by Boots Hart, CAP

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Uranus at 29 Pisces

  Uranus and a few of its moons
photo credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Consider this handwriting on a digital wall: as of late on Monday, February 21st (UT/+0), Uranus will move into 29 Pisces – the last degree of the zodiac.

Any time a planet, asteroid (whatever) moves into 29 degrees of any sign, things get more intense. They feel a little more crazy precisely in the way or in the areas that sign describes. The means by which we encounter that pressure, that intensity, that stress or urgency is described by the planet or other celestial object.

Uranus is one crazy-odd planet! It’s the only planet we know of which doesn’t stand even remotely ‘upright,’ presenting its revolving face to the Sun. No, Uranus rolls around its orbit, each of its poles getting about 40 years of full-on sunshine at a time.

And you’d think that would make that one pole the hot place on the planet, right? Nope! Despite all, the data says that it’s still the Uranian “equatorial” region which is warmest.

(That is, of course, granting that the whole of Uranus is something like a couple of hundred degrees below zero as the Fahrenheit scale plunges!)

Uranus ‘breaks’ the rules. The mere idea of what Uranus is as a planet shakes our concepts of what planets do and how they operate.

Wherever we see Uranus, that’s where our thinking gets ‘shaken up.’

For the past eight years or so, Uranus has been transiting Pisces, the most universal and ‘collective-oriented’ of the zodiac’s three emotionally oriented signs. In Pisces we feel so that we can understand that feelings are universal. Because of that, we hopefully learn to take others into account. We also learn more about ourselves.

Unless of course, we live in Piscean denial. When things get too hard, we tend to just shove or ‘shut’ them away. During these past years some of us have done just that. Some of us have broken out of denial. And the world has become more aware of what emotional trauma can do.

As we have grown more aware of our emotions, we’ve also gotten more ‘touchy.’ And in need of something (or someone) to hold onto. Faith and spirituality have had a huge upsurge while Uranus has been transiting Pisces – people needed faith more. Then again, some found uncomfortable with the idea of any kind of faith at all.

There really is very little difference between these two poles from the metaphysical, Uranus-Pisces perspective. The going towards or away from something, the ‘owning’ it or ‘disowning’ it, the coping or lack of ability to do so – they’re all emotional reactions to feeling something about some part of life. 

That’s Uranus in Pisces.

 Lightning strikes on the Columbia River
Lightning is a very Uranian thing because it's a 'sudden change of status quo,'
because it provides a 'burst of light,' because it startles us, because it
literally disrupts or 'breaks apart' the air flow as the lightning bolt strikes and
because Uranus is associated with all forms of energy (that which can provide
the means for or provoke a change of status) with electricity being at the top
of the Uranian/energy list - as are any systems which carry energy (especially
electrical grids, power plants, etc.) and anything which uses electricity, which
makes it highly apt and meaningful that our world has become so technology-
oriented as Earth moves into the Aquarian Age, Aquarius being the sign
in which Uranus is secondary ruler.

The above scenario, which has lightning striking into water seems like a
prefect image for the moment as it combines the Uranian lightning with the
Piscean element of water - though Pisces is actually most properly symbolized
by the open ocean, particularly at depth.

photo credit: Ian Boggs (2007)

And that’s what will now – as of Monday - reach a fervent pitch as Uranus reaches 29 Pisces, a degree which is known for aptitude when we’re following instructions yet which can veer off into going astray when the necessity isn’t both proscribed and overseen.

This is not the most ‘responsibility’ laden moment, and given Uranus is moving through this degree, that lack of responsibility may become an unsettling, or even jarring force.

Remember…we’re talking about how you react here. This isn’t about the event or situation being upsetting in and of itself – this is about how people react to situations and/or how they react to realizing what they’ve gone through.

It also seems sensible to bear in mind how this isn’t just the end of a sign but the end of a 12-part zodiac process, we can expect a greater sense of urgency to be floating around too. Don’t be surprised if for reasons you don’t quite understand you get into one of those ‘it HAS to be now!’ moods. 

That isn’t a justification, it’s just a fact. It’s going to happen. We’re going to hear a lot about it happening here and there around our world!

Uranus will be transiting 29 Pisces until it makes its Aries ingress on March 12 at just after midnight Universal (+0) Time. Will things get more intense as we close in on that moment?

Possibly. There are a couple of moments between now and then which will certainly generate a blog note!

So just keep this in mind....and don’t be surprised if you feel a little more reactive. It’s a moment for it! This doesn’t have to be bad – far from it: this can be a highly productive time of breakthroughs and ‘getting to the heart’ of various issues. You may make a great discovery, or break free of some restriction which has been dogging you.

Uranus is the planet of the unusual. All you have to give up on at the moment is your allegiance to the status quo. But hey – that could be fun, right?

Or maybe you just know this is the time to finally let go and allow yourself to try. 

That would be Uranian too!


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