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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Blogpost May 20-25: Sun in Gemini / Mercury into Shadow

A NASA 'jigsaw puzzle' of the Sun worked
by yours truly for today's blog.
(image credit: NASA)
When it comes to putting a jigsaw puzzle together, there are all sorts of ways of approaching the problem. Some people separate all the colors. Others work with just edge pieces and work to ‘frame in’ the rest of the puzzle.

This difference in approach is just like Gemini - as is the fact that wherever we meet up with the zodiac sign Gemini we encounter the ability...and often the need or consider more than one thing.

And ‘considering’ is the word to be thinking in terms of here as Gemini is the first of the air signs, and thus all about the process of learning how to think about things...starting with thinking - a construct which leads to the inimitable Gemini habit of getting the idea then thinking about the idea (and exploring what that means as a concept) before moving on to the next thing.

All air signs work in the airy realm of thoughts, plans and choices, which makes Sun in Gemini a month of learning about how to think about things and  experiencing any manner of process, relationship, challenge or option which will get us to consider where we’re going, why we’re going ‘there’ and what that means. At one end of the behavior spectrum here is the studious, intrigued and challenging - and at the other is the careless, carefree or not caring to make the choice to care.

Often represented by fixed stars Castor and Pollux (the famous ‘Gemini twins’) the myth of Gemini has to do with taking two things - often disparate things - and figuring out (1.) how they can live in the same space...or (2.) whether one should be discarded for the other...or possibly (3.) how to find a ‘middle road’ which will either “split the difference,” avoid polarities or fit both ideas into some greater construct.

Known astrologically as a sign which operates in  a ‘mutable’ (changing, learning as it goes) sort of activity mode, the weeks ahead of Sun Gemini will find us following developments and developing new ideas to follow. All four mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) display this ‘tacking from one point to the next’ or ‘connecting the dots’ sort of activity mode, with Gemini as the airy, conceptual, verbal, thought-or-concept-driven theoretical version of mutable energy being/manifesting as the ‘origin of the idea’ (our mental faculties) as sincerely as it describes our process of thought, learning, priority, organization and choice.

Either end of any Gemini spectrum can be equally productive or unproductive - which brings us back to the jigsaw puzzle as the one place all people, things and situations Gemini seem to trip over is in needing to remember that if the object is to assemble the puzzle, though we may have fun with all our sorting, separating and ‘getting into’ any given ‘piece’ of our ‘puzzle,’ in the end the puzzle needs to get assembled.

It’s sort of like the zodiacal glyph for Gemini...

Gemini is not about ideas or situations in isolation any more than our thoughts exist as something apart from life. It’s all bound together. So we can hold to either polarity or choose a path between - with the much of our particular or personal basket of ‘habits’ coming (in human growth terms, whether we consider this using psychology or astrology) from ages five to seven-and-half, a period during which as children we learn we really exist because at some level we realize we have our own thoughts.

That process involves a natural ‘shedding’ of our early childlike ‘magical’ world ‘as’ or ‘because’ we begin to recognize reality as reality: from the duality we arrive at how we choose to think...

...which yes, in the case of some is how they either don’t ‘choose’ to think through but still adopt (the Gemini duality as a ‘multiple’ and thus one-among-others), or the ‘idea’ of what one must live with (one polarity) which one accepts while having their ‘other’ life - which may be as simple as ‘yes, I have to go to work/school but the REAL me is the person I am at home,’ or any other ‘divide’ between the voluntary versus ‘requirement’ side of life.

Whatever is going on, under Sun in Gemini it brings learning - and how we receive that learning reflects our relationship to learning (which in more astrological terms would be the relationship defined by our natal third house (the sign on the cusp, the ruler of that sign’s condition and any planets posited within the 3rd house) well as wherever Gemini falls in the horoscope. The third house is always ‘Gemini-like’ in that it refers to mental-and-mentality sorts of processes where Gemini the sign refers to what we do with or because of our mentality.

So we’re in for a conscious and think-ful sort of month. During Sun in Gemini we should expect or at least not be surprised to have things bring new ideas to light, replete with all the reflecting (or investigating) we might feel compelled to do on such ideas. Yes, the duality of Gemini is likely to promote many a moment of ‘if it wasn’t for Them, I wouldn’t have to take my time doing this’ but the interest which sparks our mental attention isn’t theirs, but ours.

So is our feeling we need to become informed really ‘their fault’? It is if we think our thoughts should drive the whole of this world...but considering our individual incarnation as but one person in a well-populated Existence, while it is easy (and sometimes a Gemini ‘rut’ easily tumbled into) to cling to a known instead of considering an alternative or different perspective, method or ‘ordering’ (arrangement) of goals, ideas, priorities...(etcetera)....whenever we do simply ‘hold’ to one mental position we are automatically defining what there is remains for us to learn.

Why we aren’t learning - or at least open to learning in theory...that’s a whole other very Gemini question. Most often we think it’s because ‘they don’t know.’

More often, we’re afraid to know. There is no compunction under Gemini to do anything other than know, so why we can not or choose not to know isn’t about ‘them’ or what ‘their dictates.’ It’s about the expanse, expansiveness or lack of same within our own Gemini and mercurial realm.

Speaking of which, have you heard that Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is soon to go retrograde?

I’m sorry...I know, it’s a bit much. Or at least it seems like a bit much until you consider the following - a page scanned out of my personal copy of The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century (2001-2050) at Noon:

published by: ACS PUBLICATIONS, San Diego, CA
Note: all times calculated for UT/+0 /(Fair use reproduction only)

Generated though the above may look at first simply like a sea of numbers, those numbers reflect the general ‘tenor’ or tone of things throughout the month of June, starting back with the simplest of all things - astrological decanate theory. You’ve heard it here at the blog so very often: the first ten degrees...degrees 0-9 of any sign (key word: any) manifest through actions and physicality. The second ten degrees (10-19) of any sign manifest as the sign’s connection or embodiment of emotionality (which with air signs is generally expressed by the ‘tone’ of any communication, however it happens). The third ten degrees (degrees 20-29) of any sign manifest either as our experience of/exposure to group/social doings or our response to same....

(...which theoretically would take us back to doing something and the personal experience of life, which is a first decanate matter.)

All of astrology - like all of life - is about cycles, and Gemini is where (among other things) we think about how cycles (plans?) have turned out - and what we’ve learned - or about what new experiences are out there to sample. In the end, what we should focus on (or do) next?

We sometimes try to do it all (hence the Gemini reputation for multi-tasking) but that doesn’t always work. And when we apply all this to the ephemeris page above, what we see is that (reading horizontally) the most ‘social-public-experiential’ part of the month is between May 14th and 20th - or if you stretch it, the 24th, with the most ‘intense’ or focused attentions surfacing from May 7th through the 14th/15th (if that) how all of this is happening under Mercury retrograde.

Mercury rules Gemini, which means ALL of this activity is not about ‘out there’ matters or ‘the world’ or ‘life as a whole’ but rather about our thoughts. Our perspectives. Our ability or willingness to understand ourselves or perhaps be open to conversations with others.

Again, it’s not them, it’s the ‘idea’ which counts under Gemini. Mercury retrograde or not, the Sun passing through Gemini is going to call attention to our mentality, mentality as a whole and the idea of ideas... amalgamated, how they come to be, separately, as something people totally hold to or couldn’t care less about - it’s all up for contemplation.

Some won’t want to and will need to think about things. Some of us won’t need to think so much about things but may end up thinking about why that would be.

It’s just a think-ish sort of time, which is as it should be in theoretical (air sign) terms as Gemini is all about remaining ever curious while also sufficiently self-aware to know our perspective from that of others.

The Mercury retrograde as a specific is a conversation for another day yet to come. But the fact that as Mercury goes on station on June 3rd as Venus rolls over 8 Taurus (the degree of the April solar eclipse) suggests a number of realizations, results, costs, rewards and responses which still coming out of the recent eclipse.

Also...with regards to my comments on the Mars Direct post of May 17, if you will look down the Mars column you will see the pace at which Mars is moving through degrees slowing picking up.

Mars generally spends just over 2.5 days in a sign. By June’s end the Mars/Earth perspective will be such that we’ll be close to back to that rate and life will feel commensurately ‘available.’

The culmination of that ‘tale’ happens under Sun in Cancer, which is getting a bit ahead of ourselves here - which is like as not what we may want to do. This “slow” Mars against Mercury (ruler of Gemini) in retrograde with the Sun in Gemini may spell frustration and is highly likely to see some plans and efforts moving forward at a speed worthy of land speed records, musical glissandos and Doppler effects.

It is also likely to leave a bunch of people gaping with that gape representing the ‘mismatch’ of [Mercury] thinking/thought energy and [Mars] output/s, courage, need or aim.

Through what we learn or come to think (and therefore choose) because of what we experience or come to understand we will choose - and for reasons we can’t know going in, some of us will end up being sent back to our (Gemini) mental drawing board somewhere along the way.

Sometimes we need to understand why things don’t work or won’t work any more as well. Learning something new (or learning anew) is mainline Gemini - as is living with that which seemingly remains in is compartmentalized thinking.

This year the Sun enters Gemini on May 21st at three o’clock in the morning UT/+0 zone. With Mercury already transiting Gemini and Mars still in Libra, that’s a lot of airy energy which will work wherever we are working through or ‘because of’ an idea. So if you have a list of errands and chores the list is likely to be the thing which is bothering you (“I have to get to that to-do list...”) and if there are multiple steps to some process you’ll be figuring out what has to be done when - and loving or hating that process for your own personal air sign reasons.

In nature, turbulent air is wind. In conversation, turbulent air can be debate, argument or confusion - and speaking of confusion, it’s worth remembering that Neptune will go retrograde on June 9th marking the days of June 6th/7th (depending on where you are) to or through June 11th/12th a time which can be inspirational, enjoyable, confusing, deceptive, restful or filled with boredom, insecurity or exhaustion.

The separating factor between the pluses and minuses of this time are all about ego - and thus whether we can trust, be trusted, or even trust our Self. That Neptune’s station occurs as Mercury’s station is just closing out (with Mercury and Neptune in trine) can be beautiful and romantic and everything you dream of - just don’t count on what happens now as a permanent state and be aware of any desire to cede or surrender personal boundaries without knowing the facts at hand.

Those facts may take time to gather. In the interim, the old rule about ‘risking only what you can afford to lose’ applies. Otherwise, in the famous words of astrologer Robert Hand with regards to all things Neptune, allow yourself not to know.

Yes, you want to glue something down, know something for sure or finalize something. And things may happen which are positive and pleasant, without question. But something is as yet unknown. Unsolved. Maybe even unsuspected...but yet to happen - typically at or after Mercury’s station/direct point (July 1st in this case).

But don’t think that means you should halt everything. Not at all. Though known for misplaced and garbled messages, slow mail, delays in communication, rancid traffic and all those things we do when our brain isn’t quite in sync with our ‘autopilot’ function, Mercury retrograde is very good for getting caught up (speaking of lists) and setting up or creating a mental ‘plan’ which you will then follow once Mercury goes direct.

Meanwhile, life goes on. So as Mercury enters the shadow of its upcoming retrograde (the span of degrees it will retrograde back over) on May 23rd (UT/+0) we may want to take stock of what’s in progress and what isn’t yet fully looked into, decided on, scheduled or otherwise ‘in motion.’ Given that the Sun in Gemini is always an active time even when we choose to ignore all the hustle, bustle and noise, whatever is on the table in our life in terms of that which has been/become prioritized in our thinking, that’s what is probably best allowed to come to its natural conclusion without all the pushing, shouting and mental base-jumping (to conclusions and otherwise).

Moreover, the very (Gemini) idea that Mercury enters its retrograde shadow only a couple of days after the Sun enters Gemini...?

To those who believe (or at least who are willing to explore in true and truly Gemini spirit), in the highly-spiritual (if not precisely religious) metaphysical maxim ‘unbeknownst to us, the universe is unfolding as it should’ the are no ‘coincidences,’ merely opportunities to learn from. With Mars lingering on in Libra we still have an opportunity to learn a great deal about ourselves through others, and though Mercury/Sun conjunctions such as that we will experience on June 15th/26th tend to be a little myopic and lacking in perspective (read: often a lot myopic and lacking in perspective) this is also a very good time to gain perspective on who we really are in the world, our world - and who we can be going forward.

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