by Boots Hart, CAP

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sun in Pisces

The Aquarium of Monaco
(photo: public domain, Dec 2011)

Arriving at a Sun-into-Pisces ingress looking ahead at a one-two-three lineup of Mercury, Mars and Saturn on-station dates (to be followed days later by Jupiter’s station) is worth a bit of contemplation. Knowing all that’s going to happen under Pisces (a sign which manifests as sensitivities of all types) sounds like a recipe. 

The only question is for what. So to the basics here: the Sun makes its 2014 Pisces ingress on February 18th at 6:01 in the evening, UT/+0 time. The Mercury in Aquarius (against Sun in Pisces) part of the above was posted on last week, so here’s the path to that…

…beyond which lies the ‘distilled’ sort of clarity which is so Mercury in Aquarius…the helpful and annoying of it, the equipped to solve one problem while raising another habit mental delving tends to set off.

All of which will now be operating on us in terms of our (retrograde) personal outlook and/or life, manifesting in the doing of what we do with more intensity…and yet more fluctuation and need for flexibility. From now until Mercury’s February 28th station/direct moment we’re all up for grabs with others and ourselves when it comes to Mars in Libra questions of connection/connectivity, relationship and honesty of all kinds – particularly that which reflects how honest we’ve all been with our Self  about what things really are (and are not) and how that affects (or doesn’t affect) others.

Where we go wrong, life will promote a very ‘emotional time.’ And while that may be good or bad in the moment, the reality of what such a period could mean is not in the…percussion (the tapping into the moment)…but in a repercussion which will ‘hit home’ either as a concept or need or a series of interconnected concepts and needs, the operands of which will become active as Mars goes retrograde on March 1st.

(Actually…given station allowances, make that February 27th as timed by a UT/+0 zone clock.)

During this time, more than a few of us will be going through poignant internal moments. Then as Mars turns retrograde and Saturn is on station we’ll begin considering repercussions.

And debts.

And mistakes, dangers, opportunities and costs physical, emotional, spiritual as well as financial.

But yes, money counts too. Saturn/Mars is often a signature of business; this is a primary time for those who have done their homework to undertake some core or challenging effort. Yet whether we’re doing something or not, with the Sun in Pisces – the ultimate signature of that sort of personal  vulnerability which converts into a strength when our faith in investing in our effort goes beyond the harness or limitation of ego…

…life is going to be asking us questions. It’s just that kind of time. Our fears, our hopes, those trials of soul which test our ability to absorb emotional exposure… we’re all about this time. We’re ‘doing’ it. We’re ‘being’ it.  

And for those who resist, there’s always the ‘being overwhelmed’ by life – that maximal Pisces experience.

 The Sun's Pisces ingress 2014 (text chart)
February 18 - 6:01 p.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel, location not specific

The positive here is the opportunity to let down our guard…the ability to (maybe for once) stop fearing long enough to allow belief to become our strength. Given how this year’s Sun traverse of Pisces is so prominently marked by planetary stations…and that all those stations happen as the Sun moves into Pisces second and most emotional decanate (degrees 10 through 19)…it’s a time to be stirred.

No, not like coffee – like feeling entities. Sun in Pisces is all about our feeling ourselves grow softer in the presence of that which our Self recognizes as moving. Mars in Libra, at its most altruistic, is about the will to be inspired – or inspiring.

That Saturn will go retrograde in a third decan degree of Scorpio (23 Scorpio, to be exact) tells us this isn’t just about us. Or what we like, prefer, have thought through the doing of before.

This is where Saturn sternly parts the curtains showing us what we would have liked to have known before now. Or that which we didn’t want to see. Or that we would rather not know.

Or that we would rather not have to do.

No matter the course ahead, there is one thing to take heart in: it isn’t just about you. Who we are now will reveal our humanity – our true beauty to others. Whether we’re grappling with it, reveling in it, have wasted it or or in the process of discovering we exist, we are at our most preciously mortal now.

And if we have the courage, we can let us see us.

Maybe even like us.

Maybe even respect us for being who we are.

The Sun won’t move on into Aries until March 20th (UT/+0). That means that between now and then, everything which happens – which means with every transit to your natal chart and with every mundane ripple of energy finally reaching Terra Earth from wherever it was generated ‘out there’ by some unique object moving through space and time under unique conditions….

The Sun as photographed in x-ray from the SOHO solar observatory
(photo credit: NASA, JPL - April 2010)

…it’s all about us as part of the incalculable vastness. It is all us and we are part of it. We are in relationship with our world as surely as it is in relationship to our existence as part of that world.

That’s the essential connection, that thing which Mars’ station in ‘like attracts like’ and ‘cause/effect’ Libra tells us is equally about who we are and the quality/qualities of what we are ‘putting out there’ as it is about the ‘idea of the thing.’

Through equally Libran interactions and Saturnine, sometimes hard-to-take moments, reactions, efforts and realizations will we now be validated.

And feel…way down deep…what really matters about who we are – the individual, the soul, the person. What will happens now will be hard to describe, but you’ll know its real. It’ll tap at your awareness in that way which if someone catches you doing it you’ll say ‘oh, nothing…’ with a shrug or quirk of sheepish grin.

This is a time when we sort through instinctive, non-verbal sorts of Piscean deep-water feelings.

We are going to be being who we are intrinsically.


What we learn from doing that? That’s all about who we are – and yes, we will take note, whether we choose to face realities or not. Where under Scorpio rejection is experienced as an opinion, under Pisces its more akin to denial, flippancy or avoidance.

And it isn’t ‘them,’ it’s you. And yes, you may live to kick yourself in the psychic derriere about something you do now or something you have done prior to now…which just says so much about the relative length of legs, the hardness of heads and the human tendency to cling to self-validation the more insecure we really are.

Those of us who use this time purposefully and productively are still likely to find things challenging, if simply because things aren’t likely to be all ‘smooth sailing.’ Sun in Pisces asks for faith the kind of faith which allows us to persevere through being part of our environment. Linked with fears of failure, Pisces – and 12th house chart experiences - typically teach us not to think things are only ‘about’ us and how we are not only entitled to our feelings, we’re required to own them, use them, feel them and be responsible for all they cause us to do, not do and be.

Or, of course, not be.

Once Mars and Saturn go retrograde, Jupiter going direct in Cancer will tend to mark moments when things or acts or decisions get ‘called out’ or noticed, responded to for wherever reason. That which we have started prior to now may ‘take effect’ or become ‘concreted’ or ‘real’ to others (a common manifestation of Jupiter and Saturn in combination, particularly as that applies to your career or business as a genre).

And from there on out, Sun in Pisces becomes a streaming of various exercises in how to make do and make more of things – a strange combination of being careful and throwing caution to the wind which is common with Pisces, the sign of two connected fish swimming in opposite directions. As the emblem of that very feeling vitality which so often, despite all the ‘rules’ causes us to laugh or sing or dance just to feel ourselves existing, Pisces teaches that even if it’s for a moment, those moments when we give ourselves permission to feel are our the jewels with which our life – hopefully – is ultimately spangled.

Nothing is likely to go wrong now when and where we hold to simple truths. The clarity of what we know…even if its wrong or in error can carry us forward and through providing we are openly willing to own the ‘I was wrong’ or ‘I didn’t know that,’ part. In fact, in time such moments (as memories) will remind us either that it is through the 'giving in' to the temptation to 'just' be who we are to the exclusionary point which stunts our life. By becoming humble not to others but as a gesture to that Self which deserves the best we can be for our own sake, so we will over the next few weeks replenish inner reserves which as we refill them will actually cause us to recognize just how empty we've been.

And thus will we learn that something was done or learned or taken incorrectly - and how that's affected something else. Or someone else.

 The Sun's Pisces ingress 2014 (glyph chart)
February 18 - 6:01 p.m. (UT/+0) - Aries Wheel, location not specific

It's not any actual incident which really counts now - or going forward: it's how we feel about hurting or not hurting, harming, being harmed and even just being unrealistic.

The more that life causes you to question yourself through how you feel about being who you are...the more you stand to learn and gain. But that process isn't gentle as so many of us project our dreams, hopes and wishes...and we pay the price for having done that (or not caring that someone else has done that) under the Sun in Pisces.

We want people to share our hope instead of being content with their having hope. We feel small simply because the whole or the task or the possibility is too big. On one hand we want help, on the other we just want to be left to do 'our thing.' We want freedom but don't like or want to feel alone.

Sun in Pisces promotes our sensitivity to being sensitive. It's a process which uses how we feel to cause us to understand what we feel about life.

The process isn't subtle. But then, neither is the realization of who we really are.

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  1. Thank you, Boots. Last night I was re-reading (for the third or fourth time at least, your most recent Ixion post and then ran on to your Astrologer's Note at the end which I had not seen . Re-reading that (it takes a long time for me to feel I understand things that are relevant to me, but that I don't "get")--and now this post about the ingress into Pisces (and a meditation this morning with a certain awareness that came up) I am beginning to feel more safe as I look into my past, present and future. I particularly find valuable how in your posts you always bring all the astrology back to Self. The question: Who Am I? was only clearly addressed by me within the past 10 years--and has become a little easier to answer, one day at a time, by my checking out how I am living, choosing and creating, and then judging the results. You have been very helpful and appreciated by me as I continue on this very late in life journey.