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Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Aries New Moon: For Better or Worry?

Above is pictured the chart of a New Moon which occurs at 2:32pm (UT/+0). For those who read charts, even without “extra points” thrown in this is really one of those astrological pictures which simultaneously makes you wonder why such things happen and if somewhere…on some level…there is some force in this universe which has a really (no, really) bizarre sense of humor.

It’s not really about the New Moon just as a New Moon – that’s rather normal. Occurring at 13 Aries, we can easily say this is a emotionally assertive time. How do we know that? Well, we know that firstly because 13 is a second decanate degree - meaning it’s between 10 and 19 degrees and thus where the sign expresses its nature emotionally. So think fervent. Think intense. Think upheaval or passionately focused or ultra, uber determined.

Of course considering this is Aries we’re talking about…okay, so this could be angry – particularly if someone is telling you ‘no’ or treading on your ego’s tail. (Ddn’t know egos had tails, did you?) Emotional plus Aries could also mean courageous. Or a need for courage (meaning anxiety, trepidation or fear – which would be a lousy name for a law firm, but…). It could indicate a moment of frustration.

OR…this New Moon moment – considering New Moons are markers of “beginnings” – this New Moon moment could be when you screw your guts in tight and decide that by gum, yes – you ARE going to take on that task, whatever it may be. You will weather whatever volcanic fires are thrown at you…YOU SHALL PREVAIL!

But before that comes a little ‘getting challenged’ from Forces Beyond Your Control.

Said forces are symbolized in this chart by Saturn being at 13 Aries – in direct opposition to the New Moon. Astrologically, this is particularly fortuitous for those who are making some personal decision, BUT it’s not exactly the time to put things “out there.” That we would say both because of Saturn’s very direct opposition and because Mercury has just gone retrograde.

So this is a time of planning - or working on something already in progress.

Lore for this degree refers to it as being particularly challenging. That goes with the Saturn opposition (like, to a headache-producing ‘t’!). And yet, with this degree (as with this Saturn opposition), we also get a message that whose who are willing to tackle the tough stuff and brave enough to persevere in a disciplined manner can really come out of these next few months way ahead of where they are now.

Mind you, this isn’t a slap-dash sort of effort we’re talking about; things undertaken or really ‘dug into’ now will like as not finish this phase of development come mid-August (2011).

Still…to look ahead, at that point, Mercury will again be in retrograde. So whatever you’re working on or towards, plan on it taking several ‘steps.’ In fact, if you can plan for phases (or steps in your plan) – so much the better!

But that’s not all that’s going on right now – no sirree bub! Not by a long shot! Or a short shot!

 A photo of March 19th (2011's) Perigee Moon behind
the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC
photo credit: Bill Ingalls/NASA

From 7:52pm through 8:55pm (UT/+0), Mars, calculated Lilith and Uranus will all be at 1 Aries, a degree which suggests enormous drive, a desire to be ‘first’ (or on top, or in control/power) and an ability to draw on (liberate, utilize, unleash) an enormous amount of energy.

IF you are someone in a position to be doing something about a problem, this may well mark a make-or-break moment of sorts. This can also be when an opportunity to fill a problematic void comes to light.

Other than that however, Mars and Uranus both being symbols of energy even without 1 Aries, this would appear to be a possible flash point – and one which society either doesn’t approve of or which is all about societal denial (that being the calculated Lilith part).

If you’re a frequent visitor to this blog you may also remember that when we did the monthly Dateblog overview I mentioned asteroid Lilith being about to go into retrograde. Well, this would be the moment when Lilith does just that.

Actually, considering that Lilith goes retrograde at 5:36am (UT/+0) that means that the asteroid Lilith turn to retrograde happens before the New Moon.

So…what does that mean? That means that the part of ourselves we really would rather not have to deal with is already in internalized flux when the New Moon forms up.

Does it mean anything that asteroid Lilith and calculated Lilith are both in this figure? Well, not exactly and yet…yes, entirely. What this amounts to is that it’s a double bind of blindness: both points refer to not wanting to see…call it “voluntary blindness,” which is otherwise known as denial.

The asteroid represents all those things we don’t want to know about ourselves where the calculated form of Lilith (which really has to do with Moon’s orbit around the Earth) is what we don’t want to see about society or that part of us society wants no part of.

So, with Saturn in opposition, especially in the relationship/agreement sign of Libra, we would really not be shocked if some really nasty scenes went down today.

Ah yes...maybe. And yet in the end the hostility we feel may not be 'about' the other person - at least not in the end. There are all those things we are just likely to get annoyed with because we don't want to have to think about them, much less deal with them!

One really good way around most of the difficulties presented by this figure is to be someone helping others in a really bad bind. Dealing with loss or difficulties would be a good use for this time – as would be taking a good solid look in the mirror and admitting that thing you really, really don’t want to admit.

Whatever you do, know this: Neptune is going to enter Pisces on the ‘morrow. That means that today is its very last day in the societal-economic-income-acceptance-elitist-anarchist-friendship-individuality versus unity sign of Aquarius.

It also makes it more than likely that all the 'Lilithian' energy here means that which isn't to anyone's liking isn't going to be heard.

And there is also that this New Moon is perfectly poised to bring up that January 2011 Solar Eclipse we’re all so fond of.


With January’s eclipse metaphorically poised in a perfect square to the New Moon we know we are being given a challenge. But since Saturn is in exact opposition to this New Moon that eclipse is suddenly the ‘t’ in a t-square – and thus the image of a much bigger and broader dynamic.

It also suggests that (particularly those whose charts were aspected by that January eclipse) you are now at a ‘stepping stone’ point in a process which will not come to true fruition until 2014. But don’t relax now!

Considering the exactitude of all the signals, this is an important juncture – or at least one when you can get a very special insight or see how to take an important step forward in your life, or with regards to some project.

Because all the planets in this chart ‘feed’ back through their sign rulers to Mars – and Mars is in it’s own sign of Aries, we know that the most single critical issue in our world right now is who we are right now. And how we are living our lives.

That comes back to the basic Aries question: whether we are living life for ourselves or so that we can make the most of our lives – in a greater sense.

In the end, this is yet another opportunity to start anew, move on, or try, try again. What we do with that (as always!) is up to us!

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