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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mars in Sagittarius (and other Transits)

'Medea' by Andrea Schiavone
(16th century, Musee de Louvre, Paris)
The essential difference between Mars in Scorpio (which is ending as of Saturday, September 13th at 9:58 in the evening, UT/+0 time) and Mars in Sagittarius (which picks up from there) can be summed up in the style with which one concept drives us and becomes manifest in everything around us in all of life.

That word which manifests in various styles is intensity. Mars in Sagittarius is in not many but every way just as intense as Mars in Scorpio EXCEPT for the fact that Mars in Sagittarius has no boundaries and lends life a feeling of being unconfined where Mars in Scorpio is all about feeling confined...or having our feelings confined, trimmed, altered, confronted, persuaded - or any other way you’d like to see or feel it.

Or even not see or not feel it (take your pick - it all tends to come out in the human and mortal wash).

In any case, during the six weeks or so that Mars will be transiting Sagittarius we can expect things to be a.) varied, and... b.) not altogether predictable. This fact will be (or become...or be becoming) increasingly clear as it happens, about the time (just preceding by a couple of hours, if truth be known) this post hits the digital webwaves.

And that’s apt too, not that I don’t know that anyone who is an astrological clock-watcher is already mumbling about how I’m late, I’m late like I’m some sort of metaphysical Mad Hatter.

Come to think of it...

From Lewis Carroll's 'Alice in Wonderland,' the Mad Hatter having his say
at the famous tea party (original drawing by John Tenniel, 1820-1914)
Yes, that might work.

Getting back to the subject, Mars in Sagittarius all by its moon-less, rocky little self is known for its power of dissemination - as well as the response to disseminations made (here, probably under Mars in Scorpio) which have ‘violated’ some method, means, moral code or manner of teaching which humans as a flesh-and-blood ‘human group’ have decided upon.

And yes, this is as opposed to the society or corporate level of life, both of which are astrologically (or metaphysically, if you prefer) rooted in the impersonal/‘entity’ zodiacal 4th [Capricorn-Aquarius-Pisces] quadrant as opposed to the Libra-Scorpio-Sagittarius realm, a realm which is far more interactive and personal-feeling.

Mars in Sagittarius can manifest as speculative thought or speculative fiction. It’s a time when we are likely to hear a lot about errors and flaws with more theories and theorization than anyone really wants to hear about, but which we are all likely to (in our own individual and inimitable way) take part in, nonetheless. Mars in Sagittarius can manifest as the gloss on our wit as easily as the slime which coats every word rolling off too many shamelessly forked (and drooling) tongues. Mars in Sagittarius is known for great strides and great stridency, great fervor and great fervency whether said furor is deserved or merely a venting of frustration, heat, desire or despair.

And all of this is still without Medea.

Remember Medea - the sorceress who fell under an enchantment so powerful that it ended up destroying Medea herself and everything she claimed to love and cherish?

Medea (about to murder her own children) by Ferdinand Victor Delacroix (1862)
Ah yes... a charming sort, that Medea. And for us of an astrological bent the main belt asteroid which goes by this name represents a potent sort of energetic-as-potion which we will probably do well to use sparingly.

And probably also ever so importantly...knowingly, as the astrological Medea represents fixations, our ability (or inclination) to become fixated or over-focused on something, someone or some situation or situational dynamic. Medea manifests as attachments and bond to things or people or ideas or convictions, longings or beliefs which are so strong and somehow so threatening as to drive us - internally - to personal distraction.

And thereafter to personal destruction.

At the core of Medea’s workings seems to be some thought...something which makes us think that unless “this” (whatever you are focused on) is fixed or gained or eliminated or whatever else (with every one of those terms being relative)... that unless we accomplish that, all (whatever ‘all’ is) will come to naught.

Is that true? Maybe. It could be true, but may not be true as Medea represents where we tend to get ‘spun’ on an internal basis which here, in being presented in Capricorn would refer to real structures and tangible issues, consequences, necessities, aims and ‘governance,’ whether that refers to our ability or willingness to ‘govern’ some governmental, ‘governing’ or national interest, act, regulation or penalty...or to our efforts to ‘govern’ circumstances so that we can create or achieve some aim or structured/structural result.

There are several challenges which come up with Medea, the first of which is (as mentioned) ultimately what most of us would stumble over if stumbling is to be/become our current lot: the obsessiveness or over-focus Medea tends to indicate. Does this mean ‘length’ of time - meaning, are we being short-sighted, and is that what Mars in Sagittarius is going to try, test and challenge us through? Is this Medea’s narrowing of focus the indicator of an incomplete picture of some type which Mars in Sagittarius will reveal in due course, giving us reason to hone efforts and tweak plans as time goes along?

Plus when we add in what we would anticipate to be 22 Capricorn (the degree Medea is going direct in) qualities, all of this could simply become our situation. In other words, we may be going about doing and being and having our happy and/or difficult life. And because we are so (overly) involved in our own ‘stuff,’ that causes us to be put into some other situation (temporary or otherwise) which on our side or that of others produces equally highly convinced Medea-like fixations (shades of cause/effect...).

And that (in the end) is what brings on the downfall or defeat - if we don’t break away from our personal mental Medea.

As with all stations, Medea should get (or should have gotten...yes, I am late in posting - it’s because my back injury and I are not getting along)...Medea should get a two-days before, two-days after ‘station allowance’ (and of late I’ve begun thinking even asteroids may deserve three-plus-three day station allowances instead of two). So that means that Medea’s station would have begun on Wednesday (September 10th), a date which was already being colored by two other asteroids, namely House and Sappho, as indicated in a chart initially posted in the Venus in Virgo post (two posts ago, in other words).

House represents qualities of ‘feeling at home,’ and in having gone direct on Thursday the 11th at 18 Capricorn (a degree known for bad actors, wholesale lying or deceit and other unlovable human habits) this indicates a need to ‘direct’ ourselves to however or wherever this energy is surfacing (whether within or externally) with a mind to holding ourselves to that level of discipline or control-of-Self which will allow one to earn respect (that most stable of Capricorn currencies) and thus minimize damage to something we may well need in the months, weeks or even the years which lie ahead.

As for Sappho, like all main belt asteroids (such as Medea and House) Sappho represents something we ‘encounter’ as we pursue our aims and efforts - something which curiously evokes a whiff of universality, more than a few notes reminiscent of poignant, natural artistry...and yet something of a raw, discordant edge.

Unlike House and Medea, Sappho is going direct in Aquarius - a sign all about universality and individualism, which argues for relatively straightforward considerations of broad-scale, long term matters at hand - which considering how the specific degree of Aquarius involved here is 5 Aquarius suggests some misunderstandings and some people just leading others astray through their conviction that they know best. This degree is known for accusations, hasty judgments and a fondness for rabble rousing and shock effects.

And the challenge with regards to Sappho is twofold. For one, House went direct (on Thursday the 11th), overlapping Sappho’s station, which isn’t exactly a recipe for peace and quiet, regardless of what does or doesn’t happen. But more to the point, Sappho will be going station/direct only about 24 hours prior to Mars entering Sagittarius - which means Mars is at 29 Scorpio from the 12th into the 13th (before moving into Sagittarius late on the 13th) as Sappho goes direct.

The good news is that we’ve cleared some form of substantial hurdle with ourselves over the past seven weeks of Mars in Scorpio. To the extent that we have purged ourselves of ills we will move ahead, though there are no guarantees that we won’t trip over a pothole or otherwise get challenged during these weeks ahead.

And to the extent that we haven’t, there’s still a Scorpio solar eclipse less than a month and a half away. Between now and then, those who haven’t yet owned up to their own ills will find circumstances knocking on their denial-lined defenses - often as others watch in dismay.

But that’s also part of Mars in Sagittarius, as this is a combination which is all about learning who we are and who we aren't...and maybe that last part most of all.

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