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Monday, May 5, 2014

Blogpost (May 5 - May 11): Mercury in Gemini, Mars/Diadem at 9 Libra

 At the center of constellation Orion, a region known as the Trapezium reveals streams
of glowing particles charged by nearby stars
(photo credit: NASA, ESA, M Roberto, January 2006)

I'm sure there is a goodly gathering of those who stop by astroPPM on a regular basis who have been reading over the past few months and wondering (between uproars in your own life) when it was that I was going to catch up with myself.

That answer would be now.

I had originally gird my whatever (while gritting my teeth and otherwise donning the armor of determination) to continue through to Mars direct (May 20th) and then breathe...

But apparently I don't look that good in blue. you know, it isn't an easy choice. Over the years that this blog has been running I've gotten all sorts of communiques from people - from those who understand astrology as a language to those who just like having a source of questions they can think about. I'm quite sure most people think of any blog all that seriously, but it is a way to contribute and I believe in being a contributor. Caring about others and being of help is what makes our world - and thus our lives - richer. While I understand the barter and negotiating power of money and why people listen to the rich folks, the metaphysics of money state that ultimately money is just another Taurus/Scorpio connector.

Like power, like sex, like the creating of life and the meting out of death, what we use as our connector says...and should say...more about us than about them.

The point really is that I do what I do not just because despite limitations it's something I can do, but because writing online makes whatever information I have been taught available to anyone who can access the internet (give or take digital politics).

I care about laying the information out for you to use. If you want it, it's there. So despite personal need and the need to care about my personal person (in case you're wondering, being an astrologer is like being a weatherman - you still get rained on) for the next while I'll be setting up blogposts on a basic weekly basis. Since astrology is cyclic, between the blog archives and featured lists of past posts (plus the word cloud) you should be able to answer most of your questions.

And should you get stuck (or stucco, if you're into plaster and such) you can always post a question here at the blog or send me an email for sticky specifics.

So saying, thank you for understanding, and let's get to it...

Burnished fields outside Benton Township, Columbia County
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Mercury in Gemini:

Mercury enters Gemini on May 7th at 2:58 in the afternoon, UT/+0 time and will remain in Gemini until mid-July.


Considering how Mercury normally zooms through a sign in the matter of a few weeks, to hear that length of time is something of a sure-fire tip-off.

Of what? Of the fact that we will be going through another Mercury retrograde in rather short order.

Ah yes, Mercury retrograde... the land of bad traffic, delayed communications, late paperwork, and too much to do...all of which is (theoretically) supposed to teach us humans about priorities and limits.

Apparently we like to ditch that class.

Anyway...that retrograde begins in early June - a couple of days before Neptune goes direct, all of which brings up the subject of Mercury-Neptune connections (and Neptune's current position) talked

Gemini is a sign of dualities, choices and information, all of which serve to support (or not support) the process of learning...and learning better. Under transiting Mercury in Gemini the pace of life seems to pick up, though it's possible (maybe even likely) that the truth is more about our unwillingness to choose or some choice not to prioritize which govern the limitations, successes, insights, opportunities and responses (positive or negative) we run into during this time.

Moonrise on Hobart Bay, Alaska
(photo credit: Commander John Bortniak/NOAA, October 1990)

Mars conjunct Diadem at 9 Libra:

Mars will enter 9 Libra - the degree of its upcoming May 20th turn to direct - on May 8th.

What does that mean? Well, let's look at it this way...Mars retrograde represents a trying period when our pro-active, assertive, even aggressive attitudes, choices, instincts, words (etc.) either get blocked, turned aside with (Mars) "point" twisted, deflected or "blunted." It's sort of all about our effort to 'get ahead' being put on hold and no, we don't like it. I doubt there ever has been (or ever will be) a Mars Retrograde Fan Club. Under Mars retrograde the normal Mars tendency to 'do' things externally (and get them done) turns inward asking us to 'do' something with or 'about' our Self as indicated by the sign (or position in your personal chart) of the retrograde, without whatever normal Mars 'my way or the highway' quotient tends to be resident in or as part of your life.

This time around, Mars' sign of retrograde has been Libra - the relationship polarity. Are we therefore shocked that our relationship(s) to others and maybe to life itself or the world around us has been odd?

Maybe. But astrologically, we shouldn't be surprised - except at just how odd things and people really are, of course.

Part of Mars retrograde theoretically is always about 're-balancing' our inner and outer worlds and the energy (the Mars "doing" or Mars "focus") put into each thing. Presented in Libra, this retrograde has had that eternally airy (air sign) quality of having to decide between ideas and people and paths and goals and all that stuff. That's the air sign thing - which is why air signs are always about choices. Gemini learns through choices and is personal, Libra learns through relationship and is thus interactive and Aquarius sees relationships in the world and how we relate to those relationships and the process of relating on an individual or collective basis.

So ever since early December, we've been in this Mars-in-Libra mode, learning about our Self through our relationships (or lack thereof) with others. The 'who,' the 'how,' the priorities one party or another party places on 'what''s all been a debate to the extent that they (or the situation) sets off our triggers.

Retrogrades are about us. We tend to think they're about others and 'the world' and such, but while it's natural to start by saying 'they made me feel that way' our feelings aren't theirs, so 'they' don't make us feel any given way - we feel whatever we feel because we have interacted with others.

That's pretty much the start of the Libra road - realizing that we're drawn to others or alienated by them or whatever else because of Self...not 'them.'

Where we go from there of course once we understand that is up to us.

And if we don't learn that, we just keep banging our heads - which may simply say we like being our own headache, but let's not go there.

Next we add in the 9 Libra part. By simplest definition as a first decanate degree (any degree between 0 and 9 of any sign is in it's first 'decanate') 9 Libra is a personal degree referring to our Self, our life, our body or our actions. Having a bit of a 'yang' edge (or edginess) to it, 9 Libra calls upon us to see the 'other side' of things before coming to any decision and to be fair in making any decision which stems from seeing both sides of every coin (or pancake, if you prefer). Assertiveness associated with 9 Libra often surfaces as frustration even without Mars (or Mars retrograde) getting into the act as it is in our present. And all of this...just in case you're wondering why people get so much more frizzled and out-of-hand these days than they did in the "good old days"...well, apparently it was time for us to go through all this frizzling because as of December 19, 2003 the star astrology knows as Diadem moved into 9 Libra.

That made 9 Libra part of our greater global background vibe - a fact I'm sure you'll just be charmed by once we apply the idea of Diadem, that being the idea that our crowning glory as humans being we learn from what we go through.

In other words, we're back to the experience of gaining wisdom - often through something which doesn't go at all the way you want it to.

And that sounds like Mars retrograde.

Could it be all the awful stuff we've all gone through since last December is about what we learn from it?

Apparently so...which makes me wonder what's going to happen next. You know...once we stop and realize what we've learned and begin to apply that (wisely, one hopes)?

One last note here: with Mars going direct at 9 Libra, that means that anyone with a Sun, Moon, Ascendant-Descendant, Midheaven-Nadir, lunar node or significant point (significant to their individual chart, that is) between 4 and 14 of the following signs is going to be most dynamically affected by the approaching Mars station as a turning point in their life or their thinking or their choices.

AND that such people will do well to take into account that others (people who may not have any points, planets or whatnot in those degrees) won't react the way they do. Those others may not even seem to care...even if they do care.

It's one of those times when you could agree with someone and still argue with them - especially once Mercury is in Gemini. (Such things happen.)

Or maybe Mercury entering Gemini is that clockwork signal for all clicking into place or our mental gearing finally seeing where and how we are in agreement with someone, giving us a basis to proceed. (Carefully, yes - but progress is progress!)

Mars retrograde is said to raise feelings of isolation and being 'on our own' so that we can recognize what we are capable of doing as an individual. Or what we're not capable of doing. Or what we're doing to each other because we both feel helpless, but neither party wants to admit it and neither party wants to communicate what they can't understand or admit in or about their Self or those (or that) they love or feel allegiance to.

Whatever we have learned over these past months we have learned in 'isolation' - which in the realm of air signs means 'in our mind.' That's no negative - it merely begs another question: what are we going to do with (or maybe about) what we have come to understand about ourselves (or our Self) in (dis)connection with others and our world? 

All of this is taking place in the wake of an eclipse with the other two astrological "personal planets" (Sun and Venus) being in Taurus and Aries, respectively.

Venus rules Taurus, of course. And as noted while we were skating through the last post, Venus in Aries isn't generally known as anyone's peak point of personal satisfaction.

Mind you, that doesn't spell doom. Or defeat. This is just life's requirement that we 'eat our vegetables' so that we can merit our eventual dessert...which for reasons discussed over many a past day, week and month may or may not yet be of the humble pie variety.

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

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