by Boots Hart, CAP

Monday, March 3, 2014

Venus enters Aquarius:

The Birth of Venus by Gustave Moreau (1826-1898)

There seems to be a ‘move to still’ recent motion coming to us over the next few days, starting with asteroid Juno entering Aries on March 4th at 9:58 a.m., UT/+0 time.

A symbol of ‘coming home’ and the nurture, reordering or protection of said home, astrology’s asteroid Juno is associated with the energetic of management and managing…what we do in our everyday life to manage that, what steps we take within the self to govern that life (and Self) through our mentality, whatever we do to mange a physical home or manage having one (working to support ourselves).

Whether in the ‘singular’ sense – meaning Juno as a thought process we use in planning our days, weeks, years and lifetime…or in the ‘group’ sense as when Juno refers to a ‘society’ of any sort (of individuals, corporate, national, cultural, etc.).

At some level…if you think about it, what this says is that the ‘Juno instinct’ (as we might call it) which resides in each one of our lives is about our relationship to that we identify with…CAN identify with…or now…and thus how we react to that idea, person, thing, group, cause our effort because of how well we do or don’t identify with it.

The positive of Juno is to protect, nurture, organize and generally maintain as functional. The negative of Juno is to reject, disrupt, criticize/critique and to resort to whatever disruptive tool or force seems applicable.

So…with Juno entering the ‘I Am’ sign of Aries does this mean we’re ‘coming home’ to our Self?

What we can say right away is that Juno is (and will be) ‘touching off’ the good and bad as seen from a Juno in Aries (i.e., first person) point of view – which is neither good nor bad. But when we add in Mars going retrograde in Libra (as of just a day or two ago), that would seem to suggest one of several ideas, all of which may be complicated by other factors and/or by more than one factor being true:

1. We are overwhelmed by the need to act.

2. We need to pull back and regroup due to expansive expenditures previously made which to date have not (yet?) proven out their promise.

3. We’re uncomfortable with why others and are disinclined to listen or understand any priority or rationale other than their own.

4. We want to think we control life and worldly dynamics. 

That  Juno is coming to its ingress of the zodiac’s first sign just as Venus is exiting the shadow of its December-January retrograde will time out a 'starting again' or 'staring something new' or even 'starting over' for many of us. You may also experience this as a time when something which 'started' or ‘(re)started’ back then and which confronted each one of us at some very deep and vital level about who we are… our innate value as a person and how we feel about that value (whether we value our value, one might say)… we’re back where we were in December.

We may be wiser, yes. Or we may simply have gotten to where we can get back to something which was of value at that time.

Seen in this light, to have Venus entering Aquarius late on March 5th (the day after Juno enters Aries and Venus exits the retrograde shadow) certainly echoes the ‘ending’ of something… though it may be more ‘thematic’ than specific.

In other words…as just one of the many ways we could look at this, if Venus is entering Aquarius, it’s leaving Capricorn. Capricorn is about social standing and who we ‘know’ ourselves to be in this world, replete with all the pluses and minuses the world may think of us included. (Or specifically excluded if you’re either narcissistic or sufficiently bullet-proof to go about… or need to go about your business regardless of what others say, think or do.) The point here is that Capricorn is an earthy ‘made real’ sort of sign… the good, the bad, the evil, personal consequences and whatever personal rewards we’ve earned (Capricorn stresses earning) have come to  reality… and to their end.

It’s been a very long four months. And considering all the trials and problems which have come to light in the world and our personal, individual worlds, maybe a few of us will have gotten the underlying concept of Venus in Capricorn, namely that the world is not ours to command…it’s ours to be part of.

Venus normally moves through a sign in a matter of weeks. That it took four months (Venus entered Capricorn back on November 5, 2013) for many of us to come to terms with ourselves or what we were doing is neither good or bad providing we’ve used our time for something.

And now as Venus enters airy, theoretical Aquarius, we get to see what we have learned. Between now and April 5th when Venus moves on into Pisces results are most easily gained through connecting or through systemic connections. The emphasis is on things which are both very basic and esoteric. With Venus in opposition to Black Moon Lilith as the ingress is made we are cued towards the experience of forces being ‘liberated,’ particularly where the ‘Self’ (group or individual) has been denied or ‘valued’ (that very Venusian thing) in a depersonalized or monetary manner.

That’s something to remember about the balance of March (i.e., Venus passage through Aquarius) – it will manifest as every form of ‘dealing in the abstract’ and many, many people are going to be offended by that.

In fact, with Venus entering Aquarius not just in opposition to Black Moon Lilith but also in square to the Nodes, we can assume the relationship created between people and ideas will promote responses far and wide. It’s going to be a big month for causes, for rejections, for wanting it all to just go away at the same time we want to be proven right or successful or validated in…in whatever we have been thinking about since back in mid-late January.

And put simply, to the extent that we have depended on others to prove us right…especially where we have hoped or ‘banked’ on them as opposed to who we can be in their presence, or in the presence of others or this world…that’s where we’re likely to be proven wrong.

In some cases, unfortunately, dead wrong.

Mental bets can be the most serious and costly. Why? Because ‘mentality’ – which is to say the astrological concept of mentality isn’t substance… and we live a physical life. Ideas have to attach to something or cause something to become manifest to be of service… another big theme Venus will be activating as we move into and through the weeks ahead. Systemic, big picture Aquarius is the sign of economics, the internet, things digital and transacting. This is the sign which embraces the theory which says what we put out comes back to us.

The trick here is that what surfaces now… that isn’t likely to be new.

With the Lunar Nodes in what astrology refers to as an ‘out of sign’ square we are being given to know that there’s a ‘mismatch’ of influences here which are currently at cross-purpose. In some cases there will be marked ‘references’ to things which happened eighteen, thirty-seven - even fifty-five years ago.

For the first part of this week we will be finding… feeling… experiencing feelings about this and that as more becomes obvious – to us, at least. Other people may not agree, they may not care, they may be totally oblivious to things we find compelling...

...even painful... they continue involvement with their own world, their own priorities - their own internal dynamics.

About the best we can do is take notice, be supportive and move on. It's just a couple of days. Those of us who believe that life has an ultimate purpose will accept and do their best. Those who believe life is to be carved out in one’s own mortal image will do what they want.

Venus opposition Black Moon Lilith at an Aquarian ingress is tantamount to an outcry. For you it may be an outpouring. Or a venting. Or a reaching out, a breaking free of some sort of lethargy you have been holding yourself hostage to simply because of doubt.

Grand squares – by definition – cannot be solved. They can, however, be dealt with and learned from, which seems to be their purpose. Having sat and watched astrological software scroll through a day-by day imaging of the whole of 2014 it seems obvious that this is a huge year for challenges, many of which will fade by next year...which is akin to a lowering of pressure by 2015.

But don't get pre-relieved. Astrologically, this is a big, vast, huge year for challenges, yes. And many of them are tough, raw, painful, disappointing - even humiliating.

They're still opportunities. That's the thing to grasp. Juno coming into Aries now as Venus enters Aquarius connects the concept of Self with the world, which means it's not 'the thing' or the task or the hurdles which need jumping - it's our outlook on it which is determinative. Good, bad, destructive, regenerative, expensive to our regard or cheapening in the eyes of others, for the next few days we get to manage experiencing our Self and do a lot of gleaning of information which may not even make sense to us yet, but it's all coming in.

And what would be the reason for that, you might ask?

That would be because in just a few days...on March the end of this time we're talking about, Jupiter goes direct, signaling an initiation of “growth” and “movement” which though slow in taking hold (reflecting the Mars retrograde which will be with us into May)... are likely to hold some very valuable, perhaps even life-changing potentials in the offing.

That part of the process is still a somewhat distant 'long run.' But things can happen now. In fact, they not only can, but are likely to.

Awareness is your friend going forward. But don't set anything in stone any time soon. We're in a development period (otherwise known as a period when developments are likely to occur) and none of us yet know what that which is already in motion is going to produce...

...and then what will come of that.

Everything we are going through right now is valid, in and of itself. It's also but a step in a process which will unfold over a number of months...about a dozen of them.

But what we do now? What we learn now? These days, this time going forward is going to prompt us to consider things which will confound us precisely because we can't learn from what we already know. So things will change. We will change.

Is it necessary? Since Aquarius in part tests our determination through confronting us with the exploration and real life puzzles, it would seem with Venus in Aquarius that there is something to explore, something to gain through the realization that reward is not merely about what we accomplish, nor about simply being someone that the world responds to.

What that is for you, no one can say. But we do know one thing...being that Venus is entering Aquarius it has something to do with the idea of being human.


  1. Thanks again, Boots. This "heads up" about the energies that will be influencing us next (what a roller coaster ride) is so helpful to me. I have noticed, since I have been getting cued by the astrology being explained month by month, week by week and right now day by day, that my thoughts and moods shift according to what is being "talked about" and "felt" in the universe/solar system. This awareness of the influences on me, and which ones I am picking up on, help me make more conscious choices, more in line with the true self I am learning to identify. Even missteps, made from this kind of consciousness are really just tools to cause me to know more clearly who I really am , or want to be. Mucho gracias!

    1. Thank you, Lea, for stating so clearly the aim of all astrology: self-empowerment.