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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blogpost (May 26 - June 1): Mercury, Venus and a Gemini New Moon

(photo credit) The solar eclipse of August 1, 2008 as photographed from
Helsinki, Finland by Jonas Holmstrom

When the subject Mercury retrograde came up in the last post (on the Sun entering Gemini), I’m sure more than a few people inhaled with more than the standard amount of input. 

(They gasped, in other words.)

How could I possibly be celebrating the end of Mars retrograde and discussing the seemingly unending pressures we’ve been through since....well, since last December (when Venus went retrograde)? How could anyone possibly be suggesting that it was any sort of ‘good thing’ to experience yet another period of retrograde - in particular one where the planet in question (Mercury) is so obviously (not to mention notoriously) associated with the sign (Gemini) the Sun is moving through now, and for the next several weeks?

Really? Is this a positive?

Astrologically, yes - provided we are willing to (theoretically) deal with not only what we’re thinking (or what’s going on in our heads) but why we’re thinking it.

Plus there is that other fact: as irritating as Mercury retrograde can be, such transit periods (Mercury retrograde lasts 21 days, give or take a planetary nonce) are defined as a time when we catch up with ourselves or some factor or facet of life. We of Planet Earth get three-to-four Mercury retrogrades a year... year in and year out..and while they are associated with a slowing in the rate or pace of things, we obviously weather them quite well.

However...there are some caveats which come with any Mercury retrograde - especially with the Sun in Gemini, the more ‘basic’ and ‘personal’ of Mercury’s two signs of rulership and the one which has entirely to do with us and how we think...what we think, why we choose to think one thing and not another - and all that goes into being informed, conducting the everyday activity (business) of life through which we learn so much... choosing the ‘what,’ figuring out the ‘how’ - all in light of understanding the ‘why’ is the nuts and bolts of Gemini.

The net of all this is that life is continuing to ‘bend’ our thoughts inward. Whatever Gemini is and whatever Mercury (in ruling Gemini) retrograde brings, we will like as not utilize the natural Gemini duality to deal with whatever needs dealing with on an external basis, yes. But at the same time we will be having some sort of internal ‘conversation’ (or period of intermittent reflection) which is less about the immediate details of life and more about life itself - and what we think about life, and our own place in that life replete with why we are who we are and what we think of that.

Yes, the eclipse is still with us. That’s the handwriting on the proverbial mental wall - the important part of which to note is that it’s OUR wall. It’s in OUR head.

What we are perplexed, convexed or convoluted by at this time is at least as much about what we see than our own thinking, seeing as its our reaction we will experience, think through and respond to. Our times and the energetics thereof are evidently ‘supposed’ to be milky...or maybe in part ‘veiled’ at the moment - that much we were put on astro-notice about back in late April when just in advance of the solar eclipse the relative positions and speeds of Earth and Neptune brought on a case of energetic fogginess as big blue Neptune took up what may seem like virtual residence at 7 Pisces.

Planet Neptune (photo credit NASA, JPL)

Setting aside the idea that people who have Mercury retrograde in their natal charts seem to mind our yearly retrogrades far less than those with Mercury direct in their natal chart (much to their added chagrin, no doubt) Mercury retrograde is about ‘slowing down in order to catch up,’ which seems perfectly reasonable (on an astrological level) after Mars’ lengthy retrograde in Libra has brought so many of us either to where we need to experience what or why who we are “doesn’t work” (particularly in the greater spectrum of our ‘outside’ life)...or to the point where we are willing to consider where or why whatever our approach is to ‘being’ in this world - replete with whatever it is we do - why that is, or isn’t working, is or isn’t being received well or is/isn’t earning us the ‘reward’ we were hoping for.

With Mars having now gone direct, we can see the issue(s) and we sense the ‘scope’ of what’s ‘out there.’ Possibilities abound - but which ones are important, and what precisely does ‘important’ mean to our personal evaluation of [Gemini] priority?

As to this week in particular, the odd bombardment of ‘global/globalized’ input we’ve been going through is likely to settle out a bit as the Eta Aquarid meteor shower ends on May 28th, prior to which we will all be hearing much about...and astrologically, experiencing effects associated with a ‘new’ meteor shower Earth has apparently been moving/moved through.

Putting aside the idea that no comet we’re likely to see is actually ‘new’ (only ‘new to us’) the ‘appearance’ of a new-to-us meteor shower does raise the specter of this as a time when new ideas or ways of handling things in light of what we learn is apt.

However...just in observation...considering where the comet involved here (209P/LINEAR) hails from, we have some reason to be thoughtful.

And from whence does it come, you ask?

Answer: just north of Cassiopeia and therefore Schedir, one of the two stars eclipsed by the April 29th solar eclipse at 8 Taurus.

 Constellations Camelopardalis (the source of the 'new' meteor shower) and below at
right, Cassiopeia - home of fixed star Schedir (alt. spelling: Shedir). Our current pole
star Polaris can be seen in the upper right hand corner.
(image generated by Stellarium)
That suggests that there is yet more which will yet surface which somehow connects back to whatever level the April solar eclipse is working on in each of our lives.

- links to posts on April's Solar Eclipse at 8 Taurus -

As far as this astrologer knows (which isn’t very far on some days, granted) 209P/LINEAR has not yet been studied extensively by astrologers. But from what we do know - it’s proximity to Cassiopeia and how said proximity puts the alleged radiant point (read: source) of this comet more to the north...between constellation Cassiopeia and Earth’s current fabled “guiding light” (pole star) Polaris...that suggests LINEAR and any meteor shower associated with it may bring out a need or propensity for cooler/logical thinking/communications, and how that pertains to our own ability or choice to focus on our own capacity for [Polaris] temporal leadership - which is to say the ability to be self-determinative (at any level) in our own life and/or affairs.

(Evidently I have nothing to say on the can tell.)

In any case, LINEAR effects will have been at their peak over May 24-25 and the Eta Aquarids (along with their ability to ‘spark’ social or societal matters) will end as on May 28th at 6:41 in the evening (UT/+0) time a New Moon occurs at 7 Gemini, a degree which speaks to avoidance of various mental types necessary or optional, initiating a round of experiences and contemplations on the many ways mentality operates - or maybe doesn’t operate so well, whether that’s for reasons physical or preferential regardless of right or wrong...with most everything coming back to one rather bothersome question: can we be “bothered”?

However you take it, that would seem to be a major question for much we will undertake...or decide against this coming (lunar) month - and in a rather personal way, what with Mercury going retrograde.

With the Sun and Mercury already in Gemini and Mars (as you may well remember) that’s four major markers in air: much discussion, much postulating and posturing, much theorizing, conversing, reading, reading up on and reading into things. Manipulation of facts, general confusion and misconnections or misstatements are likely to abound, and while some are likely to be innocent enough (or even funny) June will see a lot of people using emphasis to sound like passion (which its not) which may be of no importance, but can be air sign ‘noise’ being used for its own purpose.

Sometimes people just need to make noise because they need to. It’s a peculiar form of personal expression, one might say - but at some level, isn’t all expression particular. Or shouldn’t it be?

Once we arrive at the 29th, two things happen: Mercury moves into Cancer, evidencing as a bit of calm...or perhaps pensiveness -  and Venus moves into Taurus, a positive which in enhancing our feeling comfortable in our own skin helps us get along with others and achieve our chosen aims. Whatever is in the works at this time may conclude in short order (in which case Mercury retrograde will be a preparing to move on to a ‘next step’)...or our aims may take a good amount of time to work to or through in reflection of Mercury’s impending turn to retrograde on June 7th with the station/direct not due to occur until July 1st.

In theory, this can speak to calmer waters and a greater sense of personal peace for many of us, though there will be many who will spend June  struggling (pondering?) about things which have been ‘eclipsed’ but which they can’t seem to let go of.

Why do they seem so important? What is it about us that such things appeal to and where does that come from in our life?

As Mercury moves into Cancer as of 9:13 in the morning (UT/+0) on May 29th, we will in begin moving past our discussions of why something matters (and feeling aggrieved that others don’t see things as we do into a week which softens our theoretical focus through feelings or feeling situations which force us to consider what we do...or don’t understand about what means what to us and our world and how to get on track (or back on track) with the right people either so that we have someone to relate to (talk to, work on our problems with) or so that we lower the level of mental icon-ization - the tendency to think in abstract and leave out the people/reality part - which has been at the center of our recent [Mars retrograde in Libra] polarizations.

Gemini is always about seeking to learn about the Self, whether we do so politely, aggressively, on our own or as part of (or in coordination with) some group, cause, collective, organization, or methodology. And so long as the Sun remains in Gemini, we will remain conscious of our [Gemini] search for understanding and better comprehension, seeking better options in the moment with which to move forward, whether or not they lead to our 'goal.' To those who think all things happen for a reason and that knowledge is power in that comprehension helps us make better choices (the polarization, success and ultimate lesson/s of which are astrologically delineated by Sagittarian application)...then we will be tolerant of all and whomever promotes whatever testing or testiness we encounter. There are those who will refuse to choose... or who will choose to simply take some time to think, explore and contemplate - all of which may well be apropos, remembering that we are approaching the Mercury station/retrograde point and how traditionally the best solution during this time involves not 'pushing' to get something done while not avoiding, delaying or otherwise postponing that which naturally comes to a head or falls into place during these days. Whoever we are and whatever we are doing, we will all face a few moments of decision, determination and  self-determination - which may involve some earth-shaking big decision or may just be about how to deal with daily chores.

That Venus is moving into Taurus signals not just a comfort in our own skin but the desire to be comfortable in that skin or in life as a whole...which after several weeks of [Venus in Aries] ill-feeling, 'bad fit' moments is totally understandable. Whatever has had us waxing evocative about things (or others) is not just what it is 'in its own right' but also how life gets us to notice where we aren't yet [Venus] comfortably productive [Taurus] in being/not being...or how we are (or have) invested in our self-worth department.

About now, a few questions are coming to light. They're what they are to be sure...and yet with Mars still sitting at 9 Libra until June 1st, we are still - and just now - reaching the point where inner and outer life factors are coming into balance. For you that may involve who you are. For others it may involve what they do. Some of what occurs will clearly exhibit the classic Libra ability to 'relate' or tie 'cause' to 'effect,' offering insights and overarching understandings. Some situations will call upon us to look at what we're doing and how that creates, or can create (influence, affect) what we're learning about from others through what they do or how life 'becomes' what it is that we are then left to live through, with and sometimes for - or even in spite of.

From the first century, the 'Ceres of Mérida'
(photo credit Oscar Marin Repoller, December 2010)

New Moons are always about a new 'round' of activity and this one, in being in Gemini speaks to some new thought, understanding or determination. Ideas speak loudly, yet provide no guarantees - only opportunities to increase our knowledge, better our perspective, and from that move forward.

The impending Mercury retrograde tells us nothing will be 'concluded' quickly. But then, apparently we need to take some time. In moving past (Thursday) May 29th towards the weekend a triad of objects (Ceres, Achilles and Nessus) going on station suggests a willingness to consider new [Ceres] plans...and probably how there will be a need to do just that. Skill [Achilles] is implied here, as is a rather 'sideways' notification that there is some sort of [Pisces] acceptance (perhaps resignation) that we need to do or face 'this' again [Nessus].

And as soon as we get that far, something else will need attending to - which no, we probably won't like. Of the many things Mercury in Cancer can represent (affectionate conversations, a trip through memory lane, a review of traditions, a relaxing into that comfortably private zone of thought where free of input and removed from temporal judgement we free ourselves to roam an inner mindscape...) it can also represent verbal haste and the sort of fractious energies which often manifest as touchiness, impatience, nagging and sniping. With the Cancer-Capricorn polarity always referencing who we are and where we come from in life (culture, land/home, nationality, family, personal history, etc.) though we may feel like we're frustrated with others, it's far more likely that we are 'venting' or projecting our own inner confusion or impatience with those many, many things in life which aren't precisely 'ours' to deal with...

...and yet which are ours to deal with (responsibly) just because we exist in this world.

Ceres going direct in Libra and in advance of Mercury's retrograde asks us to check our plans. It suggests we may need a new plan - or at least some [Achilles] sharpening of our point, some cutting away of unneeded or less-than-necessary frills with regards to the old one.

Do we know how to do that yet? Some of us do, some of us don't - which given the combination of Ceres (an influence which plans in order to protect and provide for supportive conditions down the line) and Mars' last day at 9 Libra at the end of our week asks us how willing we are to tolerate working through current events and/or much which we may not like, want or see as optimal...but which we (and others) understand as the path to a final outcome which in the end will probably be worth it.

Or at least that's the (Gemini) theory.

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