by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Dateblog: Everything you Never Imagined, Never Wanted to Imagine...and More!

 A Naiad...or Hylas with a Nymph
by John William Waterhouse (1893)

January 2011 gave us a Capricorn Solar eclipse and Saturn(ruler of Capricorn)’s turn to retrograde. The eclipse did what eclipses do – it “blacked out” something. In this case, that ‘something’ was a lot of (Capricorn/Saturn) governments, (Saturnine) structure, (Saturn) plans and stability and in general, our sense that we were – like the totem goat – climbing the right Capricorn mountain.

Things ratcheted up and got fractious as Uranus hit 29 critical degrees of Piscean emotionality come February.

Then came Neptune’s move into 29 Aquarius in March, a dissolving of lots of cohesive societal forces and as 29 Neptune met up with 29 Uranus, the striking of double urgency chimes: one from watery, dissolving Neptune and the other from ‘break through energy’ Uranus. In Libya, violence erupted. In Japan, a monster earthquake liberated Earth’s energy creating a very Neptune-(the god)-like tsunami, in the process knocking out Uranian electricity in a lot of the country…not to mention what it did to the Fukishima Dai-Ichi nuclear power generating plant.

That last is just so Uranian – coming and going, with a whole heap of Neptune on top what with the whole cooling water necessity part of the story…not to mention that toxicity is oh-so Neptunian and therefore Pisces.

Now we arrive at April. April’s big(gest) event is Neptune entering Pisces. The broadest of broad strokes here is that this indicates a heightening of all our emotional ideals…and the illusions which may go with them. Also heightened, imagination, denial, escapism, inspiration…faith and disillusionment, the need for charity, mercy and care along with the instinct to care.

And it’s all very much an outgrowth of highly emotional topics or situations…and every kind of situation, blessing, challenge or horror which could push us to experience any such feeling.

Evolve or find that you are holding onto most of all dissolved. That’s the bottom line going forward.

Oh! And one more is when the window opens on asteroid Lilith going retrograde in Sagittarius - another lovely comment on what we don't really want to know, or like knowing about ourselves.

More on that to come - but it's to bear in mind that everyone (that's the BIG everyone!) will be going through some sort of struggle, whether it's to not have to deal with something about their lives or themselves, or something they don't want to realize they've done wrong (that would be the Sag part)...or maybe even that they know they should break out of old habits, old molds and that it's time to stop procrastinating and making excuses. 

April 1: In the United States (I don’t know about elsewhere) April 1st is known as “April Fool’s Day.” With Mercury in retrograde, Sun and Jupiter widly conjunct in Aries’ impassioned 2nd decanate and pro-active Mars at 29 Pisces (the degree Uranus was at when Japan’s earthquake occurred) the month starts out on a note of coping…and being either somewhat panicked or in a mood to just ‘run away from it all’ in some way or to some degree.

Running away won’t help. Think the problem through and take one step forward. Rome will not be built during these 24 hours…and that’s just what it is: a fact. So don't 'April Fools' yourself!

April 2 – April 4: Putting the best foot forward during these days slowly helps cover ground and reveal or sort out what needs to be done. Where frustration is encountered, try to convert it to determination to do the best job (at whatever) possible.

You’ll thank yourself later for the diligence invested over these days…just don’t count on knowing what the outcome is, as this is when Neptune presses through the last moments of Aquarius, ratcheting up ideal hopes…probably without solving anything in finite form or to any certainty.

April 5 – April 9: A desire to get along (or be tolerated, depending!) is likely during this time. And you may well be able to achieve that if you stick to devoting your energy to doing something useful instead of venting it in useless fussing at others or about something you have no control over.

The other challenge here is a desire for validation which is not forthcoming…most of us will just get a lot of questions – or be faced with postponements of things we think are terribly important.

Try to see the bigger picture and don’t take everything uber-personally. This can be an excellent time to share and discuss what you really think and feel about things, providing you are willing to own your opinions and feelings as yours without “expecting” (read: desperately wanting) someone to agree with you. They may in time, but you have to be willing to give them time.

You also have to be willing to accept that some people simply aren’t born to agree with you. What that means is a whole other thing – but whatever that ‘other thing’ is, it begins with your accepting who you are against who they are.

April 10 – April 12: Letting go and letting things be during these days may arouse a twinge of regret, maybe even nostalgia. That’s fine. See how things go and learn from results and reactions. Mercury is still in retrograde…keep thinking, asking, seeking, waiting.

April 13 – April 14: Needing to rely on, trust or respond to the needs or requirements of others affects you personally. How that comes out – whether you’re offended, touched, surprised or anything else is a measure not of them, but of how blind you’ve been to the full range of possibilities.

There is no distinct right or wrong here: this is a ‘heads up’ from life on the need to expand one’s horizons and think in more encompassing terms.


April 15 – April 19: There’s a lot going on and you’re in the position of responding more than constructing. There’s a strange feeling that everything on the “outside” is going really quickly (busily) while inside, you feel like you’re on hold. Try not to get frustrated – just prioritize things coming at you and let go of trying to ‘understand’ each and every little thing.

This is a moment to see the whole of the tapestry, not how each little thread is knotted or tied…as a little pressure sneaks in on the 19th, take a breath and try to relax. Tell yourself a joke – have a laugh! – it’ll help.

April 20: The value of your values comes into focus for a moment. Listen to yourself and look around you. Think about what you’ve learned from others and what you think is really important in the long run. When in doubt, be supportive of someone else. A little bit of doing for others today will help you in ways you cannot predict.

April 21 – April 23: Mercury is on station to go direct as things begin to come together in a whole new way. Things which have been ‘on hold’ now begin to break through their log jams and in some cases you’re going to be very glad you waited and didn’t press ahead.

With Venus entering Aries now, there’s a need to do more with your life and in your world. At the same time, you feel insecure and in need of support which is likely not to be forthcoming at this moment (at least in the form you’d like it to be forthcoming!)

Don’t sulk – deal with situations and be as constructive as possible. These days are an investment and things which happen now will play out in the days and weeks to come.

April 24 – April 27: Feelings run high and you react to ideas and issues of the moment. Though there will be plenty of things which simply need ‘dealing with,’ try to invest a handful of moments on long-term plans and objectives.

April 28 – April 30: As Venus moves into Aries’ second decanate (degrees 10-19) the ‘desire’ quotient rises and you’re not in the mood to be satisfied by anything, so…

Yes, you do have to get on with your own life. No, you’re not thrilled about it. Do it anyway. There’s a slow letting go of dreams and a parting from false ideals which is being struggled with under the surface here…it’s going to happen, so let it happen.

Don’t fight – accept!


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