by Boots Hart, CAP

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Ceres Side of Sedna

NASA artist's impression of our solar system from the Sedna with
the Sun in a very great distance
(photo credit: NASA, ESA, Adolf Schaller, September 2012)

Not but a couple of weeks ago did we hear from the movers and shakers in science that Ceres has an atmosphere and real, Earth-type water but Ceres moves into Scorpio.

The date: February 3, 2014

The time: in UT/+0 time zone terms, 8:20 in the morning…which would be just in time for Ceres’ activation of Scorpio principles to overlap with dwarf planet Sedna going on station.

Sedna’s station/direct date: February 5, 2014

Time: 6:40 in the morning (UT/+0).

Sedna going direct in late Taurus is an image which under all conditions has to do with knowing we have value: intrinsic value as a human, value in this world and value to others in terms of what we do with our life or what we bring to our interactions.

It also says that we can only have, utilize or fully realize our potential value without letting go of some image in our head about how things are ‘supposed’ to be. Or what they ‘should look like.’ Sedna transits teach us how our true success lies beyond getting past what we’ve ended up adopting as our measurement of ‘acceptable’ (or successful) and the resulting ‘gold standard’ we think we need to measure up to in order for our life to be a good one.

Sedna represents the psychological mechanics, the energetics which move through our lives trying to teach us the difference between trying to match life to what we have in mind and accepting life on its own terms.

In going direct at 23 Taurus, Sedna gives us perspective on a degree typified in the Sabian Symbols as ‘an Indian warrior riding fiercely, human scalps hanging from his belt’ – an image which at first thought comes away as plainly violent. But considering this is Taurus (the 2nd sign of the zodiac) this is more about our early experiences with security and perhaps about how many of us don’t survive that challenge.

But some of us do. And what we learn from that…that would seem to be what Sedna, which at this zodiacal juncture stands in opposition to Saturn at 22 Scorpio, seeks to teach us.

The degree 22 Scorpio is known for a ‘scattering’ of Scorpio’s focal intensity which here – in being combined with structural and structuring Saturn can either be the ‘scattering’ of one’s efforts or how some sort of Saturnine ‘barrier’ is being scattered.

Or rather, how it might be scattered depending on whether or not we own our (Sedna) independent nature. There is no ‘good’ and ‘bad’ here, so individual cases will vary – one person will scatter their power through alliances and another will scatter their power through not having any worthy or worthwhile alliances.

Plus since this is Saturn, such questions surely have to do with growth, or the lack thereof. They stand for what we stand for, even if that’s nothing.

But we stand or fall by that. And since 22 Scorpio is also known for a rather sorry lack of moral courage, to act or not act is either our bane or blessing.

So…how would we know which is right and which is wrong? Probably the modifiers to this opposition answer that question, though before the modifiers it seems sensible to add how in all these discussions, such modifiers will be stronger or weaker depending on where they are in your natal chart, what house the transit occurs in - and of course where you are at the moment.

Still, as for modifiers, Saturn is conjunct Mnemosyne and fixed star Toliman in Scorpio while Sedna is conjunct Niobe, Capulus/Kleopatra and fixed star Algol in Taurus.

The Taurus side of this ‘recipe’ (if you will) starts off by asking whether we are simply proud…or whether we take pride in getting things done, and done to our own best ability. Niobe/Sedna can be overbearing …and then again, it can represent that moment when the sheer power of insight breaks through someone’s hard outer shell, producing humility and  gratitude amidst an outpouring of personal capacity.

When combined with fixed stars Capulus (as the sword which can cut both ways) and Algol we know there’s raw Algol passion aroused during these days – or at least the image or idea of passionate potential which if either succumbed to or used selfishly does damage, and which can achieve great things when focused on some greater good or as an addition to that which is available to all in a group dynamic or societal sense.

Against this, Saturn, Mnemosyne (memory) and fixed star Toliman (personal learning and/or teaching/s, often of an inspirational nature) is a challenge to learn through others – or through difficulties you have with relationships or the challenge of interacting with others.

Saturn is the precept of earning and how we only receive or achieve what we work for. In opposition with Sedna, the barriers are ours even if we think they’re put there by others.

What are we going to do? What are we against doing? What efforts will we scatter because we are refusing to let go of old or immature perspectives? Or is the sheer determination born of such an ingrained belief be that which carriers us through?

 Constellation Perseus, with fixed star Algol at center
(screen snap taken from Stellarium)
The Sun being at 16 Aquarius as this station and opposition takes place gives us this description as the image of this moment: ‘A watchdog stands guard, protecting his master and his possessions,’ which astrologer Marc Edmund Jones typifies as ‘the development of the capacity to protect oneself and to safeguard one’s individual rights under complex social pressures.’ That the solar energetic is Aquarian suggests Sedna’s station will function (in the greater perspective, of course) as a source for gathering and seeing how something works. And where there is sufficient potential – however presented – a breakthrough is likely to result.

But exactly when that breakthrough will happen…?

That’s the question. Considering how Sedna, Saturn and the Sun are all in fixed signs here, the ‘modality’ of result is unlikely to be instantaneous.

And if it is immediate, it is likely to be explosive – not because of strength, but because of weakness.

That all this comes as Ceres moves into Scorpio raises the specter of a lot of things we all went through during the period between September and November 2013. Whatever unfolded during that time will have aroused deep feelings. Some of us haven’t gotten past what provoked us, some of us are still dealing with repercussions and some of us are still in denial that how others act with or to us is totally about them and not ever about us.

That’s a large part of the question here. What about us sets others off is not their responsibility to not react to. It’s our responsibility to own, understand, utilize responsibly – and certainly not to do harm with.

And how that functions…how that plays out in our lives – how well we accept (Saturn) responsibility for ourselves and what we do or don’t do (and how we go about doing or not doing it) – that now begins to solidify at some emotional level which well may cause us to rework our personal plans. True to Scorpio nature, what we come to comprehend now isn’t finite. It’s nothing you can draw a schematic of.

But it’s real. And it deserves our attention here, as we approach a Mercury retrograde which in its own way will reflect our worldly concerns. Ceres attentiveness is  analytical and yet also tends to be grounded in all needs human and universally humane. In Scorpio it represents a time when our awareness of others asks us what we think life is really worth - and where we're going, and why.

To the extent that we want to achieve anything in life… to the extent that we want to get along with others or at least want others to tolerate us as we go about our daily doings…

That, thematically, is this Ceres side of Sedna, against which Sedna asks who we are in reality...and whether that person differs from who we think we're entitled to be from the perspective - correct or otherwise - offered us by our mind.


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