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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Dateblog

 Bridge Over Pond of Water Lilies by Monet

As the month following a Solar Eclipse, especially with Saturn having gone retrograde in the last week of January we can assume we are all feeling more than a little under the gun. Maybe unsettled. Maybe in need of a change of focus, emphasis or scene.

There being four personal planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) easily tracked (the Moon moves too fast to count here)…the month starts off with two in air signs (theoretical mode), on in a fire sign (imagining mode) and one in an earth sign (pragmatic mode). Sounds like we need to get something done…which again, sounds like an apt aftermath of a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn.

February 1 – 3: Mercury and Venus in the final degrees of Capricorn and Sagittarius (respectively) indicate both a need and the process of finding solutions. The Mercury side of this is ‘workable’ and the Venusian side of this is ‘likely to meet with approval.’

With Mars and the Sun still running in Aquarian tandem, opinions are maybe not a dime a dozen, but they’re certainly plentiful and readily available. That it’s far easier to criticize than find consensus makes everything wearying, yet since everyone will tend to start their ‘can we find something we all agree on here?’ conversation with the assumption that they’re right and everyone should agree with them… 

You probably get the nature of the problem.

Solutions come from everyone getting an equal say with everyone paying equal attention to the rationales behind each position. Factionalization doesn’t work – universal solutions do. It sounds impossible, but isn’t. What it requires is a willingness to stand less on principle and more on what requires the same amount of effort, give and take from everyone.

February 4 – 8: With Venus moving into Capricorn, Mercury into Aquarius and Jupiter moving to a point where it exits the shadow if its 2010 cycle during these days decisions and realizations are likely as the need to do something becomes sufficiently obvious as to quell the deliciousness of standing on what we think is so terribly right.

We need to get on with life, and at some level that means we need to give in and deal with life, not think of life as malleable to our will.

Mercury in Aquarius tends to indicate activity and interactions – being careful not to get overloaded, confused or out of sync is important. Meanwhile, Venus in Capricorn asks for prudent, pragmatic choices. These two often play against one another in a yes/no, ‘I’ll just do this/I won’t do that’ sort of manner.

Bottom line: be sure to attend to necessities, but be realistic as to what the word ‘necessity’ really means.

February 9 – 12: Those who are able to dedicate their attention to something they believe in do well during these days, accomplishing much and feeling satisfied. Those who are caught up thinking about the ‘worth’ of things feel distracted. With the Sun and Mars now in 3rd decan degrees (between 20 and 29) we are getting feedback and responding to necessity. The ball is not entirely in our court, but playing the game is a far better thing to be doing if the only other opportunity is to be standing on the sidelines criticizing.

For those who feel uninvolved now (and there are likely to be many in this boat) finding something you believe in and can become involved in is important.

February 13 – 18: With Venus moving into emotionally energized degrees of Capricorn, those who are working on some project they really feel strongly about are beginning to feel better about their efforts.

Of course, there are those who aren’t involved in something they believe in. And for them, these days are likely to feel like quite a struggle as they look for reasons to ‘keep doing what I’m doing.’

With Jupiter in Aries, the question is (of course!) why those who aren’t doing something which expresses their true nature are not moving towards something more personally expressive. With Uranus and Neptune now in a transiting semi-sextile there is a whole ‘itchiness’ which we will tend to blame on others but which is really about ourselves. Duty is fine where we are expressing ourselves through our duty. Otherwise….?

February 19 – 21: Having zipped right along, Mercury is nearing the end of Aquarius, closing off a lot of social business and a busy frenetic (even frantic!) time. With Venus in the late teen degrees of Capricorn and Mars closing in on the end of Aquarius, there’s a sense of urgency which may or may not be realistic if you step back and get better perspective.

Do you need perspective? Some may. Some may need the intense feeling of involvement to keep them motivated. Either way, knowing which person you are is educational in the sense it teaches you more about you…and with Jupiter in Aries, this would be the time to learn all such things.

With this being when the Sun moves into Pisces, there’s an emotional reflection (reactivity) which is not only heightened now, but also a signature of certain ‘disappointments’ coming to light.

Or being denied.

What this amounts to is a question: do you believe in your status quo or the need to change?

February 22 – 26: With Uranus moving into 29 Pisces there high powered need here collides with our ability to contain what we have set out to do. Mercury moving into Pisces on the 22nd lends a sympathetic ear and empathetic ability yet weakens the practicality of the moment. Mars moving into Pisces on the 23rd indicates a lowering of ego.

Are these needed to cope with the moment? Are they the signature of truly humane realizations? Or are these a sign of our giving up on realism or reality?

With the Lunar Nodes now at 0 Capricorn/Cancer, the questions are basic – and basically about what we want to make of our life and of/in our world.

February 27 – 28: Mercury moving into emotional degrees of Pisces for these last two days of the month is the only difference of note. But it’s important, considering Mercury is less organized and less practical in Pisces than usual…though on the flip side, it’s far more artistic, often graciously so.

Not letting yourself get ‘steamrollered’ is one side of the equation here. Similar to that would be requiring of yourself that you pace your choices to your ability to understand what you’re choosing is the other.

Just don’t play helpless. Answers to your quandaries are out there. Right now it seems incredibly hard to find them but it’s really not once you move from emotional mode into ‘seeker’ mode.

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