by Boots Hart, CAP

Monday, November 19, 2012

Venus in Scorpio

 Venus Anadynomene (Venus of the Sea) by Théodore Chasseriau (1838)

You’d think that the combination of Venus and Scorpio would be a luscious positive.

Well, it can be. It’s just that the positives which come with Venus in Scorpio tend to come at too high a cost. Or consequences which we don’t much like. This passage often is the very essence of getting one thing and losing another. And no, they don’t even have to be connected.

It’s strange.

And yet, it’s not strange at all. Scorpio is interactive. It’s also the polarity sign to Taurus, the sign where we see Venus’ rulership take its most simplistic human form. Venus in Taurus is about wanting comfort. Safety. Security. Venus in Taurus embodies the drive to feel satisfied with life, and to feel worthwhile with what we do, have, or have accomplished…and through what we do, have or accomplish.

Polarities being what they are, on one hand Scorpio represents all what we may do or try which will get us to that place of satisfaction or security.

And on the other, Scorpio tests us. We talk about Scorpio as a sign all about life’s temptations, life’s gambles, life offering us opportunities or challenging us to present sufficient presence of self respect to earn an opportunity to achieve.

An aurora over Alaska photographed by Joshua Strang, USAF
Into which comes Venus, a planet which aims to deliver results – the results that we want, which will satisfy us or make us happy.

The formula for success in Scorpio requires that we take into account what everybody wants. And to do that, we have to value everyone equally and not assume that we know what they consider valuable. Or what their priorities are.

That’s where Venus, as emblem of wanting what we want, doesn’t fit so well with Scorpio. This is not a sign where Venus is going to be generous. (At least not without an effort!) In fact, Venus in Scorpio tends to tickle our presumptuous and most selfish instincts.

And that leads to manipulation. And emotional con games.

And karma. During the three-plus weeks of Venus in Scorpio, we can expect to see bits of karma in action.

All this begins on November 22nd at 1:21 in the morning – if you’re in the UT/+0 time zone, that is. And of course, with Saturn sitting at 5 Scorpio as Venus insinuates itself into its Scorpio guise, the standard 5-degree orb takes effect the moment Venus crosses into the Scorpio Zone.

Expect things to get really intense and intensely real. And for some, very expensive. After all, Saturn-Venus connections are well known as a symbol of finance. If this was a ‘cooler’ sign like Capricorn (which Saturn rules) we’d expect to think in terms of business dealings and long term planning. But since this is Scorpio, and Scorpio is the realm of all we want (often whether it’s good for us or not!) there’s certainly a more than decent chance that temptation will reign.

And to think…Thursday the 22nd is Thanksgiving in the United States! Oh, I wonder what that means!
Could it be that people might eat too much?

And since Thursday the 22nd leads to a weekend which traditionally begins an avalanche of holiday shopping, is this a good sign for the economy?

Maybe so, yes. And since as Venus is entering Scorpio, Mercury (also in Scorpio) is slowing down to take its station/direct on Monday the 26th…that being the very day that transiting Venus conjuncts Saturn, there’s a lot to be said for ‘turns of fortune’ occurring during this time.

Astronaut Ed Lu took this stunning photo of Hurricane Isabel from the International
Space Station (ISS) in September 2003. The reference I make here is not literal, but
figurative - as in, the hurricanes which devastate our lives for various reasons.
(photo credit: NASA)
Oh yes…and there is a little surprise package called a Lunar Eclipse waiting to get dropped in our laps come November 28th.

The sum of all of this suggests that people will fall into two very different camps during the first days of Venus passing through Scorpio. It’s not quite the Hatfields and McCoys, and not your typical outline of ‘have’ versus ‘have not.’ Call it one mindset which splurges happily in the present against another which makes its move based on caution and some future bottom line.

Friction comes wherever and however these two factions meet.

Again, the secret here is taking the aims, opinions and priorities of everyone into account. These weeks of Venus in Scorpio can be a time of tremendous generosity. There will be moments which occur in each of our lives when we have a chance to join with someone rather than to act purely in our own benefit.

The question is not what you do, but why you do it. If you make a sacrifice of time or reprioritize because someone needs a little help and you can get your chores done anyway, helping out is a plus. What Scorpio never supports is abdicating your responsibilities, your worth, your values to those ‘dictated’ by someone else or some group.

So don’t be fooled – most of all by your Self. This is exactly the kind of influence under which we would expect to see people doing what they ‘have’ to do or what is ‘expected of them’ when that doesn’t suit their nature or their beliefs. To surrender that under anything in Scorpio is to be going into a debt of disrespect with yourself.

Venus will be in Scorpio until early on December 16th. During the December part of this transit Uranus goes direct (while Pluto is foisting a myriad of details on us)…all of which will conspire in many a life to prompt a lot of thinking which amounts to:


Many of us are going to recognize (maybe at long last?) that what we’re doing doesn’t satisfy us (‘satisfy’ being the magic Venus word) as we might want it to. Things aren’t satisfying. Or satisfactory. They don’t ‘feel’ right.

In the wake of a late Scorpio solar eclipse this seems rather fitting. Life has been giving all of us a hefty dose of emotion-provoking reality, whoever we are and however or wherever we live.

So as we go through what we need to do, what it may be traditional to do, as we get together with those who mean something to us, or as part of making some meaningful gesture…we will be reflecting.

 In the midst of our coldest moments, sometimes comes inspiration.
(Wintertime in Barvaria - photo credit: Bermd Reuschenberg, December 2004)

What do I really think is important? When all is said and done is satisfaction really about comfort or my personal security…or is satisfaction about knowing you’ve done what you could, whatever that means in any given circumstance?

If you come to that answer, you will have made the most out of Venus in Scorpio. And to the degree that you go beyond the surface, the momentary desire, the symbolic or personal and deliver yourself into a realm of truly caring, you will find that others respond positively.

And thus life tells us how we’re doing.

And what still remains to be done.


  1. Boots, was unable to bring up your email adrs as suggested on sidebar.. computer tech not savvy to obtain. Have written to you B4, didnt locate that email.
    dscvrd your othr blog: Soul Seeking Salve
    Flwg mail shared this day-
    "Nancy Joy Hefron"
    The Final Clearing of 2012

    Reflections,Using Our Differences Constructively
    November 19, 2012
    Nancy Joy's Video
    "The fear you face now is your fear of rejection, the fear of abandonment, the fear of loss…you fear that you will lose one another…that you will reject one another out of fear, and that you will both fall again. Mountain Astrologer
    I love The Mountain Astrologer because she goes to the heart of the pain that separates us and names it.iIn the article I read, she called this pain…the negative self-cast shadows you made long ago that must be vanquished so that you can move freely. That brings me to what I am noticing right now more than ever, especially within myself...that pain is being made manifest as I do my final clearing in preparation for taking on my work in the New Reality.
    I work with many people from many different walks of life as well as working on myself and at the root of EVERY issue is the same pain. We all seem to be craving validation from outside ourselves and it causes us to often reject the very thing we want the most, our friends and loved ones. Then along comes this new light energy field of ascension casting light over our hidden shadows just like last week’s Solar Eclipse on the new moon. We fear the loss of one another and over and over again that fear has caused us to repeat that pattern and do it again like a vicious ground hog circle. This deep rooted fear comes from that past and challenges us to handle it differently. It challenges us to turn inward and love ourselves so completely that we shift our self-cast negative shadows into self love. As we do this, and we can and we are, we no longer crave the validation from our partners, our bosses, our family or friends. We are the beloved we have feared losing.
    But how do we go from that past pain and the fear and emptiness it creates to embracing our magnificence? We must create a scared space of mutual vulnerability where two may become one while embracing that sacred space within ourselves. So our journey now, as we turn this final corner into 12/21/2012 is to hold the sacred space for the connection we so fear losing so it may turn toward us and embrace us. At the same time we must do that exact same thing for that lost part of ourselves that has held onto the fear of not being enough for far too long. So the bitterness and anxieties of the past pain must be clearly faced as you embrace your beloved and hold the sacred space for the ones you fear losing to feel your love and come into your embrace. In a sense, as I took inventory of myself and those around me, I found this to be everyone’s core issue…everyone’s fear! Tell me that if you are very honest with yourself, you cannot see how you have walked on egg shells or pushed away those close to you who have triggered this fear. Own that it comes from all your past wounds piled into one wounded heart and allow that sadness of separation to become the joy of the sacred union you now no longer run from. Thought to ponder this week."

    If you would advz that e-mail adrs
    t.y. Claire

    dscrd U through Maya del Mars since 2004
    Resided Calif.35yrs prior rtng home'94

    b.24 May 1938 at10:55:35, Williston,ND (US)
    Leo Asc / Jupiter Moon Pisces / Venus Cancer
    Query- is UR b.23 Feb.1948 Gemini Asc ?

    1. Hi, Claire...!

      First of all, the emails noted on my blogs are not set up to generate emails per se. I'm just giving you the address in case you'd like to write. (Sorry for any confusion there!)

      More importantly, thank you for taking the time to write and include such a lovely piece...which I take it (from the date) is written with the end of the Mayan creation round in mind.

      It's a tiny bit awkward writing here about a post on the other (Writings from the Hart) blog, but the piece you are referring to 'Soul Seeking Salve' was - as noted - written a while ago. (The giveaway would be the reference to watching the Olympics.) I posted it now...well, as they say - simply because I could!

      Just wanted to share.

      As for my birthday, no...I don't have a Gemini Ascendant. I'm an Aries rising gal!

      Thanks again, Claire - happy holidays!