by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, February 4, 2011

News Alert:: Geomagnetic Storm!

A sudden upsurge in solar wind as of February 4th has caused an alert to be sent out by NOAA's Space Weather group. Space Weather's front page also notes a small asteroid which won't hit Earth, but come very close during this time.

That this surge of solar energy arrives at Earth as there's such an upsurge of human will and human problems is an interesting reflection of solar power/magnetics as the ability to 'magnetize' our will and life situations. It would also seem to not only comment on how general astrology works, but why astronomy and astrology are 'sister sciences' and how much can be gained by both disciplines as hand-in-hand tools. 

LINK to Space Weather's front page. (If you use this link on any date other than February 4, use the date selection box at the top right hand corner to get back to the February 4, 2011 homepage.) 

LINK to the Space Weather/NOAA Prediction page.


  1. I thought the above an interesting syncronicity, too. I keep track of - get email updates as my body feels the crank of a CME. The most interesting piece of news has been that there's a new physics focus - heliophysics to study the relationship of the sun to the earth's atmosphere. Is that a "duh!"? But it's a step and a new field.

  2. Hi, Janet -
    You're right on all counts. But then, look how long it took for science to connect the Moon and the tides, with most of us still neglecting the obvious corollary (our bodies as being 55-60% water depending on gender).

    As is obvious from my work, I firmly believe the future of astrology lies in integrating physics and astronomy, disseminating the information for consideration by others such as yourself. I know of other professionals in other fields doing the same thing, so we're all taking these 'baby steps' together!

    As they small step for mankind...