by Boots Hart, CAP

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Lunar Nodes Change Signs

As if we all didn’t have enough to think about under Mercury retrograde, now the lunar nodes are changing signs.

But maybe that’s the point? Maybe what we need to do is to stop thinking in terms of how (Taurus-Scorpio) we feel or don’t feel and focus more on how who we are to others (North Node in Libra) affects who they are to, and with regards to us – and how that affects the opportunities we have to be that ‘me’ we all have in our heads, hearts and (yes,) other places.

The last time the nodes changed signs was back in August of 2012. Everyone and everything about life (how to operate in it, what people were wanting out of it, the sort of ‘vibe’ with which we all approached everything – including each other and Self) …it all moved from this sort of ‘could be’ mode into ‘we’ll talk about what it could be after I’m sure I want to risk what I value most…’ with the ‘what’ of that valuation being our values.

In other words, the transit of the lunar nodes through (North) Scorpio and (South) Taurus has been ‘about’ our security – but whatever makes each one of us secure has varied. (In other words, that’s the ‘it’s your natal chart, not mine’ stuff.) But the desire to stabilize that ‘security quotient’ in our lives? That’s been a constant. Depending on where this nodal transit caught you in other life processes and doings your problem could have been validation of your work but not financial. Or your life could have been all financial issues but you haven’t a qualm in the world about who you really are.

Part of the miserable-ness of the December-January Venus retrograde is all about our insistence on all things Taurus – from comfort to comfort(s) taken from how others receive or respond to you. The South Node (the easy thing to do) was in wee early degrees of Taurus, making the ‘playing field’ – whatever it was - very personal to us…if not to others.

And that very gap? That pointed out to us the ‘distance’ we still had to go with our Self in feeling secure with who we are, come what may. As one person put it to me: it’s not what others do, it’s surviving it which counts.

Survival is nice, no question. But how that works is going to change. Where under North Node in Scorpio the focus of our willingness has had to be on whatever area of life which evoked vulnerability in us…now that focus becomes the clarity of our understanding in whatever (Libra) area of our life connects us to others – through work, relationship, membership, allegiance, whatever.

That understanding is all about us…both in what we are drawn to (and drawn to learn about in life and in the function/non-functionality of our own life). It will come to us through ideas, conversations, text, inspirational demonstrations…whatever it is which causes us to understand who we are to a greater degree, that is what is likely to happen.

And what we will in our own way, cause to happen.

The ‘easy way’ out over the next couple of years is going to be all about Self. Focusing on what we look like or even our safety – those will become  barriers to connection and/or the tools by which unworkable status quo adaptations are broken down on a personal and social/societal basis.

Part of this is ability…part of it is willingness. 

Meanwhile, stability is a whole other issue. North Node in Libra holds a high standard for honesty, and that honesty has to start with a Self willing to equate what we can be (or can do) with what we should be (or should do) both in the sense of what is responsible to others and this world…and to our Self.

Those who willfully ignore their own (internalized) standards of integrity, honesty get in trouble during the next 1.5 years – and that trouble starts with their Aries physicality. Of all the zodiac polarities, nothing points to physicality in the blatant sort of way Aries-Libra so matters of eyes, blood, bone, kidney and skin deserve attention, will come to fore and at some odd level represent a positive/negative in terms of personal potential for growth.

The more we learn about our Self, in other words, the more we understand about others…and the more aware we are of their existence as something unique and equally valid to our own, the greater our ability to effectively connect and generate positive responses.

It’s all so terribly Libra. But then, wherever the North Node is, it always is to very North Node.
A quick definition for those unfamiliar with the term: the lunar nodes are where the path of the Moon around Earth intersects that of Earth around the Sun (the ecliptic).

Wherever we see the North Node in a chart, we may be assured that those are the tasks we have to tackle and learn about first and last in order to achieve our aims. Those are the things we have to embrace, accept, master and turn from pure weakness into strength of perspective before we reach our goals.

And the problem is…?

None of us like anything to do with our North Node work. So while the smart company will now focus more than ever on serving the customer’s needs, more than likely most will use what they know, use loud ads and in general, plead inability of whatever kind (regulation, cost, time, etc.) of excuse which will deflect the issue from errors made in looking first to corporate glory and only then at the market as a thing from which to get that glory from.

We may be assured financial issues will be ugly for the next couple of years, particularly as economic gaps become wider and ever more deadly.

The North Node enters 29 Libra on February 19, 2014 as the lunar South Node enters 29 Aries. From there, the nodes will do that curious ‘counting down’ action which so mirrors the level at which ‘how life operates’ is brought ‘home’ to us. That nodes do move backwards through the zodiac (which is why eclipses cycle backwards as well) will reflect over the next six months as an increase in opportunities and challenges which matter most OR which originate in our ‘external life zone’ which for you may pertain either to what you need from/in life…or through questions or situations which raise what is important about how others (and society) at all levels of life and operation.

The Nodes will leave Libra and Aries in November, 2015.

That they’re entering Libra/Aries in advance of our working through the balance of our Taurus/Scorpio solar eclipse processes suggests we have some ‘getting over ourselves’ to do if we want to get effective. And many seem in line to do just as we head towards the 8 Taurus eclipse this April and the 0 Scorpio which follows this October.

And of course, let’s not miss the handwriting on the generational wall here with North Node in Libra. There is no plainer clockwork announcement that Gen X is now stepping up to run life and our world than the North Node rolling into it’s sign.

This is where the rubber hits the road, Gen X – you’re on notice. You don’t like having to sell yourself out as a human being (some would call this ‘prostituting your Self’)…or in terms of your human potential. Moving forward you won’t have to, providing you stop selling out to your Self.

This isn’t about anyone else, Gen X. This is about the standards you hold yourself to. The world you try to run away from is simply the world you know you could build – if you wanted to.

That’s the thing with the North Node, whether you’re a Gen X’er, a Pluto in Scorpio type or any other astro-generation. None of us want to. It’s easier to go it alone than not. It’s easier to stick with what we know than to spread our wings and fly.

Fly anyway. If you’re not into flocking, try flocking. If you’re not into flying solo, fly solo. Balance yourself out in terms of who you are going in…and who you work to become before the Nodes leave Libra/Aries.

This is an opportunity: through others, through the experience of others via any 'thoughtful' means, through thoughts communicated, through thinking about why others have responded to us for good or not so good...thus do we learn. Yes, we can insist on being simply who we are and know (or like) being.

That's just not likely to get us where we want to go - or where we think we want to know.

And isn't it a shock when you work so hard, then arrive at the aim and find the glass slipper doesn't fit?

 Cycling backwards through the zodiac, the nodes (lunar nodes) enter Libra and Taurus at 29 degrees.
The nodes are in an eternal and natural opposition, representing our continuing trials, tests and growth
with regards to our ability to relate, be related to, and be in relationship, be that mental, physical,
monetary or of some other type. The above, a text-based chart in response to a Certain Person's
complaint (better?) shows the South Node - the 'easy way' forward to be all about what we know,
like, prefer, know how to do. In other words, our comfort zone.
The Sun's trine from 29 maximal degrees of Aquarius in an out-of-sign trine to the North Node tells us
we need to learn from the discomfort we experience what our own boundaries are - and should be.
We’re going to hear about a lot of death over this next few years. Why people can’t stand living and can’t tolerate others being alive is less about who they are and more about why the (nodal) society pays lip service to the individuals which are its cellular structure instead of doing human service.

And we wonder why people act coercive with us? We started this trend by undervaluing the Taurus-Scorpio strength and human nobility we were born to embody as a person. Have we learned better yet?

That’s probably what these next two ‘out-of-sign’ eclipses are going to touch on. And thus where they’re likely to hit us the hardest - the disparity between what we did and what we intended to do (and be), across the board.

Good and bad, the question now echoes: Did I really do that?

Tell you what…I’ll do my part and own my flaws if you’ll do and consider owning yours. I understand the only way to deal with others realistically is by really being me, which is the work of this next two-and-a-half years.

No, I’m not going to like the process. But I’ll do it anyway. 

If I was to say 'care to join me?' you might think it was personal. But it isn't - not in the Libra sense. We need us. We need to experience ourselves simply being us. We need to know we are capable of simply being good company along the road...and that's a deal of where to start as we now look to be that we need ourselves to succeed in being.

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