by Boots Hart, CAP

Friday, February 14, 2014

February’s Full Moon: Luminous Illumination

The Gates of Dawn by Herbert James Draper (1900)

Hearts and flowering, fellow humans…today the calendar reads February 14th and many among us are thinking about what love means. What the ideal of love is…

Or could be, if only…

We all do it. Women more than men (statistically), but the pausing to envision what life would be if all was as we imagine it to be in our fondest of cherished, well-polished dreams…we all do it.

And hardly anything could seem more astrologically apropos today than thinking that way. Why? Because at 11:54 (UT/+0 time) in the evening of February 14th (already the 15th in Oriental longitudes), Earth…our real world, reality-driven life….and its satellite Luna Moon (our feeling of existing…and having a reason to exist) will all come into line with the Sun – the bright lens of our consciousness – creating what we of Earth, our planet’s most (and sometimes least) sentient beings know as a Full Moon.

An Aries Wheel (location non-specific) horoscope for the
Full Moon of February 14, 2014 at 11:54 p.m. (UT/+0).

An Aries Wheel (location non-specific) chart cast in text format
showing an expanded inner wheel of aspects.  

And since Full Moons crest at the appointed our but spend most of a day coming into formulation…none of us should feel left out, no matter where we live – in our heads, or on this beautifully mottled geo-cosmic ball planet of ours with its rocky core and swirling, overheated mantle.

This particular Full Moon will be positioned at 28 Leo, a position which no matter who you are promotes some sort of relationship to fixed (and royal) star Regulus – the star which promises we will have success only if we indulge ourselves not in vengeance.

A nice thought for Valentine’s Day, that. Even to leave Valentine’s Day with, depending on your orientation to your own use of timely latitudes and personal longitudinal self-alignments.

Known as a degree with great relating potential, the brilliance which is 28 Leo is probably only hampered by the typical Leo possibility that in the course of having fun (or wanting to have fun) we may forget the difference between how we see the thing (or how things should work) and the reality of what things are – or that life isn’t just ours to define and expect to have our own way.
So do we end up being less brilliant than we had hoped to be – especially now.

Fortunately our answers here are simply native and utterly simple…all we have to do is enjoy. Don’t pin your heart or any flowers on things ‘looking,’ sounding or feeling the way you ‘expected’ them to and you’ll probably be just fine. That’s the lesson of the day and beyond that, part of what we’re meant to learn here while we’re flowing through this period of time and tapping our thoughtful way through a somewhat syncopated Mercury retrograde as the days count down to society’s vastness shifting into a supremely dynamic year-and-a-half of Libra-Aries (note: not Aries/Libra…Libra/Aries) tests and opportunities.

More on that soon enough. Meanwhile, enjoy the moment. Yours may come when you’re standing at the window, watching rain track a liquid path through that thin film of cloud on the pane’s chilled glass surface. Or maybe you’ll feel the moment while feeling a flicker of breeze flashing across bare skin. Or when you look into the eyes of someone you like - maybe even love – as trust melts your fears away.

Not that all is blissful. Coming into this time we’re all somewhat beleaguered. There’s a lot which needs doing and though part of us is fine with processes involved, we will surely be even happier to see the task…the effort…the situation…the challenge…the waiting…to see it all pay off.

All of that being expressive of the Aquarian quartet of Sun, Mercury (rx), Nessus and Industria, the real question floating around – and this is something we each know individually in our own lives – is how well we have…or haven’t lived up to our part of some bargain (real or implied) – and how well we have held ourselves to our own standards.

Some of us…granted…will simply use this day as a day to ignore everything. That’s very Atlantis (being ‘drowned in’) – Moon (feelings, how we feel about things) – Scheherazade. Any time we see Scheherazade we know there’s a ‘story’ involved. We could be telling it to ourselves, embodying it as (“playing a part”) or just enjoying something entertaining. Or yes, we could be projecting it – imagining someone is our ‘storybook’ person.

And that’s very Valentine’s Day. The man behind this day surrendered his life for faith in all he thought of as good. So maybe the lesson to us is about seeing our Self in the loving reflection of all we love, like…all we have faith in.

Maybe if we can give ourselves latitude to be mortal, then that simple human kindness to our Self will be reflected out into our world upon others.

You know, in kind...creating all that love we all so dearly want, crave and need.

That, I could dearly hope for.

Fortunately opportunities abound. To get there we have to remember the good and jettison the wrong, allowing for what it takes to be who we are. We’ll have to forgive ourselves our fears while being willing to own our inner spirit.

We don’t have to do anything…at least not yet. But the option to create hope even in the midst of trials and to be creative with that...? That joy remains ours.

So I wish you a day of luminous illumination. May you know you can trust your Self. May you enjoy being you. May your spirit be blessed with sufficient kindness to appreciate yourself for all you are, all the possibilities which shine out there…for all you have to give simply by being a presence in the life of someone whose soul is touched by your existence.

Life loves you.

We know’re here.



  1. What a beautiful post- thank you. Happy Valentine's Day. May we all be swept away by a beautiful passion that fills our soul and brings comfort to another- in much the same way your writing does.

    1. You're welcome - and thank you as well. My writer's heart is moved...what a lovely Valentine's gift indeed!