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Monday, September 22, 2014

Psyche’s Libra New Moon

If we haven’t gotten the message about our attitude towards others and who we are to others, this month’s Libra New Moon underscores that yet again. And yes... the easy thing is always to point at others or to criticize them, but taken to the metaphysical level that thought (or method of coping) doesn’t really hold water. Why not? Well, that goes back a seriously basic metaphysical treatise, namely that ‘like attracts like.’

And when we focus on that as it applies to relationships, that ‘equating’ of people is the ‘I/thou’ thing, a ‘relating’ or ‘relationship to’ quotient we know as the Aries/Libra polarity. Metaphysically this polarity pair is all about that term ‘like,’ whether it’s about ‘liking’ or being ‘alike’...or not liking and not having anything in common. Libra is an air sign - a sign about the idea, the theory, the concept, the plan, the agreement, the negotiation, the notion of the process - and all that is right about it and all which is wrong about it...all which will lead to success and what leads to failure.

On the other hand, what Libra isn’t is emotionally based. This is a sign which even when it expresses and acts on deeply held convictions and feelings bases its decisions on the intellectual consideration, whether that’s bad or good. (Even both.) In personal terms, the ‘open enemies’ part of Libra is our own confronting of the idea that someone indeed hates us. Or that they might hate us. So we confront the problem. Or them.

Or we get someone to advise us. One of the other things about Libra is that it acts as the ‘gauge’ which defines (for us) how ‘close’ we want to be to something or someone - and part of how we judge them or their suitability to be in our life. (Usually our personal life.) And when it comes to those Libra-type counselors, teachers, advisors, advocates, doctors as so on, the success of that association is based on the equality in the association. It’s not that we’re ‘alike’ or that we’re ‘meant to know each other’ (if we know each other at all, metaphysically we’re “supposed” to know each other).

But the closer that relationships are...which is to say the more Libra “us” any relationship is, the less “I/me” Aries it can be and remain in balance unless the person (or situation) is as uninvolved as you are. In an optimal counseling/advisory relationship, both parties are focused on learning from the other and returning value for perceived worth or worth received (or perceived). That’s Libra - the equal cause/effect of relationship or conversation, the heart and soul of ‘for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction’ which is so intrinsically and essentially Libran.

And inevitable. Libra says it takes two to tango even if we have to provide both of the sides ourselves, which is what some people are going to be at this time, whether on the up side or through a bout with personal/internal conflict. Plus either way, considering how this month’s Libra New Moon is going to occur on September 24th (at 6:15 a.m., UT/+0 time)...and with that being one day after Pluto going direct... this is not your run-of-the-mill New Moon. Any time Pluto and the Moon team up that either equals focus...or a lack of focus, a breaking of concentration or some sort of recognition as to what something (past, present or future) is worth coming under the kind of scrutiny which generally indicates we want... or know we need a change.

The thing about combinations of Pluto and Moon effects is that they tend to act like we’re dumping gas on a very personal and deeply imbedded fire. For some, this will spell motivation while for others this indicates some form of obsession...and all of this is going to be filtered through a zodiacal lens known as 1 Libra.

And that makes the whole thing just a little more intense and possibly enlightening... or just possibly bizarre. Why that would be stems from two things, one being the idea that 1 Libra is very ‘self-oriented,’ a quality which in a sign like Libra, which is about relating, can easily manifest as off-putting behavior - most pointedly that which concerns ‘deciding the truth’ of some matter and not budging from that point in a manner which puts others off simply because the display of conviction is not just sturdily stable but stubborn - even arrogant. This tendency to defend, even with finesse and skill often ends badly because despite its independent qualities 1 Libra needs to learn important lessons on how to create alliances and how to go about participating in the kind of ‘team building’ efforts or activities which are so native to Libra.

Being so known for its independent qualities ’ degree in an interactive realm which speaks to ‘being separate’ or possibly ‘separated’ from something or someone...or even some sense that you know what’s happening.

Yet there’s another side to that as well - the fact that 1 Libra is the position of a super-massive black hole known as M87.

The metaphysics of black holes (which is obviously pretty new stuff) goes with this phenomena's ability to apparently work outside our physical norm. Time, holes mess with such precepts just as the astrological black hole lends a quality of ‘alternative’ or ‘non-traditional’ to life’s mix. When black holes get activated we see a different side of things - which could be merely be about everything going on in the (or our) world. However it happens, it happens,

By definition, any New Moon is about a ‘start,’ a ‘beginning’ or maybe just a shift of phase where one thing gets done and another thing begins. And just as with anything else, this can be the start of something good...or challenging, depending. Considering how this is a transit which occurs in tandem with Pluto’s station (if a day after Pluto goes direct) maybe you’re someone who has come into this time with everything going wrong in your life, relationships or in what you’re doing (or have been doing) Or maybe there’s a mass of things hanging over you, none of which you control - which is a typical Pluto problem, that out of control or not in charge of things feeling.

And now that changes. Or becomes manageable.

Or even unnecessary.

Of course since this is Pluto we’re talking about, maybe you have more control than you think. Or maybe that fearful feeling you have that something you can’t quite name, define or deal with is wrong, wrong, wrong... maybe that’s just an echo of something past. Or your allowing yourself to get stirred up/manipulated by someone/something to the point where you feel things are more wrong than they actually are.

L'Enlèvement de Psyché by Oscar Pereira de Silva (1914)
All this brings us to the other astrological event of the day - the fact that asteroid Psyche is going direct at 8 Aquarius on the same date as the Libra New Moon. Asteroid Psyche being the subject of another post, I'll give you that link...

...then simply say for the record (in case you're in a rush) that Psyche requires of us that we deal with our Self on a factually open (non-emotional) basis, which when combined with the Libra New Moon suggests situations, notions and events which bring us to understand where we stand with that Self in terms of others.

Then there's the 8 Aquarius note - a quality which adds a bit of tension within and without. On the inside, we’re all struggling with things we don’t seem to be able to get past... while on the outside much is going on. Known for notes of brilliance even if the thing(s) we each seem stuck on/personally focused on seem foolish or inconsequential to others (that being the 'outside' part) - this becomes a portion of exactly that quality which makes everything so hard... which is to say it’s either our isolation in the notion (or opinion) or our insistence on individuality (or an individual course/decision) which amounts to isolation in the fact of a combination of object (Psyche) and sign (Aquarius) which intimates very strongly that though we need to know our position, that’s our Saturn-as-first-ruler-of-Aquarius “work” which allows us to 2.) be an equal among others, this being the Aquarian way.

Aquarius asks us to be an individual and as that individual to be part of a greater process, system or whole. People stumble over this Aquarian concept all the time, so here are a few examples. In a personal mode, take a scientist. In order for a scientist to make a discovery, first they have to learn the basics of science. Generally that’s not the ‘sexy’ part of the process, which goes very much with Saturn as Aquarius’ first ruler and Saturn as the symbol of time invested, dedicated effort, long term commitment, responsibility (to self, others and our world society). But it’s only after the basics are learned that a scientists can make that Uranian ‘leap’ to discovery.

On a more global scale, we see this Aquarian concept all the time in business and the world. Just as nations have individual states, departments, cantons or provinces (etc.) and despite the fact that each of these states or provinces has its own identity, work and responsibilities, so they all belong to the nation, collectively making it something which is the product of its makeup. Or think in terms of corporations, many of which have departments or divisions - each of which has their job, their function, their place in the process and their need to produce the “global” which in this case is the corporation’s product. A car assembly line is very Aquarian: each station does its work and together they build something which is generally more than the simple sum of its parts - not only does the car support the ‘whole’ (the corporation and its workers, vendors, etc.) but the product itself adds to the effective life of those who buy it.

With this in mind, there’s one thing more about 8 Aquarius which seems ripe for this moment: since 8 Aquarius often causes us to see where we’ve seen something as a ‘fact’ where said ‘fact’ isn’t true, in combination with Pluto and the New Moon this may be a whole change of outlook on something - or others coming to some very different outlook about you.

It all depends - mostly on who we are in our [Psyche] mind (and whether we're honest with our Self), how well that matches with reality (you know, the Pluto touch) with all of this oriented towards, or generated by some Libra 'Other'... sense of Other... or presentation of Self or personal deed as the Other to some other person.

All of which starts with the Libra New Moon as the start to a cycle which in changing the status quo leads us to attain a better understanding and perception of our inner, most personal (lunar) Self.

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