by Boots Hart, CAP

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mercury-Mars: A Sequence of Criticals

 A copper engraving of Mercury dating from 1597

Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio on November 14th at 7:43 in the morning (UT/+0) – which is pretty much as this post hits the digital airwaves.

And because this is Mercury moving back out of Sagittarius into Scorpio, this is Mercury moving from zero Sagittarius – a point where we begin to learn through experience – back into 29 Scorpio, that degree which incites and promotes a ‘critical’ emotionality.

Mind you, that may be critical emotions (as in criticizing someone or being critical of yourself) or those emotions which reflect your feelings about something in life… some process, some effort, some situation… reaching a critical point.

For some, this will be a ‘point of no return.’ For others, this will be the moment of validation, vindication or triumph.

But let’s remember…this IS Mercury in retrograde. So no matter what happens now, it isn’t the last word on any subject. There is more to do, more which you can do, more to think through.

Either way, November 14th is marked as a day impacted by thought: the necessity for thought, the provoking thought, the need to think things through, the confrontation with feelings you need to think over but can’t – or don’t want to.

And it’s an interesting idea that no sooner will Mercury back down into 28 Scorpio (lessening the mental aspects of all) than Mars enters 29 Sagittarius in preparation for its Capricorn ingress on Saturday the 17th (or Friday the 16th, depending on where you are). Mars will move into 29 Sagittarius on Thursday, November 15th.

The Greek Gods - Mars by Wenzel Hollar (1607-1677)

Any way you cut it, shake it or otherwise combine it, that means this Wednesday/Thursday period of November 14th and 15th are days to be reckoned with. Those who (Sagittarius) consciously take (Mars) action to align (Scorpio) themselves with the tides or cooperate, negotiate or otherwise fully recognize mainstream thought will do better than those who buck all standards and ‘go it alone.’

This is just a heads up, as it were. With the Sun in Scorpio, much has to do with what your needs are at the moment and why aren’t getting there…or aren’t being received in the manner which you would have anticipated.

It’s easy to get angry or frustrated now. Try not to. Energy which fights the battle of personal conviction or ego is likely here to lose out. Those who work towards earning the respect and support of allies in important places stand to win the war.

Hopefully that’s just a figure of speech. If it isn’t, keep your Self safe.

Life goes on – be part of it! Let's make this a moment when we push through our own inhibitions and do what needs doing so that we can get to that next important thing in the condition we need to be in when we get there!

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