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Monday, September 1, 2014

Dateblog: September 2014

 September 2014 by Zodiacal Sign
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Looking across the diagram above, as an astrologer the thing which jumps out as an event is Pluto going direct on September 23rd. After all, as Pluto indicates 'change' and 'transformation' whether it comes about as the result of being tapped by a magic wand or being clouted liberally around the psyche by life's events... to have that kind of influence focal on the day before a New Moon suggests activity.

Activity within, activity without - all of it not under our control. Why not? That's simple: it's because Pluto represents karma. Pluto is not about what we do, embody or choose, after all, Pluto metaphysically symbolizes all which comes of what we do, embody or choose to be involved in (or with), along with all those lovely situations, desires, opportunities and interactions which tempt or daunt us by drowning us in that kind of inner preoccupation which can drive us wild - and which therefore we often give in to.

Much to our own difficulty (and sometimes regret), yes - but we do it anyway, with the sum and upshot of all being a lingering sort of whiff which drifts along those inner hallways of our mind reminding us of how we aren't that strong. How we act like it, we look like it, we measure up to many a thing tradition and society have said validates us as strong. Valid. A success.

So why are we so vulnerable to being made crazy by our own inner insecurities?

Ah yes, Scorpio - the sign which embodies our most challenging instincts, the sign playing host to a solar eclipse this October which is already stirring some some seriously unpredictable emotional waters, the sign whose various 'outcomes' are experienced by where, when and how Pluto transits our chart.

Beyond that, though the first part of the month is likely to be lived out or discussed in (true or false) theory, once Venus moves into Virgo having Sun-Venus-Pluto in earth is an influx of unavoidable realism (denial is not advised as that's a negative Pluto ploy). We will have problems and we will need to deal with those problems with an eye to effectiveness, efficiency, stability, durability and moral integrity.

It's time to eat our vegetables (again).

Once Mars enters Sagittarius some of the 'contests of will' we have been experiencing with others (and our Self) become not so distinct a cause for action and more of a motivation to figure solutions out. With minimal air sign presence in the mix we're more focused on what we're already dealing with rather than inventing the new out of pleasingly plump wholesale cloth.

But that doesn't mean we won't try. Towards the end of the month when Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 28th its to be expected that a few people are going to throw on the brakes (or think about it, at least) and that a stand or two will get taken for good or ill. The issues now - pro and con - are distinctly emotional, and no matter what anyone says (or who they point a finger at), emotions rising to the surface now are not about the Other but about us.

About what unsettles us, causing us to feel distracted by our own life because of what it is...and equally, because of what it isn't.

All of which isn't likely to make us feel a whole lot better. At least not in the short run.

September 2014 by Element 
(Legend: orange/fire, brown/earth, light blue/air, sea green/water)
Unpredictability and assertiveness are going to be part and parcel of our picture this month reflecting Mars, Jupiter and Uranus in fire. And since Uranus and Jupiter have been in Aries and Leo (respectively) at least for a while we are given to understand that it is Mars' moving into Sagittarius which 'frees' something up, whether it's our time, our finances, our attention, our preferences - or anything else.

Set your alarms.

Or maybe we should just all rest our mindsets?


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