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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dateblog: March 2014

If you remember how in last month’s Dateblog post we talked about February as a month leading into March… well, now we get the real deal – the real March 2014 which begins with Mars executing a station/retrograde maneuver in Libra as of March 1st and Saturn doing likewise a day later on the 2nd.
For some, this opening March salvo will be triumph. Some will see efforts long planned and diligently pursued coming to fruition. For others this will be a moment of defeat – or at least feeling defeated. The combination here being Libra-Scorpio (adjacent signs), regrets and offenses dare us to get past all the March 1st feelings associated with the water sign (Pisces) New Moon in getting on to that which needs getting back to.

And yes, for a few, this Mars-Saturn will (guaranteed) manifest as ‘getting back at.’

Yet apparently that isn’t optimal – now, if it is ever. The greatest effect of Mars going retrograde in Libra is to turn us back towards working on our Self and working on ourselves as ‘causal mechanisms’ in how others respond to us, what happens to our life, whether opportunities are good or merely invitations to further lessons on how we haven’t owned our power yet….

…all that stuff.

And maybe…just maybe in going retrograde, the frustrations and discouraging notes which so tend to accompany Mars’ turn-to-retrograde stations, maybe a few of us will realize that we maybe could have changed things somewhere along the way. And thus the question becomes ‘Did I think too much about them? Did I not think about their perspective at all? Am I going in the right direction? Do these people understand me? Do I really understand what I’m doing or trying to do – and if so, do I know how to get it done?’

Blockades of all types being very typical under Mars retrograde (never mind one evidently backed by Saturn) there’s a natural tendency to rail or feel rejected which may come up now, but the far more (Mars/Saturn) productive thing to do is to tackle all that tough stuff which is seriously not all that much fun but… well… maybe necessary.

Maybe even really necessary – which would at some level be the March theme. And so, as we all turn away from the Libra interacting and putting things out there, we will actually get things done even if what we accomplish may not be exquisitely visible.

Important is important. With Mars now having moved above the zodiac’s natural hemisphere, who we are …what we are and why we do what we do is more public, more ‘visible’ than ever. Could it be we’re not quite ready for worldly prime time?

According to life, there are a few more details which need doing – and we’re going to be directed to doing all those things (whether we want to or not!) so that in universal terms we’re ready to go on to the next thing, be that jolly or rancid.

Against all this we have a month which begins with the Sun in Pisces and which ends with Sun in Aries. Every year when the Sun gets to this point we go through a feeling (Pisces/water sign) time and from that are (fire sign) inspired to become something more. Or to take what we’ve learned and do better. Put very simply and in generalized, phase-oriented terms, Pisces is where we ‘let go’ and allow things to be and become what they will be and become – and that’s where some of our toughest Pisces feelings come from. Where Pisces truly colors our life we tend to surrender – for good or bad (depending).

From that surrender, in the most basic of cycling processes, comes the opportunity to start anew. Or even just to start. When we let go of ‘this,’ life fills that vacuum by spurring us on to doing ‘that.’

The Piscean feeling of loss…or trepidation…or regret…or love for that you have cherished long and deeply…all that is a phase. If we look at the zodiac we know we’re meant to feel and feel ourselves soaked in our own feeling nature, from which comes the surrendering to the inevitability of life and the resignation to renew…and thus be ‘reborn’ to our own willingness to be who we are – the clean-slate Aries Self.
With Venus, Mercury and Mars each spending some portion of the month in an air sign (Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Libra) March can be expected to pulse back and forth between informational transacting and trying to figure things out. And because in this regard we see the Sun move into Aries just as Mercury moves into Pisces with all this happening as Plutino Ixion and centaur Pholus go retrograde, there’s a definite chance of getting driven off-course towards the latter part of the month.

Or is that off-course in our minds because life isn’t panning out the way we have it (fire sign) envisioned? With the month ending with the inception of an Aries (New Moon) lunation cycle, we may be too innocent, too headstrong or too un-experienced (or even ill-experienced) to get where we think we want to go yet.

There’s more to learn – about ourselves and the world we’re each one of us an intrinsic part of. Life ‘unfolding as it should’ subjects us all to a lot of quandaries, and not one of us is ‘invited’ – all are merely called to attend and then told to sit our derrieres down in the classroom and do our work.

It isn’t our universe – we’re its people, its molecules, its energy in manifestation.

A solar eclipse over Hawaii (photo recolored)

So this March…? With the inner planets in learning signs and the forces for ‘grounded-ness’ in-the-moment being described by Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn there is a loosening of ties in preparation for transformations going on, which seems apt what with April (next month) hosting another of Earth’s solar eclipse events. The process isn’t gentle, and with the eclipse energetic coming from Taurus, our feelings of safety (specific and/or general) or even just satisfaction are being dearly pitted against the need to understand that our problems – more often than not – are about us, not “them.”

It’s an introspective, if still very active month. There is much to be done even though at some (feeling, emotional) level we may not feel we’re getting anywhere.

It’s a process, so be patient – most of all with your Self and those who seem most lost.



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