by Boots Hart, CAP

Monday, April 18, 2011

April's Libra Full Moon

 An Aries Wheel chart for the Full Moon of April 18, 2011
(2:45am UT/+0) - location not specific


Amphitrite slides into Aries at 1:20am (UT/+0) on April 18th…not all that long before the Moon reaches its full phase at 2:45am (UT/+0) on that same day…

Should we think of this as a water nymph (a symbol of instinct) leaving a sign it would work very naturally in (Pisces) for a world of what could be – the fiery world of the Aries imagination which envisions all but which doesn’t always invest in the emotional repercussions until they happen?

Should we think of this as Amphitrite as a symbol of instinct having now passed over fixed star Scheat at 29 Pisces, meaning the knee-jerk instinct to reject things may be giving way to a period of possible reception and (you just never know!) positive opportunities?

Should we think of this as Amphitrite having – yes – gotten past Scheat but in position now to conjunct and ‘instinctual-ize’ a traveling conjunction of Black Moon Lilith and Uranus, which are currently at 2 Aries?

That would seem to be adding instinct to the already somewhat outrageous seeing that 2 Aries is known for lacking the perseverance to carry through on things.

And yet….often enough this degree evidences a sly sense of humor which is just enough to not simply make light of one’s own foibles, but actually use one’s apparent “ineptness” to crowbar out of people what you really want from them. Or want them to do. Or want them to think of you…and possibly themselves.

Considering this is Uranus/Black Moon Lilith we’re talking about, there’s a little bit of revelation in the air. A ‘bit of a charge’ is gotten here both from spilling the beans and from attempting to distract folks from what you don’t want them to know – or see – or focus on….

…Especially if that isn’t you. Yes, this is an ego-based moment, particularly considering the Full Moon Aries/Libra emphasis. Sun at 27 Aries would seem to be all about dedicating one’s self to getting the job done. Yet considering 27 Aries is all about the promise and not always about the accomplishment, the combination of this degree being involved in a Full Moon (where the 27 Libra/lunar side might well be those one is trying to reach, convince or please) – when we toss in that Amphitrite/Aries ingress plus Uranus/Lilith there well may be a lot of posturing simply for attention’s sake.

You know – if any attention is good, bad attention is better than no attention is all?

Considering Mars and Saturn (Saturn in retrograde) are in now in direct/exact opposition in emotional degrees (with Mars strongly placed in Aries) we can  expect this to be a particularly emotional Full Moon. And a contentious one too. If that will work for someone’s goal (or they think it will work for them) count on drum beating and sky is falling and drama talk galore.

Not that there aren’t things to be concerned about, mind you. There are. That’s the flip side of Mars and Saturn being in direct opposition in this moment. There are real difficulties (even hostilities) going on now and they aren’t to be ignored. With Mars at 12 Aries and Mercury (retrograde) currently at 14 Aries there’s an implication that we’re a couple of days away from real news, real understanding.

But what that understanding is going to be? Pro or con, that isn’t guaranteed – except that we can count on the idea that it will include “more needing to be done"…that would be the Mercury retrograde part of the impending notice.

Real answers – particularly as to the ‘cost’ of whatever is being dealt with are not likely to surface until around the 28th - after Mercury comes out of retrograde, for sure. That moment (on the 28th) being when Jupiter conjuncts Eris at a moment when asteroid Lust brings maximal focus to the matter and the Sun has moved on to 7 Taurus where it will be sitting with Byblis (an attempt to justify) and fixed star Hamal.

Ah yes, Hamal. It’s an interesting star, this one. One might even think of it as something of the tofu of fixed stars as Hamal is known for taking its flavor  from that which it’s combined with.

 Would you like a side order of tofu fixed star?

In this case…all things considered…we should expect to hear ‘but that would have cost’ and ‘we were just trying to…’ in connection with things which now cost much more and which will in the end, undermine enormous efforts and investments of time, energy and human capital.

(In other words, this is Hamal with a lot of empty – and possibly bad tasting calories!)

But that’s yet to come. Right now we will get the high water mark of the month – a moment when various things will be being ‘highlighted’ by different factions. And you shouldn’t be surprised if your instinct is simply to shut it all out and take a moment for yourself.

Just don’t be an escapist. Mars rules the Aries/Sun end of this Full Moon but Venus rules the Libra/Moon (and retrograde Saturn) end of this configuration. And at the moment, Venus is sitting in Pisces conjunct Sappho and Circe – a temptation to reject or abandon reality for something more comforting. That could be doing a bit of gardening, reading a book or taking a bubble bath. Then again, it could be wholesale campaigning against reason, either publicly…(this Full Moon absolutely supports amazingly unsupported public statements!)…or privately – even through the use of ‘escapist activities’ or intoxicating substances.

In the end, maybe the best thing to remember is that this is only a Full Moon. Take it with a grain of salt. Let the moment pass and think over what you’ve been told. There may be a kernel of truth or wisdom in either the cotton candy or the blurted cries of danger, danger Will Robinson! 

Time will tell. Listen, learn, if possible enjoy – then move on. This is a step in a process, but especially with Mercury in retrograde, you haven’t heard the last word on anything yet. Even on your own personal opinion!

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  1. Emotions abound, both at home what with teenage angst and university decisions to be made, and on the Canadian political front as we are in the throes of a federal election, which will take place on May 2. "Attack ads" abound, and a poll taken during the candidates' recent debate showed a higher level of "annoyance" among viewers than ever before. I look forward to the 28th; perhaps we will start to see some sort of resolution of all this "stuff"!