by Boots Hart, CAP

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dateblog: May 2014

In the wake of April’s solar eclipse, Mars retrograde in Libra continues. It's an indication that though we are busy trying to meet needs or goals immediate and long-term, getting things on track (or finding resources or gaining "traction" in your endeavor) is probably not 'connecting' with others as effectively as we might want, hope or have expected.

And what does that suggest? It suggests questions - lots of questions being asked, especially of ourselves and especially after Venus enters Aries (above, in red).

Yet why would that be? That would be because Venusian energetics, somewhat in keeping with those of Libra (a sign Venus rules and which Mars is in)...Venus is about connection and all that comes from connecting with others and our the world, to which gets added that very 'first person' quality of Aries. Venus is all about results and in the case of Venus in Aries, our best results come from us.

And yes, they may be about us - our feelings about the results we are capable of generating, the results we have generated, or those we are (or aren't) likely to generate as time rolls along.

Much is in flux. But then, with a solar eclipse barely a week behind, that's not surprising - solar eclipses often take a couple of weeks to settle out. And while they're settling out, we tend to be a little...undecided.

Or insecure.

Or puzzled.

Even intrigued.

The point is this: it's all part of a greater process, one which is asking us to see what in us (the Aries 'first person') isn't working or not being all that well received - or maybe just not getting done. (Don't you hate that?)

Remembering that Neptune is sitting at 7 Pisces, this is a period of weeks which ask us to allow ourselves not to know - which isn't always easy, as most of us are going to meet up with this and that which tries our faith in exactly that way which triggers our urge to be sure or to "glue" something down.

It's so very Neptune/Pisces - and once Venus enters Aries many will be tempted to blame things on others whether doing so is even sensible.

It's just that kind of time. The issue is greater than us but we all have personal needs. A lot of people will solve these issues by 'schooling' with a group (again, that Pisces fish thing...) as in various ways we all get to experience and 'take stock' (or estimate the measure of) what it means to be human.

And what that means to us.

With Mars going direct on May 20th, most of May will feel polarized and we can expect some unraveling of patience as well as the adjusting of plans. By the time Mars goes direct the need to get things done (seeing as this station is in Libra) will either prompt us act or react, depending on individual mindsets of that moment.

This Mars station in the end of five (very long) months of life feeling jumbled, pressured, confusing and challenging and it's to be expected that we will be giving up a few things (reluctantly) as we come to the station...and resolving ourselves to move forward on a slightly different tact coming out of the station.

Productivity is likely to seem 'easier' towards the end of May, with new factors being entered 'into the discussion' around May 28th (the date of a Gemini New Moon and end of the Eta Aquarid meteor shower)...which more or less which give us all something to think about - thinking being the prime Gemini modality and 'choice' as the Gemini goal.

One other May item deserves a note here: Mars will enter the degree of its May 20th station (9 Libra) on May 7th - and Mars will remain at 9 Libra through June 1st.

The degree speaks to introspective consideration undertaken in a time when old methods and ideas no longer serve our purpose, and throughout the weeks of Mars at 9 Libra (initially in retrograde and then in direct motion) there will be a lot of contemplating, doing, sharing, conversing, rejecting and negotiating of ideas which have to do with the search of some 'new way' of (Mars) doing things.

Some of us will do all of this through conversations with others, some will be sparked by things they see or hear - and some will do their contemplating in private. That fixed star Diadem (the "crowning glory") is currently at 9 Libra metaphysically increases our focus and what we can learn about matters which seem vital to our personal or long term interests.

But here's the thing - Diadem is a star which tends to manifest positively when we capitalize on a lesson learned, not one we want to teach others.

Most of May continues the eclipse process. Though not devoid of meaning and activity unique to itself, we're all realizing that things have changed.

Have we? Maybe we have...and maybe we haven't.

The good news is we have a couple of weeks to work on things now that the rather 'compacting' energetic of the eclipse has passed. Now we can take a bit of time and think our way through to who we intrinsically are - and who we are no longer becoming..

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