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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mars enters Aries: Blow by Blowing

Mars will enter Aries at 4:52am on April 2nd. Mars being assertiveness incarnate, this would seem to fit the common Aries ‘let’s do it!’ sort of energy.

Of course, there is the side of Mars in Aries which is all about that First Person Perpendicular…you know, the I-me-I-me-me-me sort of thing.

I think I’ve told you about the Aries friend I had who was given two coffee cups, one of which said “You” on it and the other of which was labeled “Me” – and how she lost the “You” cup?

(Lost? Do we even believe she really lost that cup?)

So I told another Aries friend of mine about this (I think that was while he was rescuing me from a recent rain flood invading my wee widdle Pisces home…) and his immediate reply was: ask her if she knows where to get one of those ‘Me’ cups. Never mind the ‘You’ – I just want the ‘Me.’ 

That, my friends, is the sound of Sun sign Aries. And sometimes they are hilarious when they do that…and sometimes they’re just insupportable.

What’s the difference? Well, granting that Aries will concentrate on the Self (it will – don’t even argue about that part!) …the question is to what end that  focus is put. In that long, long list of Aries folk (Sun sign Aries, that is) I’ve known over the years, one of the sweetest and nicest people I’ve ever worked…uh…with (he’d say ‘for’) was an Aries.

Technically, I was working for the head of the company – such is my general habit. But this Aries fellow, he decided he was my supervisor. In other words, he decided that he was going to interject himself as an ‘upper middle management’ figure between me (a one-person department and therefore by definition my own department head)(go figure, right?)… he was going to be between me and the head of the company.

Did I fuss? No. Why not? Because I’m into getting my job done without having to stop and debate things all the time and the local Aries loved defending someone he felt worth defending. After all, he was an ex-Marine…and if you know the Marines, once a Marine, always a Marine!

And what he showed by ‘deciding’ to be my supervisor was pretty much the Aries trifecta: he was courageously willing to defend and get in there and mix it up when/where necessary…he was willing to be the leader and he thought quite well enough of himself to not think anyone should even question why he should be interjecting himself into a process which, truth to tell, was working just fine.

Aries energy can be all about the self (or ‘the thing’) or it can be all about being willing to do something (all by yourself, if necessary) to get the job done – which is why Aries is the sign of the warrior, the knight who goes out to slay the dragon because they have the skills and the dragon needs to learn not to threaten a nice homey little kingdom.

 From "Charlemagne and His Knights" published
by JB Lippincott (1932) - Kathering Pyle

And no, sometimes slaying the dragon is not all that easy - which we find out only once we face the dragon!

However….! That Mars is making this ingress into 0 Aries with Uranus and calculated Lilith lurking at 1 Aries with asteroid Lilith about to go retrograde?

Hmmm….Let’s talk about this, shall we? There are a couple of different directions this combination could go in. The first would have some sort of revelation coming to light now. It could be personal, it could be global (to which you have a reaction), it could be a realization.

Mars rules Aries. So with Mars in Aries and the Sun bringing its willful quality to Aries and Uranus in Aries giving us not-so-behind-the-scenes notes on things which are going to change (or change us!) whether we want to think about it or not…with calculated Lilith (societal denial) showing up in buckets of different ways…

It doesn’t matter if what you focus on are the politicians who won’t listen, the people in power who frankly don’t know (and don’t care to know), leaders who plainly think they should have all and nobody else should have more than the occasional cupcake… you may be focused on health matters or environmental concerns or unemployment or whatever and the energy…the intensity and the outrage or the wish you could just get away from whatever you want to get away from….

…that’s all Aries. And the level of desire you express – whether that’s in tackling the issue or trying to avoid it? That’s Mars in Aires. Mars in Aries feels entitled to do. The ‘do what?’ part – that’s up to you. But the doing? That’s Mars. The feeling that you’re entitled to be you and have some peace, or a ‘piece of the pie,’ or a chance to do what you want or prove yourself…? That’s Mars in Aires.

 The Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton (1901)
The heroics associated with Aries are often the 'fond dream' we associate
with this sign - we so WANT to be the hero! Like other Fire Signs, the
Aries dynamic is one which uses "rewards" and thoughts of 'what could be'
to motivate...and in Aries it's the big (BIG!) mistake to think that reality is a
'bad' place just because it isn't nirvana. That's really just the point - Fire Signs
are supposed to see the possible and try to improve things, not just be
unhappy because life doesn't measure up! 

Determining who you want to be is Mars in Aries.

Rebelling against what exists, or against what's proposed because it doesn't suit our particular fancy? That's Mars in Aries too.

Gaining awareness of ourselves, some greater possibility or some consequence of what we've already done? That's also Mars in Aries.

Usually we talk about an ingress and there’s some sort of modifying entity on the scene. Well, this time there isn’t. Yes, grandly giant Black Hole M87 is sitting just opposite in Libra, and that plus the impending turn to retrograde on the part of asteroid Lilith does suggest there’s an ‘oops!’ in the work which has to do with comprehending how you didn’t have all the answers right after all. Black Holes are always the mark of an 'alternative reality' and with one in opposition here...are we becoming aware of another way to go? Are we acting, or have we made choices based on some preconceived notion which is now proving to not be the "only" or indeed best way to go?

But the fluffle isn’t hitting the fan. At least not yet.

So today we take a breath and do what we can do, hoping that we have the courage to be who we want ourselves to be, not who we are simply out of habit.

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