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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sappho in Aries: Poetic Mental Motion

 Sappho - by Orlai Petrics Soma (1860)

Differing quite distinctly from many other celestial objects, Sappho is named not for a character in a myth or Greek(/Roman) god/dess but for a real live person. Born on the island of Mytilene in around the year 600 BCE, Sappho was such a great poet that no less than Plato nominated her as the ‘tenth muse.’

Of course, there is some suggestion that Plato thought there should be more muses in general, but what the hey. He’s still one of those authorities we consider pretty discerning on such subjects, so we go with this ‘Sappho as muse’ thing as a rightly  elevated concept.

Because Sappho was born on the island of Lesbos there seems to be some temptation to label Sappho the astrological point as lesbian (or ‘same sex’ whether in a sexual context or not) though that’s one idea I don’t quite agree with. First of all, if Sappho was born…that Sappho was born suggests there is one male and one female involved in the process. I mean, we are talking a whole big long way before modern fertility wonders, right?

Besides, it’s rumored (by Herodotus) that Sappho pined uber-poetically for, and (gossip, gossip) may have killed herself for the love of a man – some guy named Phaon.

This last seems to be – as implied – ancient gossip. Which yes, proves that mankind was no better back then than we are in this day and age, all buzz-buzz, whisper-whisper. But in this case, Herodotus doesn’t seem to have had Plato’s gravitas…when you look Sappho up you find such stories but they’re generally labeled as such – which is to say, likely enough ‘mythic.’

And so, back to myths!

(And yes, the spirit of Herodotus is no doubt grumbling over inequities, et al...)

Anyway, there’s no question but that Sappho is a poetic point, Sappho the woman having been quite the poetic female poetess.

So if Sappho is entering Aries, that tells us that we are likely to be of poetic opinion right now – particularly about ourselves. This can be a negative, prompting some to aggrandize or be in an ‘unrealistic’ mood. On the other hand, this can signal a moment which is simply lovely and motivational. For those who are incredibly self-critical, this ingress – and Sappho’s subsequent month-and-a-half transit of Aries – may be a time in which appreciation for one’s self as still beautiful and acceptable though flawed is the a growing and useful awareness.

So saying, the particulars: Sappho will enter Aries on 21:03 (UT/+0) on April 24th and remain in Aries until June 14th. This passage seems to gain in importance of emphasis by its happening a day after Mercury goes direct; certainly those who have made crucial efforts or received news during Mercury’s station (which will run yet another day – to April 25th) are likely to be mentally all a-whirl.

If you’re someone whose life or efforts are starting to ‘flower,’ then this will be a time of enjoyment. If you are someone who is feeling particularly disappointed, you are likely to particularly appreciate the company of others and the ‘little things’ today. And this may be – in itself – a valid and valuable lesson; life is actually made of far more ‘little things’ than the grand and glorious, even ceremonial moments.

Asteroid Psyche is also about to change signs, giving us an additional indicator (as if we needed one?) that this a moment of the mind or in the mind, depending on what you’re up to. One would have to think this is a good time to do some writing, or to enjoy a good book, a museum or stimulating company. The ‘poetic’ mood extends from activities to food to moods and visuals – so plan accordingly. Romance? That fits. A quiet day with loved ones? That fits. Communing with nature or just spending a little time without the hustle-bustle of necessity clocking you in, out and here or there? Quite apt! Even if you’re someone who ordinarily is into the edgy or goth or even markedly grotesque, don’t be surprised if people shy away from rough edges today.

Heck, you may even shy away from those rough edges yourself!

Is it a trend? Is this something you should think of as a life change? If Mercury going direct has/is marking a greater moment, maybe. If not, probably not.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention. With Mercury having gone direct as it has (look at yesterday’s blog if you want more information on that!) there are many emotional considerations in the mix. With Venus in Aries and influences like Sabine in Gemini (April 13th’s blog), Hybris in Aquarius (April 10th’s blog) and Hera in Taurus (the April 6th blog) there’s a huge amount of concern focused on what I/me want(s)…as opposed to what might be best for the great and giant ‘everybody’ signified by Neptune having entered Pisces.

Does this sound counterproductive?

Au contraire, my petite pumpkin! It’s not.

Imagine you’re Mother Nature (yes her – the one who thinks it’s not nice for you to fool her!). If you want to get a headstrong species like mankind to learn something and learn it well, would you make the point in subtle terms, or would you make it SO blatant that even the most stick-in-the-mud (or other locale) types would get the message?

Maybe subtlety worked during the Piscean Age. A little nudge, a little discomfort…maybe people got the hint. But we can pretty much count on the fact that the Aquarian Age is not going to be subtle. This does not mean it will wreak more damage – merely that it’s notices and means are going to be less subtle. Particularly during the next few years (say, until 2016 or so) while Neptune is moving through Pisces’ first decanate, we can expect all sorts of poetic positions…people espousing what amounts to their theoretical or philosophical ‘wish list,’ trying to make that come alive and exist in reality.

In time people will learn to express the idea or their desires with the poetic beauty which actually inspires.

But for a few years yet, we can expect a lot of adaptations on a famous slogan from that wonderful show Mythbusters …namely the exuberant, headstrong cry: I reject your reality and substitute my own! ….which may work in a TV show (though often enough not even there) but which surely isn’t going to work in real life.
But that won't stop people from trying.


Alas, poor mortality!
I perceived your vulnerability
and called it out…
but like a shadow, such
strong shrivelings shrank back,
from full enlightenment
of clarified day...

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