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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dateblog: November 2012

 November 2012

As you can see from all the hot red Scorpio and warmly fervent russet-orange denotation of Sagittarius above, this is 2012 in full interactive format. During the first part of the month Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius gives us an indicator of verbal and activity-oriented fervency.

 Maybe urgency. 

Mercury in Sagittarius being famous for discussions, debates, enlightening ideas and oratory, we can count on much being said. Maybe too much being said. Both soulful allegiance and heated opposition go along with this pairing, which with Sun and Saturn in Scorpio points to things of emotional (and quite possibly financial) importance. 

In short, this is a time which feels important – maybe even fateful. Is it really that? Maybe. But then again, maybe we just need to feel we’re being heard and considered. 

The United States presidential election falls on November 6th – the date that Mercury goes retrograde. With Nessus (lingering ill will) having gone direct on the 4th, Damocles (unsuspected difficulties) going direct on the 8th we have both their two-day station allowances overlapping on the 6th, along with the 6th being the date that Charybdis (the need to keep trying) goes retrograde in Cancer, the sign of the people and a national populace.
 Marine One prepares to land on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C.
(photo credit US Department of Defense, PHC C.M. Fitzpatrick, July 1987)
Plainly the US people will have their say. Whatever the outcome is, that will not fix worldwide economic problems. In fact, as Neptune goes direct on November 11th barely in advance of a Solar Eclipse at 21 Scorpio on the 13th, nations and individuals around our world are likely to realize just how difficult things really are, and – hopefully – how their clinging to personal perspectives and drives has damaged many a goal. 

Yes, their goal. And as Chiron goes direct on November 15th, just what ‘living by our own rules’ instead of universal humanistic rules means is going to become a wee bit clearer. 

We are moving into the Age of Aquarius, folks. This is an Age where commerce is king, but where the marketplace must be open. Playing fields long bounded by idea of ‘us and them’ or ‘have and have not,’ the ‘insiders and outsiders’ are all giving way. Rich and poor shouldn’t matter: survival should. Cultural heritages and religious affiliations can no longer be our definition of worthy and unworthy as they have been throughout the Age of Pisces. I raise the issue now as it is metaphysically clear, merely by the congruence of the changing of the astrological ages coinciding with the ending-and-renewing of the ancient Mayan ‘creationist’ count (which is not the same as their calendar, by the by)...things are changing. 

And that means they need to change. WE need to change. 

It’s just not a gentle process. Not one change of Age, not one round of the Mayan creationist count (which they called ‘one world’) not any of this shifts from one cycle to the next without a deal of fracas. There’s always upheaval. There’s always trials and warfare.

 From the famous Mayan murals of Bonampak in Belize, this scene from
Room 1 depicts the torture of the captives. How things don't change when
it comes to human beings, right?
Why? Because human beings don’t like change. People yell and scream that they want things to change, but tell them that the time to change is ‘now’ and they’ll shovel out the excuses. 

Change feels like a threat to our security. So sometimes life has to actually threaten our security to get us to change.

 Once Mars enters Capricorn on the 17th, the determined among us will get to work while the rest of us are treading water. With the Sun’s shift into Sagittarius (on the 21st) falling just a day before Venus moves into Scorpio as Pallas (dispassionate, realistic wisdom) goes direct in Pisces we are challenged to get ‘real’ with ourselves. Importance now falls on the proverbial ‘proof in the pudding.’ Yes, we may bluster and fluster about long-held positions and convictions, but on the inside a lot of us are going to be admitting to our all-important Self that we were wrong: what we were doing or how we were doing it or the company in which we have been doing it...that’s wrong. 

But what to do about such problems? The Neptune bet is that most of us will put a game face on and go about like all is cheerful and status quo. But considering how people react to knowing they’re doing the wrong thing, the only question is whether we are going to make an active move to change (which with Mars in Capricorn is not only possible, but may well earn brownie-respect-points from others) ...or whether we are going to just wait until we ‘out’ ourselves through some compulsive moment. 

For card carrying members of Club Compulsive, Mercury’s going direct (in Scorpio) on the 26th combined with a Lunar Eclipse on the 28th (at 6 Gemini) may mark your blowout. Then again, if you’re a member of Club Compulsive who has reached Gold Card Denial ranking, you may just dig yourself in deeper with this Mercury turnabout and Lunar Eclipse. 

The Lunar Eclipse is in Gemini. That makes it about choices in the moment...or choices already made. Considering that Mercury in Scorpio can either be transformative or incredibly dug in, stick-in-the-mud stubborn, what may come of all seems pretty obvious.
A lunar eclipse in progress
(photo credit: Juan Iacruz, February 2012)
No matter which course you choose, experience or get emotionally shepherded into, the whole of the last week or so of November IS ‘emotional territory.’ Those whose charts are closely aspected by this Lunar Eclipse (read: with positions between 1 and 11 Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius...OR chart contacts between 4 and 8 degrees of Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio or Capricorn) will be most effected.

But this is a time of intensity pretty much all around. 

Still, it’s worth remembering: Solar Eclipses mark events which change your life. Lunar Eclipses are emotional, yes. But very seldom do they indicate a major life change unless your chart is ALSO being transited by the solar side of the eclipse pair.

In which case, buckle your seatbelt and grab a fire extinguisher – it’s going to be a bumpy and hot, hot, hot (maybe even flammable) ride!


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