lose if it comes to that) and that of leeway (what can or cannot be lost without putting responsibilities and jeopardizing previously made/essential obligations).

Taking place in Capricorn, this ‘turn’ of affairs concerns ‘structural’ matters and anywhere in life where we deal with the ‘structure’ of our life or factors upon which our life structures depend.

Mercury has just gone direct in Aries. It is still moving slowly and that rather slow movement is through Aries’ most emotional degrees. So expect a lot of emotionality to surface – in thoughts, in words, in deeds. With Sappho having also just gone into Aries we can anticipate a lot of ‘good hopes’ and at least some measure of people rejecting positivity with a hearty ‘you must be kidding!’

With Psyche having just entered Cancer yesterday, we are more aware than ever that events in our world can have real repercussions – and that there are worries which may happen, and realities which must be dealt with.

We’re just more aware.

With Scylla going retrograde, we are getting into the territory of being preyed upon by terrors we don’t really know the origin of. They hold us in place – and as they swallow us up, so we reflexively tend to take it out on others.

Or we realize we have done all these things prior to now, in which case we may well freeze in horror at the realization that we have done – or at least fed into or been standing by, allowing damage to happen which we thought we were defending against…but our feelings were dulled, our facts were incomplete and the need to prove ourselves too overwhelming.

This sounds like a terrible time. In reality, it’s just a few days of terrible soul searching. Those of us who stop now and face off against the real truth and not just our truth can with calmness and clarity defeat the beast – our beast – and in time, emerge from a proverbial ‘rock and hard place’ without loss or major injury.

Well except perhaps, to our most tender ego...

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