by Boots Hart, CAP

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dateblog: April 2014

Three planets – Mercury, Venus and Neptune – are all in Pisces as April begins, lending a note of belief-based emotionalism, whether that’s sacred or secular. And by the end of April’s first week, that fervency begins to become more theoretical. Pallas going direct tells us that less passion works better- and that as of April 9th passionate attention is there to be stirred by those practiced in stirring attention (it is a talent, after all…) and how In keeping with the mirroring of Mercury’s shift through signs and elements there’s a hunger for considering basic things.

With Pluto’s station-retrograde occurring on April 14th in tandem with a lunar eclipse (with all in advance of the April 29th Taurus solar eclipse) we can expect to be imbedded in some experience which among other things tests our underlying sense of personal self-worth, value and respect…particularly through others.

Unique to each one of us, barely will this cluster of mid-month events have influenced our perspectives (or methods of approach) when an entire series of strangely inter-related ideas, facts and events come up for consideration. Reflective of overlapping meteor showers (the Lyrids and Eta Aquarids), such facts may fit with whatever round of forks-in-the-road now present themselves.

Then again, with Mars still retrograde in Libra there may be a ‘rejection of involvement’ which is more about the need to attend to personal needs than anything else but which may come off as unpleasant, separatist, dismissive, selfish or otherwise self-concerned to others.

There’s an interestingly subtle pattern set forth by the timing of all which happens now: the first two thirds of April 2014 seem designed to test us, most of all in areas where our ability to tolerate how we feel (inside) when it turns out things aren’t precisely as we were thinking they were going to be…even how they “should be” (in our opinion). In keeping with true semi-sextile form(at), we will all have most of a month where an opportunity exists to learn from difference between what is and what we were expecting.

And beyond that, there’s even more to be gleaned by anyone brave or insightful enough to take on thinking through why motivations differ.

It’s just we’re not likely to be in the mood – which is what it is, pro and/or con.

Then the celestial clockwork clicks into ‘opportunistic’ (Sun-Mercury sextile Venus) mode. But as this happens as we move into and through the April 29th solar eclipse…?

That suggests a period which sets off, reveals and ends various ineffective, immoral- even indecent use(s) of power, be that personal power or power as in electricity, gas or anything else.

April is less than likely to be a month of destinations and not unlikely to elicit moments of defiance amidst a determined sort of calculated desperation.

We know what we need to do. We just have to do it – in spite of the fact it’s antithetical to who we generally are.


  1. Wow! Thanks for a great Map for the journey of the month ahead. We cannot now say we were not warned and alerted of and to each challenging twist in the road ahead.
    May your experience of the month, Boots, be powerfully positive.

  2. Thanks for the April update ... awareness helps.

    Life has been pretty "full" these days and haven't had a chance to comment on all of your posts ... but did want you to know that they have been appreciated and helpful. (and oft times read more than once >grin<)