by Boots Hart, CAP

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Venus in Virgo / Hidalgo Direct

The Harvesters by Pieter Bruegel the Elder
(dated 1565, Metropolitan Museum of Art,  courtesy of Google Art Project)
There’s something about Venus in Virgo falling just after Venus in Leo which sometimes seems like a grand cosmic joke. After all, there we are getting into rhythm (with ourselves) while putting on some sort of ‘game face’ with which we dazzle others.

Yes, even when we’re bad, grumpy and entirely ticked off, under Venus in Leo it’s at least a good performance - and in time, as Venus sails through Leo’s degrees we get to where we can see how it all works (whatever ‘it’ is).

Good or bad, at least we ‘grok’ it, to borrow from Heinlein’s ‘Stranger in a Strange Land.’ (Sometimes you just have to use the word that works, regardless of its official language status or lack thereof.)

And then Venus moves into Virgo - a sign transiting Venus’s normally beneficial and responsive energies often fail to produce even a teaspoon of joy in. Still, it’s not like that’s any surprise - or at least it shouldn’t be as Venus is about 'the reward.' The response... and yes, hopefully the applause (with a side of ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’).

And Virgo? Virgo is about the effort. The work. The responsibility.

So when we put the two together we get Virgo starring in the role as a zodiacal ‘do it right’ authority against Venus’ aim to win, celebrate and relax, enjoy and receive accolades at leisure - which is something of a problem as leisure is something of a dirty word where Virgo is concerned. As gracious and lovely as transiting Venus in Pisces can be (Venus being exalted in Pisces), that’s pretty much the level of discomfort, annoyance and sense of unwanted obligation Venus in Virgo may be able to rise to over the next several weeks once Venus enters Virgo on September 5th at 5:08 in the evening UT/+0 time.

Then we add in the fact that this particular Venus-Virgo ingress is happening not just in the wake of Ixion and Pholus going direct (see previous post) but also just as asteroid Hidalgo enters its two-day allowance to go on station - and then direct - come Sunday the 7th.

That station will be at 26 Sagittarius, a degree which because it is between 20 and 29 of the sign is never only a personal thing. Yes, you may have all sorts of feelings and opinions on any given subject. (In fact, being that this is Sagittarius we’re talking about, that could actually be plural feelings and plural subjects.) But whatever you’re focused on or involved in, you’re not alone in the doing, thinking, feeling, focusing, opinion-rendering or trying to figure out how to fix something which has gone wrong or which has gotten out of hand (both these last being common Sagittarian trials even without Ixion and Pholus' station effects).

As for the specifics of the degree, 26 Sagittarius is known for providing (and needing) a good deal of flexibility. This is a degree which shifts and changes and presents different ‘faces’ or factor in just about every situation and case. Sometimes such malleability is useful - as in the case of an actor or a dancer exercising their craft (26 Sagittarius is known for skill of movement, though not necessarily grace). But then... despite the fact that this degree can sometimes manifest as with warmth, friendship and outstanding loyalty, Sagittarius can also come off with a shiftless and untrustworthy edge which makes others think every new move, idea or opinion is some attempt to manipulate others (or some situation) for personal gain or aggrandizement.

And just to make it more exciting, all of these plus and minus factors may be being true and on display at the very same time.

With Hidalgo going direct at this degree the emphasis is on the manner, mannerisms or the manners (as in politeness) with which we do something. So people may change what they’re doing during these days and going forward. Or we many, any of us, realize that while our goal may be perfectly respectable, how we’re going about it (or even how we’re acting as we’re going about it) is creating problems for our Self, others...or even for that aim we seem to be so bent on.

Another thought to consider is that up until October 2010, 26 Sagittarius had been the degree of the Milky Way’s Galactic Center for many a plural decade. So anyone born before October 2010 has this point (depending on where and how it is positioned in that chart) as an active position and thus a ‘place’ where they need to ‘give’ to the world (this being a ‘beyond global’ point, this isn’t to ‘others’ but to our world/planet) in order to pass some personal “gateway,” said gateway being indicated in any given chart by the position, sign and aspects to that big red planet known as Jupiter.

Remembering that as Venus enters Virgo it will conjunct royal fixed star Regulus, this is a time to be careful about assertions and assertiveness as Regulus promises (eventual or long-term) success only where one’s actions are not affected by the spirit or intent of revenge - which in this case may be a challenging consideration as Orcus (things which have been decided or which can no longer be changed) will be positioned at 5 Virgo as Venus enters Virgo’s earthy, concrete world of the nitty-gritty, the fact of the matter and getting our hands dirty either in the cause or because we weren’t so very ethical (or careful...maybe even thorough) about some cause.

Moreover, sitting right behind Venus (at 29 emphatic degrees of Leo) is asteroid Germania - an object which refers to strength of determination and the will to ‘continue the fight’ which here is shown as being left behind as the need for real results (Venus) ends imagining what could be in favor of dealing with what is... and what is going to become of things if necessities - no matter how much we do or don’t like them - aren’t tackled, dealt with and taken care of properly and in detail... hopefully without getting bogged down in details along the way.

Virgo is about getting it right and making things work in a healthy and productive way. Venus meanwhile, is all about results and ‘the result’ - that which we pull or hold close, and which by its yea and nay, by its functionality or lack of same tells us whether we’re heading in the right direction or whether we’re just embedded in some ‘old way of doing things’ which we like or which feels comfortable to us, but which in reality is no longer useful to our present or foreseeable future.

Venus will be in Virgo until September 29th (UT/+0 time) offering us an opportunity to become more grounded, more realistic and more productive in who we are as people...and in what it means to be human. During the weeks ahead we’re likely to feel vulnerable, but that doesn’t mean we need to (or should) lower our standards or exclude anything (or anyone) others who don’t feel, act or live like us.

Virgo’s keywords... health, work, service... are all about responsibility: that we have to our Self (mind and body), that we have to be a contributor and not just a ‘taker’ in this world, and to all which we acknowledge about being human when we determine what needs to be done while simultaneously requiring of ourselves that we remember how ‘life’ is not just our life, but one we share with every being, plant and creature on this planet.

Even with Planet Earth itself.

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